Warty Mole

I’m anita hoargarth. Buck Melanoma, Moley Russell’s wart. Not her wart. I’m the wart. She’s my tumor, my growth, my pimple. I’m Uncle Wart. Just old Buck Wart Russell, they call me.

Or melanoma head. they’ll call me that. Melanoma Head’s coming. I’m sor Uncle, Maizy Russell’s uncle. I’m her uncle. Her mother set up this conference with you. I’m assistant principal here. as you’ve probably noticed from the indications on the door.

this door? the outer door! The outer door. ‘Cause there’s nothing on this one. That’s about enough ofthat. Sorry. I’ve been an educator for 31 .3 years. and in that time, I’ve seen a lot of bad eggs.

I say eggs because at the elementary level. we are not dealing with fullydeveloped individuals. I see a bad egg when I look at your niece. She is a twiddler, a dreamer. a silly heart and she is a jabberbox. And, frankly.

I don’t think she takes a thing. in her life or her career as a student seriously. She’s only six. That is not a valid excuse! I hear that every day and I dismiss it. I don’t want to know a sixyearold who isn’t a dreamer or a silly heart. I sure don’t want to know one who takes their student career seriously.

I don’t have a college degree. i don’t even have a job. Does anyone have a special story to tell about something that happened? My uncle was microwaving my socks. and the dog threw up on the couch for about an hour. Honest? Why was your uncle microwaving your socks? He can’t get the goddamn washing machine to work.

Blasphemer! Iknowagoodkid when Isee one. Because they’re alIgoodkids. untildriedout, braindeadskags Iikeyou. drag them down andconvince them they’re nogood. You so much as scowl at my niece or any other kid in this school.


Follow me on fb @ facebook /ronitaylorparsons day in our housing works with that it and not have to go crazy busy here comment principles in this city that work out here that the easier figures uh. you can do the things i remember.

On orkut anthony a okay so what you want i want to expecially if this is an fingers and make that take the dot t_ and you can cut it into little circle uh. or whatever it may not be needed.

He was put on your fingers and nobody sees it shielding the wrap a whole piece of the people that defender which is not necessary comes from a couple of the peace let’s just say i have a worry here summer sticker right there.

That’s where divorce is sick and i don’t have the war insecure candidate you know one replace your mandate every other day or so depends on how active you are and just place the mandate of the work you don’t have to do anything both on top of the word just put the duct tape on them.

The depended on then in about a week you are going to take off the mandate takeoff determine the duct tape uh. remember like i said you need to replace your band aid every once in awhile citadel especially in an affidavit that people on there so now we’re at a week.

Intake off the and you’re going to take a toll nail file because it’s going to get some of that back to you as a policy don’t i don’t want to use that nice enough that she’s again.

And you’re going to find out what you it’s you know what first if you want to that you can file off that war the current off scientists we’re not sure exactly why detective works and how it te extracts the bacteria devore but for some reason it does antics that interested i think it’s really the work without the freezing compound.

Or going and having a procedure done so i can say decade of the wart prevented over that threeman operetta week death of a little bit of water taking anymore in and you can file down.

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