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Is it bad if your zit bleeds It would be normal for it to bleed if you squeeze past the point where all the pus comes out. I meant if it was bad if it bled in other circumstances. If you are busy scrubbing away at it and rub away the skin, sure, it would bleed. These zits started bleeding on their own. If you were picking at it, you caused it to pop. If that happens, wash it to avoid the pus filling other pores and causing more pimples. I try not to pick at it because if you pop a pimpled on purpose, the infection might.

Actually move deeper into the skin. Popping it could also cause scarring. That’s only if it is repeatedly picked at, popped and rubbed. If it popped on its own, just wash the area and it should heal. The infection might still be in there. Soap heals or cures the infection unless the pus is so low you cannot do much about it anyway. I could go to the dermatologist. You could do that anyway. I hate this though. It just won’t go away. Maybe what you think is a chronic zit is a red and angry wart.

What’s the difference A bleeding wart is a possible skin cancer case. This thing is not black. Warts can be brown or beige. And potential skin cancer cases can be anything from red to purple to green. This is starting to sound like the start of a horror movie. If it might be something worse than a zit, you need to be seen by a doctor. They can do a biopsy to see if it is skin cancer or just an abscess. I’m afraid to know what an abscess is. It is an infection under the skin that won’t heal.

Is it Bad if Your Zit Bleeds

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