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Welcome to a new tutorial! Today, we won’t review a football boot but a goalkeeper glove. We will test the adidas Predator Ultimate Gloves which is worn by professional goalkeepers like Manuel Neuer, Iker Casillas and Petr Cech. Together with our goalie Jan we will test the gloves and let you know if it’s worth the money. Enjoy the tutorial! The comfort is on a very good level. This is caused by the good fit and several innovations like the removable Fingersave elements. If you don’t like the technology, you can easily remove it.

Further, the gloves come with a Velcro that can be taped around the wrist twice. Also the Wrist Control provides extra stability and protection. In terms of grip and touch Jan was fully satisfied. One strength of the gloves are the different zones. The finger zone provides perfect grip and helps the goalie reaching difficult shots. The palm of the hand is a little bit more slippy helping the goalie to catch the ball. On the outside of the gloves we find a rubber zone providing extra control when punching the ball.

We tested the gloves for half a year. Jan played on natural and artificial grass. If you want to extend the durability you should only use them on natural grass. This will cause less stress marks and wearout. However, our gloves are still in a very good shape. So, we are fully satisfied. Let’s come to the final rating. The adidas Predator Zones Ultimate did his job very well In terms of grip and comfort we are very happy. Also the quality was very good. Still, the price of 150 euro might be.

Ultimate adidas Predator Zones Goalkeeper Gloves Test Review

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