Warts On Feet

Hello and welcome, today we are gonna talkabout Warts. Warts is a viral infection and is most commonly found on hands and feet andis highly contagious. Dont worry, we’ll provide you with some simple remedies that you cantry at home, Crush a few garlic cloves and apply it on the affected area, leave it onfor about 20 minutes and wash the area properly. Repeat this twice a day for about a week forrelief. Soaking warts in plain hot water, helps softenthe warts and heal them quickly. This will also help to fight against virus and preventinfection. For making it more effective you can even add a little white vinegar or epsomsalt to it.

Take 2 table spoons of white vinegar add 1teaspoon of baking soda to it, mix it well and apply this on the effected area. Repeatthis twice a day once in the morning and evening for relief.Thanks for watching, i hope these remedies help you. Do like this tutorial and subscribeto Stylecraze for more such tutorials..

How to get rid of warts on feet 6 Foot Wart Removal Procedures

Foot warts can be treated by various footwart removal procedures such as: Cryosurgery Laser therapy Electrosurgery Salicylic acid Duct tape Home treatment for warts Cryosurgery This is a foot wart treatmentthat kills warts by means of very low temperatures. Your growth is touched by an instrument andthis freezes and kills it. Electrosurgery This type of foot wart removalmethod uses electricity to burn your growth. It is touched by a needle heated by an electriccurrent and this kills the wart’s cells.

Laser therapy is a type of foot wart treatmentthat uses a highenergy beam of light in order to burn your growth.Cryosurgery, Elecrosurgery and laser therapy need to be done by a professional physician.Anesthesia may also be administered. These methods may cause scaring.Salicylic acid This over the counter wart removal medication has been widely used inthe treatment of many type of growths. Salicylic acid irritates the growth so that the immunesystem gets rid of the outer layer of the skin and so of the wart itself.Salicylic acid needs to be administered for many weeks or months for some result. It mayalso irritate or scare your healthy skin.

Further more read the instructions carefullybefore using this over the counter removal medication or better still consult your physician.Duct tape This removal method uses a duct tape and a pumice stone to irritate your growthand so the immune system will hopefully get rid of your growth. Irritation and scarringmay also occur. Home treatment for warts These involve varioustypes of foot wart treatment involving ready available ingredients such as vinegar, garlicand many other ingredients. If you suffer from warts and need a simpleand effective step by step natural treatment system that will set your skin free from moles,warts or skin tags, without wasting your hardearned

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