Warts In Children

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How does a Dermatologist treat Warts and Verrucas in children

Warts and verrucas are rough areasthat develop on the skin as the result of a virus infection. They can occuranywhere on the skin but particularly they tend to occur on areassuch as the hands and the feet. When you get warts occurring onthe feet this is what we would call a verrucas. Warts can either develop on their own in isolation orthey can come up in clusters. Warts are caused by a viral infection, byhuman papilloma virus. There are lots of different types ofhuman papilloma virus but certain ones

have a predilection for skin infectionsgiving life to warts. Warts on the skin usually manifest as a little raised rough area of skin but sometimes they can be more prominentsometimes even with fingerlike projections of skin. On the hands and feet warts or verrucas can be an area of thickened of skin whichdevelops little tiny black dots within them and this is very characteristic. Warts and verrucas will often clear on their own so

often don’t specifically need treatment however if they are problematic, for example if they’re causing pain on the soles of the feet they can be treated. Dermatologists willoften treat them with a cold spray called cryotherapy and what this does is to cause inflammation in the skin and to try and recruit the patient’sown immune system to clear the wart virus.

A lot of children find this toopainful and it wouldn’t be something that we would offer to smaller children. In these cases we can recommend overthecountertreatments of preparations such as salicylic acid which can be painted on orapplied to the warts and verrucas and then the skin filed to keep it down and to help the wart or verruca to clear. An alternative treatment

for warts and verrucas in children would be to use duct tape, electrical insulating tape. This can be applied to the wart or verruca for six days and then on the seventh daytaken off and the thickened skin filed down gently. The whole cycle can berepeated again by putting the duct tape on thefollowing day for another six days, then on the 7 day taking it off and filing itdown and certainly as a painless methodfor wart removal this may be more acceptable for children.

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