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Okay y’all, important question: If I kissa frog do I get a princess or do I get warts? Asking for a friend. This week’s Viewer Question comes from CaitlinWillixPayne who wants to know: How Why do warts form? Chances are, you’ve heard peoplesays quot;I love my friend, warts and all!quot; A wart on the chin is the devil within! Wartsget a bad rap. They’re associated with frogs and witches and thought to be begat from havinga mean disposition, washing hands in water where eggs were boiled, slaughtering a frog,or being a solitary young woman (victorianspeak for a lady who masturbates). Regardless, wartshave been viewed as an affliction throughout

history, writings in ancient Greek, Romanand Egyptian texts all make references to warts and their varying types; possible causesand cures… But early 19th century scientists were the first to explore their contagiousnature, and possible medical cures. Warts are the second most common skin problemhumans face. Acne is number one. Warts can occur anywhere on the skin, but commonly showup on hands, feet and faces; and if you think about what’s causing them, that’s by design!Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus that’s right HPV. HPV is usually the namegiven to the sexually transmitted infection; because they’re the same TYPE of virus, butyou’re not getting genital warts on your face,

trust me. The human papilloma virus has over100 different strains, and only some of them cause warts on the genitals; the strain candetermine which warts you’ll have, but since everyone’s immune system is different somepeople won’t get warts at all; it’s more common in kids and old people. There are six different wart types. Commonwarts verruca vulgaris are roundish, firm, and might look like a cauliflower; they’reusually on fingers or knees. Verrucas plantar warts are white, flat and form on the solesof the feet. I had one of these, that was the day I learned s can quot;burnquot; thingsoff you with dry ice. Ouch. Filiform warts

verruca filiformis are slender and showup on the neck, face, eyelids and armpits. Periungual show up under the fingernailsor toenails and are shaped like the nail; and Mosaic warts and Plane warts (verrucaplana) will form in clusters that are either flat or look like mosaic tiles on the face,hands, foot soles and legs,. Normally warts will come and go; they’re theresult of the HPV virus trying to spread, because it spreads by skintoskin contact.Generally, you can’t just quot;catchquot; warts casually, but it’s possible. Wet or scraped skin willincrease the chances of spreading the virus; but you CAN get it from touching someone’stowel, exercise equipment, or walking barefoot

where someone with the virus has walked. Ifyou HAVE a wart, scratching, biting, shaving, or sucking on it can spread the virus around,so don’t do that. Because it’s a virus, there’s no cure, soonce you have it, you just… have it; but let’s not fearmonger here… it’s mostly nothing.Plus, though the virus isn’t curable, the warts are. Remedies are available at mostpharmacies, but if you’re feeling ambitious, you can use dry ice or duct tape look onlinefor how. No joke, wrapping a wart in duct tape for six days and then pumicing will removea wart. It’s weird, but it works. In the end, the HPV virus that causes wartsprobably already exists inside of you. 6.2

million new HPV cases are reported every yearaccording to the CDC, and by age 50 80 percent of women will have it. It’s real common.Vaccines exist to stop the dangerous strains; so go get that if you ARE worried and you’llbe all safe and stuff.

Wart Warts Removed in 15 Minutes

Welcome to Warts Warts can be removed Warts can be removed with one fifteen minute treatment at home The wart removal kit contains all you need to remove twenty to thirty Warts and skin healing cream containing pearl oil here we have a gentleman with a verylarge wart on his forehead he’s very aware of it and has tried many times to remove it without success

until now after cleaning the area with a sterile pad here we can see the emery board being used to roughen the surface of the skin to allow the active ingredients topenetrate into the body of the wart to destroy it the applicator is used to coat the wart with the black solution a mild stinging sensation is normal atthis stage any excess cream should be wiped away

the cream is left in place for fifteenminutes and will turn white in some cases a second application maybe needed if the wart is old and thick we can see as the area is cleaned that the whole wart has changed color The healing cream contain Pearl oil is then applied to be treated area and surrounding skin after twenty four hours that wart hasbecome darker

these close up images show how the wart shrinks over the next few days after a second application wart becomes even smaller and sheds its layers until finally there is no wart at all after six weeks there is no scarwhatsoever no sign of the large wart at all all ingredients are one hundredpercent natural purchased your wart removal kit today from warts

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