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Tonight on Realtree Global Hunting, we’re back in South Africa hunting big game. The all new Benjamin Bulldog.357 big bore air rifle from Crosman has taken Dyker and Springbok. But tonight, we’re after pigs. Africa, the dark continent. Is considered by many to be the home at big game hunting and iconic destinations for adventurers from across the globe. The tough terrain, the plethora game and the challenging hunting conditions, make South Africa the perfect location for any hunter wanting to test their metal. It is here in South Africa’s Eastern Cape,.

The Benjamin Bulldog 357 Big Bore hunting air gun will take on the might of big Africa game. So far the Benjamin Bulldog.357, has taken a beautiful Common Dyker. And a striking Common Springbok. The hunting has been intense and the Bulldog has performed flawlessly. It’s another beautiful morning on this stunning Eastern Cape, and we’re out early. There’s a heavy mist in the valley, and we had up across the top of the hill, waiting for it to clear. All is quiet this morning, and that doesn’t seem to be any game grazing.

However, this morning we’re looking for Warthog. Small squat and perfectly match to the colour their surroundings, Warthogs can be tricky to spot amongst the scrub, so we need to be extra careful as we creep through the bush. Warthogs can often be found in sounders, or small groups of Warthogs consisting of females and young. It only takes one spotting you before they all head for the safety of a borrow. We need to tread very carefully. Warthogs are huge problem in South Africa and cause substantial damage to the farm and estates.

Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa Warthog

Digging holes, destroying fences and eating crops. Farmers are often desperate to rid their land of Warthogs. We’re happy to help on this particular farm. we’ve been instructed to shoot on site. There’s signs of Warthogs everywhere here. Warthogs aren’t territorial, but do tend to occupy a home range, particularly where food and water are plentiful. Sub adult males move in bachelor group. Once the boars mature they head out on their own, and only join sounders when the sense in oestrous female. Boars will then either roam to find a mate,.

Or stay with the sounder to defend the females. As a result, Warthogs always on the move. Gavin instructions to stop. Just a few yards away from us there’s an old Warthog feeding with some young. They haven’t spotted us yet, so we keep is quite as possible. We move very slowly and carefully. There just the other side of the bush. The Warthogs begin to feed out from behind the bushes. I get the older female in the sites of my NiteSite. The shot is perfect, but the sow bolts.

As it does the entire sounder begins to run. We hold on our position, and wait for another opportunity, a second sow makes it way out of cover. I make a quick shot and it’s good. Supremely tough, the sour makes a last ditch attempt to flight, but the Bulldog has done its job well. Everything has happened very quickly this morning. But we made two superb shots on two mature Warthogs We head in to see the second sow, and it’s down. So we move back to look for the first.

As we scan the bush, another Warthog comes down the hill toward us. As it heads out of thick cover I get in my sights. and the Bulldog delivers another perfect shot. We move in to recover the carcass and there is a good blood trail into the thick cover. Just on the other side it’s down you. We take a look at our third Warthog and it’s another great shot from the bulldog. So Gavin, That’s a nice little female How old would you say it is I would say about 45 years old.

Decent tusks on it. As you can see, blood out of the nose. Lung shot, here’s the entry wound, straight through the shoulder straight into the vitals. so it hasn’t actually, here we go. So we have the bullet, it’s lodged in the skin. There’s a lot of pigs here. Well here we go. This is actually the exist wound. It was coming from left to right. As you saw there, we got into a little family, we weren’t quite expecting that many pigs, me and Gavin were looking forward it was actually Solly that was with us, the tracker,.

Who kind of pointed immediately down to our lefthand side, and there wasn’t sure one, it was a little family. Obviously we pushed up a couple of the smaller sows and piglets and they took off. We still heard a little bit a grunting, low and behold this beauty stood up. Now this is an interesting shot because she knew we were there, full of adrenaline In that sort of condition, she can properly run along way, it be interested to see the entry wound. exactly where she went in. There we go.

So quartering away from me, just turned around to have a quick look. You’ve got stick it down behind the shoulder and remember the bullet passes in a straight line so if you want to hit the vitals and it’s quartering away from you, you need aim a little bit further back or forwards depending on the angle at the animal. but as we can see its existed perfectly, through the shoulder, and I imagine at that sort of height its taken out the top with a heart as well. That’s some serious tusks there.

How old would you say this female is This one would be a little bit older, I would say about 6 years old. Been in a bit of fighting as well. Gavins tracker has kept his eyes on the hills and our first Warthog hasn’t moved. We approach cautiously, but the hog is down. There’s a few nerves still firing, but its long since passed. Here she is. This is the sow that we saw, break off to the left with the little piglets. Now, we got a shot at 40 yards.

Or 42 yards, now as you came across you’ll remember from the reply, she kind of stood still just for a split second and then went away. slightly quartering towards me, so you just got to aim the crosshairs on the forward shoulder, which is what we’ve got here. But this is the impressive part, you can see your exit wound, it’s quite far back along the body, I wouldn’t be surprised if internal we saw a little bit as deflection of the bone. Its been a pretty busy morning, 3 pigs 3 shots.

And another phenomenal performance. By the Benjamin Bulldog. thank you very much, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Today has been fast and frantic, after stumbling into a group of Warthogs, we get three shots away in a short space of time. And soon enough, we had all three pigs down. So here’s two of the pigs we took this morning. One of them we’ve left back at the estate where we’ve been hunting, That’s going to be used to feed the staff out there. We’ve still got two of the pigs,.

Their kind of similar in entry and exit wounds, we’re going to have a closer look now. This is the bigger female, with the bigger tusks that we shot. If you remember from the reply, that female kind of wondered away from us from the right to the left, it was quartering away then it kind of turned back, which meant I had to put the crosshairs a little bit further back in the rib cage to make sure the path of the bullet went through and forward. Now the entry wound for that.

Is here and you can see from the angle the hole that goes straight into the chest cavity, through here. Its gone through a meaty section so hasn’t deflected off a rib and then straight through to the side that were gone through the top of the heart. and then is exited through the front shoulder here now. Clean pass throughs, this one was roughly 45 yards, between 4045 yards, very difficult when the animal is moving, you can’t keep ranging all the time. but outstanding performance again, very little meat damage, although.

Because it’s gone through the meat at the front leg there is a little bit there, But I’m sure we can work around it. As you can see nothing else in that chest cavity, only that one shot. One shot one pig. and fantastic performance. Moving onto the other animal, this one was the female that kind of came into us and across in front of us, walking from our right to our left. Once again around 4045 yard mark. This one had a bit of a trot on, so had to try and pick the time just when it stopped.

And I thought a made I bit of a mess of it because just as I took a shot it stepped forward, as it happens it went in perfectly. Through the meet again at the front leg straight through into the chest cavity that’s gone through a rib this time, there’s always a danger ricochet, but it hasn’t gone through, the moment has carried it straight through, out through the other side thats definitely taken out the heart as you can see its existed just below and behind the front leg. Nice clean kills.

Great carcasses, plenty of meat on here that’s not been wasted, another job well done by the Bulldog. Thank you very much. So that’s 3 shots today for the remarkable Big Bore airgun and 3 warthogs decommissioned from their destructive ways. The Benjamin Bulldog.357 and nozzle extreme bullets deliver once again. To find out more about the incredible Benjamin Bulldog.357 Big Bore airgun visit Crosman. To find out more about Realtree camo products and to join Realtrees global family of outdoor men and women visit realtree Follow the links below for more amazing tutorials from Realtree Global Hunting.

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