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Hi, I’m Kelli. I’m an aesthetician and make up artist at Ulta Salon and Cosmetics and I’m going to give you some tips on how you can get rid of skin spots. A lot of your skin spots are usually caused from UV damage, from just overexposure from the sun, or that can be caused by age or medication. A couple things that you can do are you can get a good chemical peel that can help exfoliate a lot of that dead, damaged skin on the surface and actually lighten up the appearance of those spots. A lot of those peels have alphahydroxy acids.

In them which help to dissolve dead and damaged skin cells and bring healthy skin cells to the surface. Another thing you can do is to get a brightening solution such as this. This is a concentrated spot treatment. It actually has pearl essence in it and you can see just from putting it on my hand, how much it’s lightening up that spot where I put, put it on my hand. So over time, consistently using this, is going to help break up that discolored area and help to lighten it up. Another thing that you can do is to get a lightening gel.

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