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Last November tutorial from a Great Lakes cheese supplier farm caused massive backlash because of its content which shows extremely graphic treatment beatings severing of body parts of cows in that supplier farm now Great Lakes cheese is one of the largest private companies in America they now are coming out with a package of planned reforms to address some of the concerns of animal rights activists so we are going to cover that but first we’re going to show you a section of the tutorial that generated these reforms and I will warn you.

As we said this is extremely graphic footage I would say don’t watch so that’s incredibly hard to look at but not looking at it doesn’t make it go away so you got to confront the reality and that is the reality of what’s happening in some places in the country and we’ve just got to confront it and try to make it better it certainly doesn’t help look none of us want to look at it a lot of people in the studio here and among the hosts we were trying to avert our gaze but we we you can’t you got to look at.

It so that you can do something about it now after the tutorial came actually there was progress yeah so there are going to be some changes made to these supplier farms for great lakes cheese it will now require that all suppliers end the cruel practice of tail docking by 2018 administer pain relive during dehorning which they will continue doing and increased standard for safe condition and veterinary care for sick or injured cows we have a statement from the president of the organization which put together the tutorial that you just say while.

Shocking Tutorial Of Cruelty To Milk Cows Released Warning! Disturbing Content!

This one of the most compressive animal welfare policies ever adopted by a major U.S. dairy company we encourage Great Lakes Cheese to make this policy more meaningful by engaging third party auditors to ensure that these standards are enforced there are already supposed to be some standards to how you treat these animals clearly these companies are not enforcing it and so if they are not having any sort of independent over sight I don’t know how much is going to change I don’t doubt that Nathan Runkle of the president of Mercy for.

Animals knows a great deal more about this than any of us here on this panel but it is a little strange that like these guys are getting all this praise for saying that by 2018 we’ll stop punching our cows in the face yeah how about don’t cut their tails off later today tomorrow Friday we’ll give them a day Friday no I mean you guys putting me in the weird situation of if I eat meat look my guess is there’s a reason why they cut off their tails they don’t do it like hey let’s go cut their tails off that’ll be fun of course and.

I’m sure that the animals are hard to move but that’s why you need to pressure to say hey if you’re going to cut the tails off for Christ’s sake you know give them pain killers if you’re going to dehorn them give them painkillers whatever it is that are reasonable precautions to do and don’t drag them by the neck with an ATV don’t be the kind of human being who punches a cow in the face at any point ever in your live if the cow doesn’t move quickly.

You’re not going to make as much progress that day and you might be right about the tail but like we know of the reasons they cut the beaks off of chickens is so they won’t peck each other when they’re in like incredibly tight circumstances so they have an excuse to do it I would say the solution is to not put them in those circumstance where you then have to take off a body part yeah I totally agree and that’s exactly what I want I us to agree on reasonable regulation and then enforce it right because it’s so easy to look.

Away and when you look away OK I got my milk I got steak I’m fine I don’t want to think about how they got it right no we got to have reasonable regulation and even if that means you pay a little bit more for milk or you pay more for steak I’d much rather pay a little bit more and know they took care of the atrocious way that they treat these animals and perhaps the most important take away from this should that look we watched the tutorial and thanks.

To the tutorial they’re going to be making some small changes to their policies but in most states this sort of tutorial wouldn’t even be possible this investigation would not have happened and there would be no reforms it’s worth noting that in states with so called aggag laws these types of investigations would be illegal resulting in punishment for the activists and not for the workers abusing animals and in fact last month Wisconsin legislator Rep. Lee Nerison announced that he is planning to introduce an aggag bill in the state which.

If passed would prevent animal cruelty farms like Great Lakes from being seen or filmed by whistle blowers so the very place where we saw it’s a crime to use your camera phone their it’s already illegal in some states Scott Walker won’t sign that bill definitely I don’t even understand how it’s legal to punish the activists showing what should be illegal I don’t understand how it doesn’t seem like a law that could hold were that pursued through the courts no they’ve help up laws similar to that that you can’t remember.

When there used to be all the time people going into super markets with hidden cameras showing that the meat their selling is bad they don’t do that stuff anymore they’ve have made that stuff illegal in certain places it’s amazing right again it’s amazing because my theory that the United States we’re one big huge family of adult children of alcoholics and we don’t want to look at the problem we want to shut the guy up who points his finger at the problem yeah right yeah which is why they want to put Cenk on the weekend so it’s.

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