Treatment For Shock Warts

Hi! In my tutorial Nivea shampoo shock tutorial, you ask me to do the same tutorial in english but I don’t speack english very well so turn on subtitles to understand better. These days a fake news has become viral on Facebook it shows the dangerous effects and risks that you take by using Nivea shampoo If you click the new’s link you’re redirect on a false website which use the same layout of Facebook, this is excpecially made to trick you into beeing into real Facebook website when you’re not! and it’s illegal.

Once there a preview pic of the tutorial and some fake comments tell you to share the link with your friends to enable the player and see the tutorial. Of course even if you share it you won’t see anything, this because that tutorial just does not exists at all! This is how it become popular over Facebook people share the news with the hope to enable the player and watch the tutorial. The facts is that the tutorial does not exists, the Nivea effect doesn’t exists, the infection shown on the picture does not exist.

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