Treatment For Severe Plantar Warts

Hi! I’m roboSuzie and today I’ll talk to you about Plantar Wart Treatments and Preventive Measures. Also don’t forget to check out the link below, to find out, how to remove ugly warts caused by human papilloma virus. It’s fast and painless. Awesome stuff. But back to our topic. Plantar wart is a common disease that produces warts on the sole of the foot human papillomavirus is the causative organism of this disease. Usually, these warts will disappear on their own however, most individuals would like to treat them immediately, instead of waiting.

For them to go away. There are many plantar wart treatments available. Commonly Available Plantar Wart Treatments. You can treat plantar warts yourself by utilizing any of the commonly available plantar warts treatments such as duct tape and salicylic acids. These treatments do not require the help of a physician. Duct Tape. Many researches reveal that duct tape work better than cryotherapy, which is another plantar wart treatment method. This treatment involves covering the wart surface by a piece of duct tape and leaving it for about six days. After six days, soak the warts in warm water and gently rub the wart surface using.

A pumice stone or an emery board. You need to repeat the whole process for a couple of weeks until the warts disappear. Salicylic Acid. Take salicylic acid 40 solution and apply it on the wart surface once or twice a day however, avoid applying it on the healthy skin. In the middle of each application, pare down the dead wart tissue, which present on the surface of the wart, using an emery board or a pumice stone. You can also apply salicylic acid patches on the wart surface that peels off the dead tissues gradually on constant.

Plantar Wart Treatments and Preventive Measures

Use of the patches. You have to repeat the abovediscussed processes for about three to four weeks to eradicate the warts completely. Advanced Plantar Wart Treatments. Many advanced treatments are available for plantar warts, which can be done only with the help of physicians. Some of them are cryotherapy, immunotherapy, minor surgery, and laser surgery. Cryotherapy is one of the commonest plantar wart treatments. This treatment involves application of liquid nitrogen on the wart surface. This is a timeconsuming treatment and it is not for children as it causes severe pain during treatment.

Immunotherapy ameliorates your immune system to fight against plantar warts. This treatment involves the application of interferon or certain types of antigens. Minor surgery involves surgical removal of the wart tissues or destroying them with the help of the processes such as curettement or electrodesiccation. This is an effective method however, it may leave scar if done carelessly. There are many types of laser surgeries available to remove persistent plantar warts however, they are expensive and painful. Conclusions Preventive Measures. Instead of seeking for any plantar wart treatment after you get plantar wart, you can protect yourself from plantar wart by taking some.

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