Treatment For Genital Warts In Malaysia

Hi, I’m Dr. Savage. I’m here to describe signs of HPV. First of all, HPV which is a Human Papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted disease. It is a major concern today because there are, literally hundreds of strains of HPV and certain strains put females at high risk for eventually developing cervical cancer. When diagnosed, that actually is, a curable condition. The other side of things is that, other strains of HPV cause genital warts. And these are warts can happen in the penile area, the vaginal area and also the anal area.

So that is one thing. You would actually see tiny flashed colored, what I called papules, little elevations on the skin, they don’t necessarily need to be, you know, itchy or anything like that. They don’t typically resemble classic warts, like you’d have in your hand or something like that. Sometimes it can a little darker than your colored skin. If you see anything like that in the genital or anal area, that’s a sign that you should be examined by a health care provider. Other signs specifically you know, vaginal symptoms, pain with intercourse,.

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