Treating Bovine Warts

Injection sites and techiniques Prior to giving an injection, the site in which the injection is going to happen needs to be selected. Primarily two areas are used thru the National BQA that are approved. The first, and most largely utilized area is the neck region. Some animal products can be given at the base of the ear and most growth promotants are given in the middle one third of the ear. Never give an injection in the hip or in the quarter or round or even behind the elbow. BQA always wants the injection sites to be in the neck or ear area, largely due to the.

Injection lesions are removed during the harvest time. Now we’ll also talk about two primary types of injection sites, subcutaneous and intramuscular. Prior to giving an injection, always read the label and see how the product needs to be utilized. If given an option between subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, always use the subcutaneous injection. Subcutaneous injections are given just under the skin and not into the muscle tissue. There are two techniques that could be used to give a subcutaneous injection. One and probably the most popular is probably the tenting technique. That is where the skin is lifted from the side of.

The neck and a tent is formed and the shot or injection is given there at the base of the tent that has been formed. To conduct the tenting technique, pull the skin away from the side of the neck, and give the injection at the base of the tent formed. A one handed technique may also be used to give an injection of a subq type by injecting the needle at an angle, pulling that skin away with the syringe and then applying the injection. One handed, subcutaneous injection, enter the needle nearly parallel to the neck, pull the.

Skin away with the syringe and dispense the product. The ear injection technique, which is primarily used for growth implants, is given through the middle one third of the ear. Start towards the outer portion of the ear so that the implant ends up in the middle portion of the ear. Some antibiotics and vaccines have been approved for an injection site at the base of the ear and when giving injections at the ear, always make sure that the surface is clean and try to avoid blood vessels to limit any bleeding. Also when giving an injection.

In the neck region whether subq or IM, never apply more than 10 mL’s per injection site and try to keep your injection sites a hand width apart when giving injections. The other area for injections that we are going to discuss here is the intramuscular injections. These injections go straight into the muscle and the reason for this is that the muscle tissue has a higher metabolizable rate and then the antibiotic or vaccine is absorbed much more quickly. You can use one of two techniques for giving an IM injection.

One is by distracting the animal by tapping on the neck and then giving the injection into the muscular region. For IM injections, the needle should enter the muscle nearly perpendicular to the neck and dispense the product. The other you can go immediately in with the needle with a quick thrust into the muscle to deposit whatever you may be depositing vaccine or antibiotic. Select the appropriate needle length for the type of injection you are giving. The shorter needle on the left, 58 of an inch or less, is used.

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