Skin Tags Cotton Removal

The derma tag, skin tag removal kit includes everything needed for the complete skin tag treatment inside you will find one bottle of derma tag formula twenty fabric plasters, a pack of cotton buds and one emery board First you need to roughen the end of the skin tag with the supplied emery board this is important as it allows the formula to penetrate the skin tag Next, apply the formula directly to the skin tag using the supplied pad applicator and apply up to ten minutes Use one of the supplied cotton buds to clean the surrounding area.

Repeat this process up to 34 times a day and keep doing this until the skin tag has been removed or carry the process on for two weeks for the treatment to be completed The more treatment time you can do on a daily bases, the faster it will work For extended over night treatment, we recommend using one of the supplied plasters Apply the formula directly to the plaster or apply the formula directly to the skin tag using the bottle applicator Then place the plaster over the skin tag.

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