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Hi YouTube friends! Thank you so much for tuning in. On Pinterest I found a really fun and natural way to remove blackheads, so I wanted to share with you. You’re just gonna need one half of a lemon, just half of it. Then you’re gonna add a couple drops of honey on it. Like that. Then you’re gonna remove any make up that you have and make sure that your face is clean. I’m just gonna quickly remove it with some baby wipes, because I’m in the kitchen laughs. Alright, make up has been thoroughly removed with baby wipes.

And Ponds Cold Cream which is my favorite way to remove makeup. Now, you’re gonna grab that lemon and honey that you have and rub it all over the areas that you feel need some removal of blackheads. Rub it all over your face where you feel you need to get rid of blackheads and then you’re gonna leave it on for five good minutes. The reason as to why lemon and honey works, is lemon is a natural bleaching agent. It’s nature’s bleach. It’ll lighten your skin and remove any dark spots.

That you may have, which is great for blackheads. The reason why we add honey is because it’s an antiseptic and it’s also a moisturizer. Keep on rubbing for five minutes and then wash it off. Let me see if I notice a difference. I left the lemon honey all over my face and now I’m gonna rinse with a washcloth. If I were to do this randomly, I would have just washed my face. Since you know, on camera. Okay, so, let me check the mirror and see. I do notice that my nose is not as dark,.


But I think I would need a lot more times to actually treat my blackheads ’cause I surely do have a lot. I have acneprone skin. By the way, you can use the half of your other lemon to make some yummy lemon honey tea. There you go, lemon honey tea. Thank you friends so much for watching. I’ll have the link to the website that I found out about this whole natural thing in the info box ’cause I do give credit to Pinterest for finding it. Thank you friends so much for watching.

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