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Hello, everyone, it’s Janelle and today we will be trying out possibly the best nail cleanup product ever. Well, let’s just see about that, shall we What can we use to clean up the skin and the cuticles or avoid messy cleanup Nail polish remover and a brush or qtip Applying tape on the skin around your nail Applying Vaseline so that the polish won’t stick to the skin and can get wiped off afterwards or how about applying PVC glue around the nail and then peeling it off after it dries.

So here’s another product for avoiding cleanup. It’s called Liquid Palisade, and you apply it onto the skin around the nail and then you peel it off for easy cleanup. The main ingredient is latex, and it’s 22 bucks I didn’t want to pay that much for such a tiny amount of product, so why not use a similar product instead, like colored liquid latex body paint To test it out, I bought a 4ounce jar for 11 bucks on Amazon Both products are not for those who have latex allergies just putting that out there.

First, let’s try this out with regular nail polish application So right now I’m using a cheapo paint brush and applying the liquid latex around the skin. Clear latex is also fine, but a colored one is similar to that Liquid Palisade product and it’s easier to see where you’re putting it. Here’s what it looks like after 1 minute of drying time. It dried pretty fast, faster than Elmer’s glue in my experience. So let’s apply some color. I chose pink so we can see the contrast. And I’m going to get messy and apply it on the cuticles.


And the skin to see if it really works. I’m going to try and take off the latex while the pink is still wet so I don’t get any stringiness when I pull this off. So here’s the end result we do see some pooling at the cuticles which honestly does bother me, but it’s to be expected If you don’t mind this, then it’s not bad, right And the sides are pretty clean. And the latex came off with no residue. Now what can we do about this brush covered in latex.

I thought it was totally ruined, but if you let it dry and then gently pull it off. sproing we can reuse it again! Next up is the evermessy sponge gradient. Since I don’t like my nail polish pooling at the cuticles, I’m going to apply my white base nicely first. Next, I’m applying pink and white to my makeup sponge and I’m going to make a standard, 2color gradient. And I’m peeling it off with tweezers so my fingers don’t get in the way of your view I still have a little bit of guck up here.

But with sponge gradients, I feel like it’s hard to avoid anyway But as you know, I usually use a remover and a brush so this is much easier for me. As a bonus, I wanted to see if liquid latex was a good, swatching, peeloff base coat if I were to buy the clear version. So let’s apply this to the nail. And after 1 minute of drying time, I’m going to apply a glitter nail polish. And the reason why I’m suggesting glitter swatching only is because the latex is going to be a little bumpy.

So nonglitter polish is going to show those bumps After the glitter is dry I’m going to gently push to start removing it and then just peel it off This dries much faster than Elmer’s glue or OPI glitteroff base coat but it’s very temporary and I wouldn’t recommend wearing it out. So let’s recap. This is for those who don’t have latex allergies It’s good for nail polish beginners who don’t care about pooling at the cuticles It’s good for sponge gradients and probably very good for water marbling And if you buy the clear version, it’s.

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