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When searching for the right dermatologist in Huntington Beach, keep these important things in mind. Do not make the mistake of thinking that any doctor who claims to be a skin doctor can do the work of a trained, experienced, cosmetic dermatologist. Your top priority should be to find the right dermotologist to give you the beautiful skin you deserve. Specialized procedures include Acne treatment, botox and other dermal fillers, Laser rejuvenation, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion and laser hair removal The following are three vital tips that will help you find best Huntington Beach dermatologist.


Female 1 It peels the years back. Female 2 And I had a little bit of puffiness around my eyes. Everything is gone. Female 3 It just takes years off your face. Female 4 People stop me on the street and go, your skin is so beautiful Recorded Voice Look better, younger, refreshed and healthy. No facelift required. In less than one hour, the Coolaser can turn back the hands of time. Dr. Simon Ourian It brings out your healthy skin back to the way it was supposed to be. Coolaser is the.

Ideal treatment for removal of freckles, discolorations, sun damage, fine lines, deep lines and it’s great to tighten the skin. Recorded Voice Dr. Simon Ourian runs one of the busiest medical practices in Beverly Hills. His experience and expertise with laser technology, produce incredible results with minimal risks. Female 5 If you wanna erase sun damage, dark circles, veins, Coolaser’s the best way to do it and Epione is the only place to have it done. Recorded Voice The process is fast and simple. First, a numbing cream is applied to the target area then Dr.

Simon Ourian focuses a state of the art laser on scars, wrinkles, birthmarks, dark circles or age spots to minimize their appearance. Dr. Simon Ourian The advantage of the Coolaser is that it’s so effective and so precise and I can we can get very close to the areas that we want to and avoid the healthy skin in the areas that we want to avid. Recorded Voice The Coolaser uses a beam of light energy to work its magic, vaporizing the upper layers of damages skin. Collagen is rejuvenated, bringing back the smooth soft look of youth.

Dr. Simon Ourian Your body goes into an overproduction of collagen, so your skin starts to look more firm tighter and it starts to give you an appearance of a facelift by giving you a nice upward lifting of your face. Female 6 I have very sensitive skin, but it was done so quickly and so fast that you really don’t notice it. It just kind of peels off the top layer and it regenerates your skin and it gets the collagen building up again, so it’s really nice. Recorded Voice.

Most patients say the Coolaser procedure is not painful. Female 3 I had no actual pain with the procedure at all and within a couple of days my skin started to peel and the skin underneath was younger, fresher, tighter and people noticed a difference right away. Female 4 It was a little painful for me, but the ultimately the results fabulous. Female 7 And it felt a little bit like I guess it would be like little rubber bands slapping against my skin really quickly. It was over before I even knew it. When it was over I.

Thought, oh that was it. Recorded Voice After the procedure, patients are sent home with a special cream to soothe reddened skin. That’s the most common side effect of Coolaser and usually occurs on the first day of treatment. Dr. Simon Ourian says later, some peeling may occur, but by day four, spectacular, rejuvenated skin is ready to face the world. Female 7 I went home. It felt a little bit like a sunburn for a few days and applied some ointment to my fact, applied some cool towels to my face and then pretty much, I about four or five.

Days it was over and my skin was pink and I started seeing this newer healthier skin come to the surface. Female 8 I wanted to look how I felt. I felt that I was looking in the mirror looking more tired than I really was. Within three or four days after the procedure, I just saw the wellrested me. Recorded Voice Patients with all skin types swear by the long lasting results of the Coolaser treatments they’ve received at Epione. Female 7 When I came in to consult with them they reassured me of all the different fears that I had,.

Of all the different things that I read, that this particular laser is nothing like any other lasers that I’ve seen or read about. That it’s completely appropriate for Asian skin and I would definitely recommend it for other skin types like my own. Female 4 I know that that is an issue, the darker you are and I it just wasn’t a really big concern for me. Dr. Simon Ourian Now, with the Coolaser I can treat people of all skin types, all skin colors and the recovery time is a lot shorter. You can most people can go back to work within a few days.

Recorded Voice In the past, skin rejuvenation options were more evasive, required anesthesia and weeks or months of recovery. Female 9 They really made me feel comfortable and really just give me the confidence that this is the place I would like to be to have this done. Recorded Voice Patients receive the treatments in the small like atmosphere of Epione in Beverly Hills. The experienced and talented staff make the consultation process and the procedure feel relaxing and even luxurious. Female 2 The atmosphere, the environment is very relaxing. And I love the fact that they are concerned.

About you and they tell you how to take care of your skin step by step. Female 5 Even if you’ve never heard of Coolaser and you may not know what questions to ask, the consultant can actually give you information so that you can make an educated decision. Recorded Voice Patients who have benefited from a Coolaser treatment say it’s changed not only their makeup routine and skincare regime, but the way they feel about themselves. Female 4 I don’t have to wear base every day or powder every day. You know, my skin as long as.

Put sunscreen on it just looks flawless. Female 7 The absolute best part about having the treatment was, in fact, not necessarily the outward change, although those were dramatic beyond my expectations, the more dramatic result was the way I felt about myself afterwards. It was an enormous change. Female 10 What I really love especially is when I catch my reflection in something and I just love the way I look, that’s a great feeling. So it makes me feel great, make me feel younger. When I hit 50 I thought, you know, it’s time to do something and it was just a great.

How to Diagnose Severity of Genetic Under Eye Bags to Choose Fillers or Surgery

Considering lower blepharoplasty for genetic eyebags. Would fillers be a better option because of my age My mom says she had eyebags even as a child. Now she is 50 and trying to get a lower blepharoplasty, since they have worsened in the last few years. I also have had eyebags as long and I can remember and I would like to get treated. I also have chronic allergies, which make them worse. Would a blepharoplasty be the best course of action for me, or would fillers be a good choice for my age and type of eyebags I’d rather get a lower bleph, because that.

Will be permanent. But again, my age is a factor. Thank you for your question! You submitted photos as well as a very good history of your mom at the age of 50 having eyebags looking for a blepharoplasty and your question is whether or not to have the blepharoplasty within the context of you having allergies or whether because of your age, is it better to do fillers. So I can tell you that as a practicing oculofacial plastic surgeon for 20 years, I have operated on people as young as 14 for bags under the eyes. You are certainly accurate that it runs.

In families, it’s genetics. I have operated on 3 generations in the same family. And I would suggest to you that there are some key important factors that help you make this decision. The first factor of course is how prominent are the bags. Although in your photo, it appears that they are relatively prominent, lighting and other factors can impact how 3dimensional the bags are. If the bags are very subtle, then you are talking about maybe being able to camouflage with a filler like Restylane of hyaluronic acid. But if the bags.

Are more prominent and when you look up, they bulge forward and are very prominent, then certainly you can consider a lower eyelid blepharoplasty. In a younger person like yourself, I would typically do a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. I’m assuming that you understand that you have lower eyelid fat prolapse so we won’t get into the details of what that is. In addition, as far as the allergies are concerned, allergies accumulate a lot of fluid in the eye area. Management of allergies is very important when you are considering rejuvenation of the lower eyelids. if your eyes are itchy, if you have watery eyes, if you need eye drops,.

Those things should be managed. If you need to take antihistamines, take the antihistamines. Allergies can still affect the appearance of your under eye area. When puffiness is removed, I tell most of my patients who are in similar situation as yourself, once we reduce the bags, even if you have allergies, it would typically won’t look as puffy than when you did have the fat pockets there. So chances are, you would probably be best served when doing a blepharoplasty as opposed to having a filler. But again, as I mentioned, 3deminsionality is something that can only be appreciated in a physical.

Examination. Skin quality with allergies is an also an issue so you also have to think about good topical skin care. Sometimes people with chronic allergies and they rub their eyes a lot, the skin become somewhat irregular and it kind of ages in appearance and we would routinely do something like plateletrich plasma injection as well as the use of fractional CO2 laser. Again, that’s more of a physical exam that requires actually contact. So I think that as your mother is doing her research, it will be good for you to tag alone.

And have a consultation. You are young, I recently did a facelift and eyes on a mother and daughter and they actually supported each other very nicely during their healing process and so it’s something that might be worth considering when you do your consultation. But most importantly, understanding what level of the fat prolapse you have and deciding if it’s beyond a certain level, you’re probably best served with having the lower eyelid blepharoplasty. So I wish you the best of luck, I hope that was helpful and thank you for your question!.

Meet the Doctor Dr. Thomas Lamperti Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Gtgt Dr. Lamperti Hello my name is Dr. Thomas Lamperti and I’m a Seattlearea Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. I wanted to tell you a little bit about my practice and to let you know a little bit about myself as well. My practice involves that only of the face I have focused on that in my career. My practice focuses on rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty and also facial rejuvenative procedures such as facelift, necklift, and facial fat grafting or fat transfer. I also perform chin augmentation either via sliding genioplasty or chin augmentation. I also perform ear pinning.

Or otoplasty as well. I also perform brow lifts and also will do reconstructive procedures such as skin cancer excisions, mole removals, etc. I’m often asked by my patients what it is that drew me to the field of facial plastic surgery, why did I chose this field among all the other possible fields of medicine. And even within plastic surgery, why did I choose the face And really, I think that it is one that I think being able to obtain changes in the face is such a vital and important.

Part of our lives. It’s how we present ourselves to the world and the importance that the face plays in one’s persona and selfconfidence is really powerful and really rewarding for me. Additionally, the creative aspect and the craftsman aspect of facial plastic surgery really drew me to the field as well. Ever since childhood I’ve enjoyed using my hands I play the piano, I enjoy composing. I also enjoy photography. I think that balance of the arts and science within medicine really was a perfect match for me. Being able to.

Create but at the same time being able to create a result that both I and my patients are really happy with and excited with is a really powerful and really rewarding part of the field for me. An additional thing that really drew me to the field of facial plastic surgery is how empowering it really makes patients feel. Being able to affect a change in something that has bothered them for years, generally and they finally felt empowered to make that change and really being able to take part in that team that affects that change.

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