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Dr. Decherd When a woman is considering plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery, a lot of times, she’s interested in something but she’s not sure if she’s really a good candidate or what it entails. I encourage her to come in and talk to me. There is no penalty to talk to me. My job is to give people education and options. I’m not here to talk anybody into anything or selling something they don’t want. They’re here because they’re interested. The stuff we do, although it’s not curing cancer, this stuff makes a big difference.

For people and how they feel about themselves, their self esteem. Of course, we can’t guarantee that for everybody, but this is good stuff. Some women think that women who get plastic surgery all look overdone or unusual and there’s a whole lot of women who just look good and they don’t walk around with a sign saying, I’ve had a procedure done. A lot times, women have had kids and I find them coming in here saying, I never thought I’d be here. I don’t want to look like something different.

Than I was. I just want to get back to the way I was before I had kids, and there is things we can do to help them Breast work and body work and maybe a little liposuction. Those things all really collectively add together and these women, their goal is to look good, not to look Hollywood or plastic or any of these other adjectives that sometimes they get in their mind. They also look real natural. Hopefully we give that to them. Diana I had breast augmentation with the removal of larger breast implants to smaller.

Plastic Surgery for Women Dr. Michael Decherd San Antonio, TX

And I had the abdominoplasty and there were extra repairs involved with my past hernias and excess skin and childbirth. When I met Dr. Decherd, he was very relaxed and comfortable and made me feel the same way. He spends more time with me than any doctor that I’ve ever had, any general practitioner or any other doctor, for that matter, that I’ve ever been with. I’ve been with all these procedures to his office several times and he has spent at least an hour with me during those consultations. I know that he’s present and available for me when he is doing the surgery. I know that.

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