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How to Remove Skin Tags at Home DermTV Epi 511

The internet is full of at home products thatremove skin tags. Many work but cause burning and red skin atbest, and even worse side effects if you’re notcareful. I’ll tell you about them, and also, the bestway to remove skin tags at home, which is amazingly simple. Hello, I’m Neal Schultz [pause]

And welcome to DermTV. Most at home products to remove skin tagswork by either chemically burning, known as cauterizing,or freezing skin tags, which then take a few days to fall off. Burning is usually done with acids or othercaustic chemicals, while freezing is done with chemical spraysthat literally cause the skin tags to freeze todeath. During the few days it takes for the tagsto fall off,

there is inflammation, discomfort and burningof the surrounding skin. As if that didn’t sound bad enough, all of these products have four other issuesto be aware of. First, you need to make sure what you’re treatingis actually a skin tag. If it’s not, you may delay proper treatment,or even make it worse. For example, you don’t want to unsuccessfullytreat a skin cancer as a skin tag and therefore have it grow deeper or evenspread because you delayed the diagnosis and treatment.

Second, proper treatment requires preciseapplication of the product to the skin tag and not to the surroundingskin since all skin will be damaged by the product. Allowing even a tiny amount of the chemicalto spill onto normal skin causes a burning sensation for a few daysuntil the skin heals. One product advertised online includes a quot;howtoquot; tutorial and shows such sloppy application of the product to more of the surrounding skin than to thealleged skin tag…

which in the tutorial is actually a mole, nota skin tag. That caused a 2 inch diameter area of normalsurrounding skin to become bright red and painful from inflammation. Third, since they all work by injuring theskin of the skin tag, it takes many days for the irrevocably injuredskin tag to die, shrivel up and fall off. Then complete healing of the base where it was attached to the normal skin takesa few weeks. And last, most products are advertised asquot;gentle but effectivequot;.

Unfortunately, no chemical or physical cauterantis gentle. However, precise application to only the skintag without spilling over to the surrounding normalskin results in less discomfort. Even a tea tree oil based product can createproblems since tea tree oil, if used topically in high concentrations maycause skin irritation. In my opinion, the best way to remove skintags at home is to do the same thing I do in the office. I take an ice cube and chill the skin tagfor 15 seconds.

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