Skin Growths

lee: did you have this? Lee: This has been growing how long? Patient:Oh, A number of years. Lee: Mmm. And you’re just in? Because I’ve seen you since then, you haven’t mentioned it. Patient: My. wife.

lee: she lets it go? she nags at you? Lee: Does this come up in fights a lot? Well if you would just get rid of that. Lee: I’m going to remove this. It’s probably a skin tag. Lee: But we’re going to put some numbing there and let it sit at the base. Lee: Since that’s what feeds it, a little bubas(?) is right there Lee: So we’ll make sure it’s (cuts off).

lee: (cuts in) maybe pinch, to, you’re ready to pinch here Lee: Brace yourself here, you’re gonna Lee: I think you’re a little sad about having this go away. Patient: (chuckle) Lee: It had.Did you tell your wife you were going to do this today? Patient: (scoff) Are you kidding? She’s the one that.

lee: oh! i’m surprised she’s not here making sure you have this done. Patient: She had to work. Lee: Oh, I’ll have to send you the tutorial. Lee: Unless she goes on our tutorials, and she can watch it herself. Lee: we could have a little party, a little celebration between the two of you that it’s gone. Patient: Mmm hmm.

lee:(inaudible) kind of thing, you know? Lee: You okay? Patient: Yeah.Fine. Lee: Good. Lee:Pinch here, put a little numbing in the side, sorry. Lee: So, you know, I don’t think this will come back.

lee:and we’ll send part of it in. it could be. Lee: You know what I actually think this is? I think this is a neurofibroma. Lee: Or a, uh. (tsks) (whispering) what’s the other name. Lee: I’m blanking on the name, I have to go look it up. Lee: It’s called, oh sorry sorry we call it a bag of worms actually. Lee: It’s like our description. Y’know? Because it feels like a little flexible little bag there.

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