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Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of Expert Village, Im going to talk to you about signs of skin cancer. Now, in this clip we’re going to look at the third part of self skin examination. First thing you need to do is to raise one of your legs onto a stool or a chair. Here we have a chair. Then, you’re going to inspect all over, the inner thigh, the outer thigh area for any lesions or sores or any changes in your normal types or moles. Look at the calf area as well, the back of the leg and also ankles and the.

Front of your leg and just check for the same things. Repeat this with the other leg, so you turn around and you raise your other leg and do the same inspection. While you are in this position you can also check your genital areas, to see if you to see if you see any changes in your skin moles or skin tags and check your buttock areas you can do that by looking in the full length mirror. And then the next thing to do is sit down on the chair.

And raise one leg and check the soles of your feet and also importantly to spread the toes and look between the gaps between your toes to see if you see, any rashes or skin lesions that you’ve not noted before. Do it on the other leg and do the same thing. Now, also then when you have done that is to keep a log or journal, because its good to do that because you can always refer to it. So, you can note to see, that was time that I first.

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