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So you have a mole that’s been bothering you cosmetically or maybe otherwise. My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine and Human Performance Specialist. First of all, let me talk to you just a little bit about what type of mole do you have and whether or not it needs to be taken cared of professionally. Moles, while normal, sometimes can be an indicator that you have some sort of a skin problem or even skin cancer. So I want to tell you the basics about that. When you have a mole that has an abnormal.

Shape, that’s something that you probably want to have looked at. There’s three other or four, they’re cue signs that I want to talk about as well. So abnormal shape, if it has an abnormal color and by that, multiple colors within the same mole normally aren’t really good. Asymmetry so it’s smooth and round on one side and then it’s not on the other side, that’s probably needs to be checked out. And also, if it gets to be abnormal in shape, instead of circumference wise, but as far as elevation goes. So if you start.

To get what it calls, what I call kind of a craggy appearance, almost like a rocky appearance, those can be signs that you really need to have that checked out by a dermatologist to prevent, if it is cancer, from spreading to any other parts of the body. Now if you’re talking about just a normal mole that’s bothering your for cosmetic reasons, I’m not going to recommend the natural way to do it, but I’ll tell you one of the ways that it’s been done traditionally, especially when it’s a mole that’s hanging off the body a little bit like.

Natural Remedies Cleanses How to Remove a Mole Naturally

A skin tag. There have been people that have taken a piece of dental floss and tie it around the base of the mole very, very tightly and then snipping the ends. What that does is it cuts off the blood supply to the tissue and within anywhere from two to seven days the mole will fall off naturally on its own. Now I’m not recommending to do this because I do think moles should be checked up by a physician but it is a technique that will work although not painless. My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical.

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