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How much would it cost for a hair transplant I have a receding hairline How much would it cost for a hair transplant if i wanted to lower my hairline Thank you for your question! You submitted a single photo and you asked one question how much is a hair transplant And with that question, you also stated that you have a receding hairline. Well, the question you are asking really has a lot of dimension and it is natural for you to ask about cost of a transplant because it is most likely that as you have been doing.

Research for your hair loss issue, you come across hair transplant as the majority or dominant or resource or answer for hair loss. But I’m going to help you understand more in the concept of your situation. You stated that you have receding hairline. That means it’s an ongoing process so think about what will happen after you have hair transplant. You can certainly shop around and you can find different doctors to offer you a transplant. But what happens as your hair line recedes. You may not know the rate at which the hair receding, you don’t know.

How far or how fast this process is going to go. And the very important to understand is, you can’t continue transplanting your hair. Unfortunately, that limitation has led a lot of people being stuck at certain key points and actually needing to have transplant surgery. In addition, I would also add a comment with African American skin or people of African descent who wear short hair and it appears you do from your submitted photo, the donor area which is in the back, the permanent zone where you never lose hair, the scars that.

Limits of Hair Transplants in Receding Hairlines with Short Hairstyles NonSurgical Alternative

You can potentially have regardless of the technique whether it’s FUE or follicular unit extraction or FUT or follicular unit transplant can result in undesirable scars. So, I’ll let you know what we do in our practice. We have been in a remarkable position because we’ve developed an option to help people with hair thinning. Before we go into that, let me discuss with you first what are your medical options because first you have to work on some type of strategy to stabilize the progression of your hair loss. Again,.

You have to think of your future. As much as at it may be satisfying to just to transplant and look good in a year or so after a transplant, what happens 4 or 5 years or beyond down the line is critical. There are two drugs that are currently FDA approved in the United States for hair loss one is finasteride which is a pill that you take daily and the other is minoxidil which is a topical that you apply daily. Finasteride works by inhibiting an enzyme called 5alpha reductase. This is an enzyme in your body that converts testosterone.

To dihydrotestosterone. And when you do your research about hair loss, you hear about dihydrotestosterone or DHT a lot. Now the only systemic way of reducing it is by taking a medication. The problem with having to prescribe this medication at this time is nobody wants to take it because of concerns of long term sexual side effects even after stopping taking the drug. So in our practice, what we have developed and we’ve been very successful with is a treatment called Hair Regeneration. Hair Regeneration from my perspective is a real change in the.

Approach to the treatment of hair loss that is alternative to medications which is taken daily and has variable levels of success and surgery. Hair Regeneration is a treatment which involves an injection and it is an injection of a material called extracellular matrix and combined with plateletrich plasma. Many people confuse plateletrich plasma as standalone treatment when compared to our treatment. From my experience and most of my colleagues would agree, plateletrich plasma does not stop hair loss on its own. We use it as a way to enhance the process but the key to our treatment is the extracellular matrix.

This is a wound healing material that has remarkable abilities that I use every day because I also, in addition to hair loss, I do full body cosmetic surgery. So we have been able to use this material to create some wonderful wound healing results. We helped rebuild cartilage outside of the body for a man who lot part of his ear from melanoma. So they are really remarkable things and I think it represents the next level of medical care which involves stem cell therapy. Unfortunately, stem cell therapy is very controversial because.

Of a lot of misinformation. This is the adult stems that already live in your body that are recruited as part of wound healing. Essentially, we are able to treat close to a 100 of patients who come for male pattern hair loss and get significant results which I would say in the majority of patients depending on the time they come, exceeds the results of hair transplant surgery. Timing is important so the earlier we catch someone, the better it is for them. So if someone hair transplant surgery and they have an area has thinning hair or receding hair, then we actually treat.

First with hair regeneration, wait the 1218 months to see what type of results we get before even discussing hair transplant surgery. It’s very important that you have stabilization. The challenge that we see constantly, the more that we are known, people come to us from all over the world for Hair Regeneration, we see so many people who contacted us and are desperate because they had a hair transplant 510 years ago and they look very pluggy. They look like they have hair plugs and the reason is the existing hair that was there.

At the time disappeared and the patients only has the hair grafts. And they look at their donor area and you actually know that they have less donor available for further transplantation. It becomes a zero sub game because in the end, you tap out your limited donor area. So with that being said, learn more about you alternative options. You may want to consider trying medical therapy first. You may want to consider Hair Regeneration as an option as well but it is very important that you don’t just chase the receding hair line.

Because you just cannot match the amount of loss to the amount of hair that is available in your donor. And this is why we are so excited about the benefits of Hair Regeneration because nature already has the hairs close together. This hair thinning becomes hair thinning becomes hair that’s thicker results in so much volume and coverage that it really is remarkable what we’ve able to accomplish. With that being said, I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question!.

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