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Welcome to Warts Warts can be removed Warts can be removed with one fifteen minute treatment at home The wart removal kit contains all you need to remove twenty to thirty Warts and skin healing cream containing pearl oil here we have a gentleman with a very large wart on his forehead he’s very aware of it and has tried many times to remove it without success until now after cleaning the area with a sterile pad here we can see the emery board being used to roughen the surface of the skin.

To allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the body of the wart to destroy it the applicator is used to coat the wart with the black solution a mild stinging sensation is normal at this stage any excess cream should be wiped away the cream is left in place for fifteen minutes and will turn white in some cases a second application may be needed if the wart is old and thick we can see as the area is cleaned that the whole wart has changed color The healing cream contain Pearl oil is then applied to be treated area and.

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Music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. In a previous episode I discussed what viral warts are and why they’re so difficult to treat and how frustrating treating them is. As a matter of fact, I said, treatment of warts has done more to ruin the reputation of dermatologists than anything else we treat. But let me tell you what treatments do work the best. Starting with topical treatments, we like to use chemicals that actually cause a small irritation in the skin. The reason we want to cause an irritation is because when the skin gets.

Irritated then it becomes inflamed. An inflamed skin will wake up the sleeping immunity, which up until that point hasn’t recognized that viral infection and help wipe out the infection. And the two chemicals that I like to use the most are chemicals you’ve heard me talk about many times glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Which at concentrations we discussed before usually are not irritating. Normally, we use salicylic acid at about 2 but for warts we use 16 or 17. Normally, glycolic acid is used at 8, 10 or even 12. Here for wart treatments, we use it at 20 or stronger.

Those are fairly effective ways to treat warts medically. If that doesn’t work we always have the default of falling back to surgical treatment, where under local anesthesia the warts are cut out, but I did explain in the other episode why in a quarter of the times we tend to get reoccurrences because those little tentacles that go out from the warts that we don’t see when we’re doing the surgery. There’s one more special situation and that’s plantar warts on the bottom of the foot. Anytime you go deep enough to completely cure a wart there’s a chance, surgically,.

There’s a chance that you may actually cause a scar. If you do get a scar on the bottom of the foot which is a weight bearing surface, then it hurts when you put pressure on that scar and that’s what happens every time you walk. So we try not to remove warts on the bottom of the foot surgically. Instead, the treatment that I like the best involves using lasers and specific lasers that attack the blood vessels that treat this little growth because if you can knock out those blood vessels you’ll cause the little.

Flat Warts The 3 Main Categories of Removal Methods

Flat Warts The 3 Main Categories of Removal Methods There are basically three flat wart removal categories that may help you remove your flat warts Over the counter wart removal medicine Surgical flat warts treatment and professional help Alternative and home treatments for warts There are various types of over the counter wart removal medicine that can help you to treat your flat warts. These came in many forms such as lotions, creams. patches and drugs. Some of these medications may be quite acidic and may also destroy your healthy skin. Treating flat warts by over the counter medications.

May take several weeks or months. This may also involve a lot of commitment from your own part. You may also consider professional help. For many individuals this usually happens after repeated setbacks using over the counter wart removal treatments. Your physician may prescribe powerful drugs that can help you to cure your flat warts. You may also consider surgery as a flat wart removal method. There are basically 3 types of surgery that can be used Cryosurgery This involves the use of an instrument to freeze your flat warts. Cryosurgery.

Is used to treat many other types of warts as well. This flat warts treatment is even being used in the treatments of some cancers. Electrosurgery This involves the use of heat that is produced from an electric current to kill your warts. Laser therapy This involves the use of a laser to kill your warts. For the above types of surgical flat wart removal methods you may be given numbing agents. You may have some discomforts both during and after the treatment. This will depend on various factors.

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Music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Warts are very common growths caused by a virus. As a matter of fact, they are so common that the technical word for wart in medical terminology is verruca vulgaris, translated from Latin that means common warts. Warts are caused by the HPV virus which is also called the human papillomavirus. And because it is caused by a virus 1. Of course, it is an infection. 2. It is contagious. The most common locations that we get warts are on the fingers, on the feet.

And the genitals. Warts are very easy to catch and unfortunately very difficult to treat with medicines. Because of that, we try to treat them surgically with local anesthesia to cut them out. But regardless of how you treat them, with medicines or with surgery, they tend to come back. As a matter of fact, I would like to say that warts have done more to ruin the reputation of a dermatologist than anything else we treat because they tend to come back. Let us talk about why they come back. When your body has an.

Infection, there is a fight between the body and the infection. Normally, the body wins and makes the infection go away, but in order for that to happen, the body has to see the infection and be aware of it. When you have a wart growth, which is a viral infection, this virus lives in what we call an immunologic window. That means that body’s immune system just cannot see it. If it cannot see it, it cannot fight it. And when the body is not helping you fight the infection, then it is very difficult for topical.

Medicines to fight the infection and win. And for that reason, many topical medicines either work very slowly and sometimes not at all. So, the alternative is to cut the virus out. Cut out your wart. Well, we do that with local anesthesia. But let me give you an example of why that tends to fail. This is a tracing of the back of my left hand and the red dot is obviously a wart on the back of my thumb. But look at the little black lines coming off of the wart. Those are tentacles. You cannot see them, I.

Cannot see them. They are under the skin. And those tentacles from one end to the other are much larger than the actual wart. If I just remove the wart and there are tentacles and do not remove the tentacles, those tentacles tend to become a focus from which the wart grows right back. So, if I want to be sure I am going to get rid of the wart and have it not come back, I have to guess and take a much larger area than the actual wart takes. Well, if I do that, I am going to cause an unnecessarily disfiguring.

Scar. So we do not like to take those large areas out. Instead, we just remove the wart, and that is why in about one in four times the wart tends to come back. There is one other situation and that is the bottom of the foot. Again, if you cut a wart out, you may go sufficiently deep if you are successful, so that you actually get a scar. Well, a scar will be of cosmetic importance only elsewhere, but on the bottom of the foot, a scar can be very painful because scars on weightbearing surfaces, when you step.

Uncle Buck 810 Movie CLIP Moley Russels Wart 1989 HD

I’m Anita Hoargarth. Buck Melanoma, Moley Russell’s wart. Not her wart. I’m the wart. She’s my tumor, my growth, my pimple. I’m Uncle Wart. Just old Buck Wart Russell, they call me. Or Melanoma Head. They’ll call me that. Melanoma Head’s coming. I’m sor Uncle, Maizy Russell’s uncle. I’m her uncle. Her mother set up this conference with you. I’m assistant principal here. as you’ve probably noticed from the indications on the door. This door The outer door! The outer door. ‘Cause there’s nothing on this one. That’s about enough ofthat.

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I don’t want to know a sixyearold who isn’t a dreamer or a silly heart. I sure don’t want to know one who takes their student career seriously. I don’t have a college degree. I don’t even have a job. Does anyone have a special story to tell about something that happened My uncle was microwaving my socks. and the dog threw up on the couch for about an hour. Honest Why was your uncle microwaving your socks He can’t get the goddamn washing machine to work. Blasphemer! Iknowagoodkid when Isee one.

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Music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Today’s topic comes from one of Siobhan’s viewers from the YouTube LetzMakeUp channel, that’s LETZ MAKE UP. And the question is what are those white hard bumps around the eye They don’t act like pimples and they don’t respond to treatment like pimples. There’s a very good reason they’re not pimples. They look like whiteheads but they’re not. First of all, they’re usually below the eyes, not next to the eyes or above it, it’s usually on the lower lid and they can be white or yellow, they can be round.

Or oval and they can be flat topped or sort of dome shaped. They have a special name they have nothing to do with acne, they’re called syringomas and syringomas are really enlargements of sweat ducts, having nothing to do with oil glands. Let me show you. This is our favorite diagram of the skin and this sweat gland is down here in the middle of the dermis, the middle layer of the skin and when it makes the sweat it has to get the sweat up to the surface of the skin. So it sends it up through this tube which is.

Called a sweat duct and as it comes out of the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, it enters the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin. And when that duct, that tube, going through the epidermis becomes enlarged, it forms a syringoma. The enlargement of this part of the duct forms that white, hard, round bump. If you squeeze them, nothing comes out, if you put a pin in them, nothing comes out because they’re solid, they’re just enlargements of those tissues and cells that make the channel. How do you.

Cold Sores Herpes Simplex Virus How Do You Get Cold Sores, Symptoms and Treatments.

You have a cold sore that bums you out! What should and shouldn’t you do now First of all, you need to know that a cold sore is caused by the herpes virus and that there’s fluid in the blisters. A cold sore can be annoying and painful, but is hardly ever harmful. The herpes virus will remain forever in your body though and can get reactivated at a later time. That’s why you can get a cold sore over and over again. There isn’t any treatment to get the virus out of your body.

So, what are the do’s and don’ts when you’ve got a cold sore Don’t touch the blisters and wash your hands regularly especially when you’ve touched the blisters by accident. A cold sore is extremely contagious. The herpes virus that’s inside the blisters can be transmitted through kissing or after you’ve touched them with your fingers. The virus can end up in the eye or near the genitals in that way and blisters may form in those places. Once the blisters have dried up, the virus can’t be transmitted any longer.

Never hug a baby when you’ve got a cold sore. Babies can get seriously ill from from the herpes virus and can even die because it. That’s the reason why it’s also called the kiss of death. Sunlight, a reduced resistance, illness, menstruation, or stress can activate the herpes virus so a cold sore can show up. so a cold sore can show up. So avoid being exposed to the sun and use protective lip balm or sunblock on your lips to protect yourself against the sun. Keep your resistance up eat healthy food,.

Exercise regularly and get a good night’s rest. Some people find comfort in putting the Vaseline or zinc oxide on their lips to ease the itching and pain. You could use antiviral creams and tablets. The cream hasn’t been proven to reduce the symptoms of a cold sore though. Tablets could reduce the symptoms of a cold sore but only if you use them in a very early stage before the blisters have formed. Consult your family doctor when the blisters haven’t disappeared after two weeks or when the inflammation spreads. In the last case, bacteria might have gotten.

Why Fresh Figs Burn your Mouth and Irritate Your Skin

This is John Kohler with okraw. I have another exciting episode for you here in my backyard next to one of my favorite fruit trees that I have and it’s right here. This is my fig tree, and these are actually some cododa figs, the green style figs. I love green style figs probably better than the black ones and the brown ones and whatnot, but today we’re going to talk about figs. I’m going to answer one simple question on why do figs burn your mouth if you eat too many or sometimes if you just eat one or 2,.

And to find out let’s do a closeup on the tree itself to show you guys what happens when pick an unripe fig and why that burning sensation occurs. There it is. There is a fig on here and this is not yet ripe. How do you know if a figs rip eon the tree Well, number one it’s going to be soft. So, if you feel this is going to be soft, this is actually still hard. Another thing is the color’s going to change. So, the color will look more appetizing.

To the eyes. Right now it’s a dark green. When these are ripe, they’re going to be almost like a light green color and actually quite soft. The other that happens on many fig trees is that when it’s ripe, this little stem right here, I don’t know if you can see that little stem right there, it gets limber, and actually the fig droops down and is hanging. So, those are some indicators of a ripe fig. Now, when you don’t have a ripe fig and you pick it what happens is this. I’m going to go ahead and pick that for you guys so you can see.

Break it off and look at that. See that stuff It’s literally oozing some white sap. You see that It’s dripping off right about now. There it is. The white sap juice. So, this is actually called like a fig latex and the reason why your mouth burns when you eat figs is due to this latex. Inside that latex there is actually a protolivic enzyme. This protolivic enzyme that’s in the latex of the fig is actually called phison. So, phison is a protolithic enzyme. What’s a protolithic enzyme for those of you guys that aren’t PhD and whatnot Protolivic.

Basically means it breaks down protein. You may be familiar with pineapples containing bomoline and papaya containing papain, which are also enzymes. Well, the fig has the protolithic enzyme because the enzyme is there in the fig tree so that predators can’t eat the figs, especially when they’re unripe. So, the protolithic enzymes have been known to literally digest worms. So, if worms are up on the tree trying to get in the fig and eat all the fig out and the fruit, right The worms are going to digest themselves from this protolithic.

Enzyme. That being said, how can you get away from this protolithic enzyme when you’re eating figs, ’cause we don’t want to break down and when you’re tongue burns it’s not because of the mini hairs or, you know, any jagged sharp points on the fig. It’s actually because of this enzyme that’s actually breaking down the proteins on your tongue. This may also happen to you when you’re eating pineapples and, you know, just like pineapples and with figs, when the fruit is not fully mature and not fully ripe, there’s more of that protolithic.

Enzyme. As a fruit ripens, the enzyme totally decreases. So, the best way and easiest way to be able to eat figs without it burning your mouth is get truly ripe ones, and I know what you guys are thinking. ‘John, I went to my supermarket and I bought figs and they are ripe, right They’d only sell you ripe ones at the store.’ Wrong answer. If in the store they picked them as ripe as you need to eat them, you know, they’d expire in probably like hours because some of these ones that I get off the tree are like jelly and if they.

Sit on the tree one more day, they’re not going to be good anymore. So, in commerce and in trade, they need to pick the figs, you know, a little but hard so that they’ll, you know, stay fresh in shipping so that the farmer won’t lose his investment in his figs. I mean, that’s, after all, his profit and that’s why he’s doing it, right So, the best way is to actually go out to the fig tree and harvest only the ripest figs as you possibly can to avoid this protolithic enzyme. Next I want to share with you actually a real good.

Use of this latex and the phison in there actually. If you have warts or corns, it is said that if you put this little, you know, white stuff from an unripe on your wart or corn, you know, it’ll actually break down the proteins of the wart or the corn and make it go away. So, I don’t know. That’s an old wives tale, but you might want to try it. It’s a simple and easy and natural, you know, figs that may work or it may not. When you.

Are picking figs and if it drips a whole bunch of this white latex stuff, your fig was not totally ripe. So, that’s an indicator of ripeness. So, when you pick a ripe fig, it shouldn’t have any of this latex stuff come off. I always encourage you guys to eat the ripest fruits as possible because there’s going to be more nutrition, it’s going to taste better, and also you’re not going to get any mouth burn. The final way that I’ll share with you guys how to minimize the mouth burn if you do have to buy your figs at the store is I got a black.

Mission fig here. Actually this was purchased at the store, and what you’re going to want to do to minimize your mouth burn when eating figs, especially if you want to eat a lot of them is you’re going to break that in half and you can see inside the fig there and what you’re going to do is actually take a knife or a spoon and spoon out the inside jelly part and that’s the part you’re going to eat and you’re going to discard the skin and the white area right below the skin, and that’s where most the phison or latex is contained.

So, if you just eat the middles you’re going to pretty much have minimal contact of that protolithic enzyme that’s going to cause the hurting and breaking down of your proteins on your tongue. Another thing I want to mention is if you do get that white stuff on your skin, it may get irritating, you know. It may cause you to itch and scratch and the best way is just to wash it down with some and water and get it off your skin or just be careful not to get it on your skin in the first place. The other thing I recommend you.

Do always when you’re eating figs is ever eat this little stem and there’s probably a lot of that latex and the phison in the little stem. So, generally I’ll just break this part off and I’ll, you know, compost that and eat and enjoy my phisonfree figs. That’s a good one. So, I hope this tutorial answered once and for all why your mouth burns after you’re eating figs. Number one, get riper figs. Grow them yourself and pick them at the truly ripeness instead of buying them at the store, when they’re never fully ripe,.

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