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MUSIC Hey, it’s Andrea. And, I’m doing this tutorial because in my recent tutorials, you guys have been asking me, how do I keep my armpits, from being dark So, the first thing that I wanna do, is to show you my underarm care routine. The steps that I go through daily, on how I keep my underarms sexy. That’s the word, we’re gonna use for this tutorial. The second thing I’m gonna do, is show you guys some tips, and tricks on how to keep your underarms sexy. Okay This is gonna be fun.

I know, that most of you guys like do it yourselves, so, I’m gonna include some do it yourself tips in there, as well. If you have like OCD over the color of your armpits, don’t worry, everyone’s armpits are at least one shade darker than like the rest of their skin. It’s pretty normal, you know, unless your like really, really, really, really lucky, or really, really, really young. Yeah, just because of the area that it’s at, things are always rubbing up against it, hair growing out of it.

It’s going to be a little bit darker. So, don’t worry about that, okay It’s not like people are gonna think that your Big Foot, or freaky, or scary. Calm your nerves, girl, or guy! Guys, question of the day. Do you prefer a girl to shave her armpits, or to not LAUGH Do you like it au naturel You can be honest here. All right. MUSIC Let’s get started. The first step in my underarm care routine. This is very important. I need one of these little buffing pads in my shower at all times.

And, what I do with this is, with soap and water, I just gently, buff away any leftover deodorant, any lint, maybe, from the clothing that I had on. Just any buildup from the day of, I need to get rid off, cuz not only do I think that’s one of the main causes for dark underarms. But I feel like, it’s one of the main causes for odor as well, when you have too much buildup, accumulating under your arms. Then after my armpits are squeaky clean, I grab my razor.

Now, I shave instead of wax because I have thin hair that grows under my arms, and it’s just been working for me for years. I don’t really feel the need to wax. But, I do feel the need to always have a new blade on my razor at all times. I change it probably like once every week and a half, I would say. Once you notice that the razor is pulling, and not cutting your underarm hair, you wanna get rid of that blade immediately because if you’re cutting the pore or.

Damaging your underarms, when it heals, it can come back darker. Also I kinda get these bumps under my arms when I use a dull blade. Just basically my underarm’s asking me politely to get a new razor. Then after that, I make sure that my armpits are completely dried off, no moistness, or wetness before I apply my deodorant. This way, it just adheres better. Also I’m really picky with my deodorant, I feel like a lot of deodorants actually cause dark under arms because of all the chemicals. I’ve been using the same brand for like five years, I’ll link it down below.

And then after that, I model my sexy under arms. Some quick tips if you’re suffering from dark under arms. Waxing, my number one tip, actually. A lot of the reason why, there’s darkness under there, isn’t because it’s dirty. But it’s because there’s a lot of thick stubble, and it’s just showing, and giving the illusion of dark underarms. Waxing, should get rid of that. You can go get it done at the salon, or you can make your own. I made this wax, actually, using some sugar and lemon juice.

I just boiled it in the pot. Not boiled, I’m sorry. I heated up in a pot, and then once it cooled, a little bit, it turned into this really thick wax that people like to call sugaring. I’ll post the recipe down below in the description box. MUSIC Now, another option would be to go for a skin lightening, or depigmenting cream, which you can find over the counter, at a store. Now, this isn’t strong enough to like bleach your skin, and turn you like three shades lighter, or anything like that.

But it can help fight against melamine production, which is what you get after you scar, and it comes back darker, and stuff like that. A lot of people use this actually, under their arms, to help lighten it a little bit because of the discoloration. But if you are afraid of the chemicals, and trust me a lot of people are, there are some natural ways, to actually lighten the discoloration under your arms. Potatoes, nature’s natural bleach. Actually, potato juice has natural bleaching agents in it, less harmful than chemicals.

So, you can just try applying it to your underarms before bed, or whenever you can, daily to you see an improvement. It actually works really well. Another tip, your soap might not be doing a good enough job at removing the buildup. So, you might wanna try something more powerful, that you can actually find in your home, like vinegar, or baking soda. MUSIC After you clean your arms, you can just rub some vinegar on it, or you can actually create a baking soda paste with just some baking soda and water.

Mix it together until it forms this thick, pasty consistency. Rub it on your arm, let it sit for like ten minutes, or so, and then wipe off. And speaking of baking soda, it’s actually a natural deodorizer. So, you can just apply some regular baking soda under your arms instead of deodorant if you don’t want to use deodorant any more. And, and since you’re doing a little extra to get your underarms clean, you’re also gonna notice that, your underarms won’t produce odor as much. Because bacteria is what causes the odor under your arms.

So, getting as clean as possible, will help it be prettier, and less smellier, stinky lady. And lastly, try to refrain from wearing skin tight, dark tops. Because this can cause irritation cuz of all the rubbing underneath your arms. It can also cause darkness from like the lint and stuff to buildup on top of your deodorant. Then you’re not, you know, cleaning it off properly, and then it’s just a big old mess. So, try if you can, to wear looser tops that don’t rub against your armpits, more often.

Just to prevent against this, while you’re trying to heal your underarms, going through underarm treatment, very important. And I think, that is the last of the sexy armpit 101 info, I’m gonna include in this tutorial. But, I’m gonna post all the recipes, that I listed below. And if you have some recipes of your own, post it in the comments below. I hope you found this helpful, I will talk to you guys soon. Okay. I love you, bye MUSIC. gtgt INAUDIBLE. gtgt LAUGH NOISE LAUGH NOISE LAUGH NOISE.

Natural Remedies for Your Skin that Dont Work DermTV Epi 523

All of western drugs are historically rooted in plant products and extracts. People often refer to plantderived products as natural remedies. Fast forward 100 years and it’s easy to forget these humble beginnings from which modern drugs evolved. Coming full circle, today more people are seeking natural remedies for their problems because of dissatisfaction with the results of conventional medicines, or because of their expense. In the more than 11,000 questions I have received from DermTV viewers, many of them ask for natural treatments for problems for which even conventional drugs fail.

Today, I’m going to share the categories of skin issues for which natural remedies just won’t work. Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. Lets start with viewers who ask for natural remedies to fix scars. One asked, How do you remove chicken pox scars naturally and effectively without any use of pills or surgery Another said, My acne has left me with big pores and scars. Please recommend products from my kitchen which I can use to cure them. A reality check says, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

If products from your kitchen could fix scars, everyone would know about them! Then some viewers ask for natural products to remove moles and growths. How can I get rid of a flat, dark brown mole on my nose at home Or failed attempts, I have a flat, dark brown mole under my eye, near my nose. I tried removing it with garlic but it only gets lighter and then gets darker little by little. Sounds to me like we’re back to the kitchen! And then the viewer who literally took things into her own hands.

I scratched a mole off of my upper abdomen to remove it. It’s since grown back with a pinkish, brownish color. Should I be worried that it is cancer That sort of bridges us into the people who want the results of surgery from natural products for other problems. For example, one viewer asked, A few years ago my earlobe split and since then I still haven’t gotten it fixed. Is there some way to fix it without getting surgery Is there a home remedy that would heal the ear All of these have a common theme.

Searching for Natural Products for surgical problems for which even conventional medicines don’t exist. Sadly, no skincare products natural, homeopathic, or western are going to fix sunken in scars, remove growths or moles safely, or effectively heal disrupted skin. Sure you can remove skin tags with string, scissors, and even caustic chemicals, but they all invite infection, scarring, and more disappointment. at best. I have a deep interest and belief in alternative medicine and have incorporated many essential oils into my topical skincare products. But the bottom line is Don’t expect natural remedies to work in any of the situations.

DermTV When Do You Need to Show a Growth to a Doctor DermTV.Com Epi 014

Music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. We all have lots of spots and bumps on our skin, and we know what they look like, we’re accustomed to seeing them. But sometimes, these things change. Spots can get bigger, they can change colors, growths can look different or grow or shrink. And patients ask me, when do they need to come in, and show that changed bump or spot to me, when is it an important change And I tell patients, you don’t have to come in the day it happens, you don’t have to.

Basic Skin Care Skin Care Eye Creams

Next step, eye creams. Now, like I said, with dry skin you really want to take care of it because you don’t want to see the fine lines. Another one of Rose McGowan’s favorite products is going to be the firming eye cream. What you want to do, take a little on your ring finger, pat with your other ring finger. Just like that. And with a gentle motion, no tugging, a gentle patting motion, you want to go right to here all the way into the eye. O.k. All the way underneath. Pat. Patting motion. All the way into here. This area right here is.

Where you will begin to see fine lines and crow’s feet especially if you have dry skin. So you want to specially take one more and work it in that area. With that one you want to rub but you want to rub upward or in a circular motion just to make sure that the skin drinks it all in. And then all the way around. Don’t forget about the upper eye lids. Because some women forget about that and just put eye cream right underneath here. And then what happens is they forget about doing here and then as you get older all of a sudden.

DermTV Syringomas White Hard Bumps Under Your Eyes DermTV Epi 224

Music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Today’s topic comes from one of Siobhan’s viewers from the YouTube LetzMakeUp channel, that’s LETZ MAKE UP. And the question is what are those white hard bumps around the eye They don’t act like pimples and they don’t respond to treatment like pimples. There’s a very good reason they’re not pimples. They look like whiteheads but they’re not. First of all, they’re usually below the eyes, not next to the eyes or above it, it’s usually on the lower lid and they can be white or yellow, they can be round.

Or oval and they can be flat topped or sort of dome shaped. They have a special name they have nothing to do with acne, they’re called syringomas and syringomas are really enlargements of sweat ducts, having nothing to do with oil glands. Let me show you. This is our favorite diagram of the skin and this sweat gland is down here in the middle of the dermis, the middle layer of the skin and when it makes the sweat it has to get the sweat up to the surface of the skin. So it sends it up through this tube which is.

Called a sweat duct and as it comes out of the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, it enters the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin. And when that duct, that tube, going through the epidermis becomes enlarged, it forms a syringoma. The enlargement of this part of the duct forms that white, hard, round bump. If you squeeze them, nothing comes out, if you put a pin in them, nothing comes out because they’re solid, they’re just enlargements of those tissues and cells that make the channel. How do you.

DermTV How to Treat Milia DermTV Epi 76

Music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Acne can be a very difficult problem both medically and emotionally. But one of the most frustrating parts of the medical treatment of acne is the treatment of milia. All of acne is composed of two types of problems either they are inflamed bumps like puss pimples or cysts or noninflamed problems like whiteheads and blackheads. A milia is a white head that is just a tiny cyst, it is a white dome shape bump on the skin. It is thicken skin with is really just a mini cyst. The.

Reason that it is so difficult to get rid of them is because you need to dissolve that thickened skin on the top of the cyst. This can only be done with exfoliants like glycolic acids or salicylic acids if you are doing it at home. In the office we take a pin, break though the surface painlessly, and push the contents out and it goes away immediately. If you are going to treat it at home it is very frustrating because it takes a long time and repeated applications of the exfoliants. Please keep.

False Eyelashes DONT! with Weylie ilikeweylie Beauty Dos, Donts, Duhs I love makeup.

Hello guys! So because this is Do’s, Don’ts, Duhs, I’m going to give you guys a little DON’Ts with eyelashes. 1 Don’t just take the eyelashes out and slap them on your face. Because, this is what’s going to happen. The perfect eye right here, I trimmed the eyelashes and everything so it fits perfectly. It makes my eyes look nice and lifted. With this side, I didn’t trim it so as you can see, it’s find of flopping off over here. You don’t want people thinking that your eyelashes are going to fly away.

And you want to make sure it fits your eye shape so of course, it’s comfortable. Plus, it’s not a cute look to have.droopy eyes. Now everything is even and cut. And now perfect and readytogo. 2 Don’t try to rip your eyelashes off. Make sure you take a makeup remover, which is what I’m supposed to do. Because I never follow this rule, but I really should. So I just take a QTip or cotton ball and rub it above my lash line. And it just loosens up the glue and it comes right off.

3 Huge Don’t! Don’t apply the glue directly on your eyelids. Some people know, but just in case you don’t know, when you put the glue directly on your eyelid, You might sting your eye if the glue gets into your eyes, or it can get all over the place if your eyeshadow is already done and perfect. You don’t want the glue to mess it up. 4 Don’t put on eyeshadow after you’ve already applied your false eyelashes. You don’t want that fall out to get all over your eyelashes. It’s going to mess them up.

And you don’t want it to look like this because girl, this is some bad fall out. So make sure you put on your eyeshadow and then your eyelashes. 5 Don’t look down when you’re putting on your eyelashes. A lot of times, people face the mirror but they close their eyes, and they try to like stick it on. And you can’t see. You can’t have your eyes closed for this part. Or else it ends up looking like this. Alright, that’s it for this tutorial. I hope you had fun watching it. I had so much fun filming this tutorial for you guys.

And make sure you leave me a comment with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. And if you haven’t seen my DO’s tutorial, I’ll leave the link down below, so you can go ahead and check that out. And yeah, that’s it. I’ll see you guys at my next tutorial. Bye! Don’t mind me. I just came from New York Fashion Week. First of all, don’t let anybody tell you that because you have dark skin that you can’t rock those beautiful, bold colors. Personally, I wear eyelashes because I feel like they make my eyes look a lot bigger.

How to Determine if Blepharoplasty or Ptosis Surgery is Needed for Asymmetrical Eyelids

Can a blepharoplasty be performed to correct asymmetrical eyelids Info about me I am Asian and 18 to 21 years of age. Both parents have the doubleeyelid fold. My left eye does not feel natural and eyelashes curl inwards. Thank you for your question! You submitted a question and you identified yourself between the ages 1821 and you have asymmetric eyes. You mentioned that your parents have double eyelids and that your eyelashes are turning inward in the left eye. Although you mentioned only one photo, I’ll tell you a little about what I do in my practice. I’ve had a lot of experience in eyelid surgery.

And I’m an oculofacial cosmetic surgeon. I’ve had a lot of experience in ptosis surgery and I’m explaining why I’m mentioning this. When we look at a person who is concerned with asymmetry, there are two critical aspects when deciding whether blepharoplasty on what is the right thing for you. First is determining the eyelid height. When someone has a lot of skin overhanging the eyelid, it can make the width of the eyelid or the height between the margin of the lower eyelid or the bottom part of the iris to the margin of the upper eyelid. Now that height is called the interpalpebral.

Fissure and what we want to determine by measuring that height is whether or not there’s a condition called ptosis. Ptosis means drooping and we talk about eyelid ptosis that’s how we refer to it. When we talk about other parts of the body such as breast, we talk about breast ptosis. When you have eyelid ptosis, it’s a different surgery from blepharoplasty. When you have eyelid ptosis, we evaluate the levator muscle. It’s like the world elevator without the letter e. it means we have to do something to advance the muscle or shorten the muscle to get the.

Height to be equal. That’s part of the extensive evaluation and when we do this evaluation, we look at the eyes both in primary gaze and forward and looking down and up to determine the muscle function. The other part of the equation is the skin fold. You mentioned that your eyelids are turning inward. This is relatively a frequent condition of the asian descent. Very often the lower eyelid, the condition called epiblepharon and this means that there’s a fold of skin that pushes the eyelashes and when the eyelashes already touches the eye, a correction has.

To be done to prevent irritation of the eye itself. In your situation, you might be well served with limited blepharoplasty to address the fold of skin thay is causing your eyelashes to turn inward. Essentially, although you submitted a question about the asymmetry and you have a relatively descent photo, the photo does limit of how much opinion you can get without a proper examination. So I recommend that you meet with a qualified experienced surgeon. Typically if there’s an issue with ptosis you would be going to an oculofacial plastic surgeon and get an evaluation of all.

The things I mentioned. The proper evaluation of ptosis and the fold of skin over the eye. Once you are comfortable with the doctor you meet with then you can make a decision of preceding with your surgery. Be also aware that when people are concerned with asymmetry, asymmetry is not only limited to the soft tissue of the eyelids such as skin and levator muscle. Sometimes it is related to the natural underlying bone structure. The human face is not perfectly asymmetric and if you look at your face long enough, you can notice the subtle asymmetry of the.

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