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Controlling mole crickets soon after they hatch will help to avoid extensive damage later in the year. In the spring, take note of where mole cricket damage has occurred. Mapping out the areas of damage will help with your application.You can test the problem areas by applying a soapy water solution to a few feet of your turf. If mole crickets emerge after a few minutes, you’re in the right spot, and you should begin your application. Use a product that is labeled for mole crickets and will stick around for a long period of.

Time. This will allow you a bit more flexibility with application timing. You should, however, aim to apply before egg hatch. Make sure the area has adequate moisture so the product can penetrate the soil. Broadcast spray over the damaged areas as directed by the product label. Some products require irrigation after application, while others will require irrigation before. Many products are labeled to control mole crickets. Often products that contain pyrethroids are best and come in granules, liquids, and bait formulas. Baiting is used for adult crickets and no watering in is required. Read the label carefully to make sure mole crickets are listed.

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