Remove Mole In Malaysia

Removing Grout Removing old grout can be a messy and timeconsuming job but with a Dremel rotary tool it’s much quicker and easier. For this project we’ll be using a Dremel 300 series tool, the grout removal attachment and a 569 bit. You can also use the Dremel 400 series XPR and 200 series tools. After your bit is inserted, screw on the grout removal attachment and set your tool to speeds anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 RPMs. The angle of the grout removal attachment will let the bit work at it’s.

Peak performance. Using the pulling motion, work the bit through the old grout, being careful not to make the knick the tile. There are two guide points on the attachment that will help keep you between the tiles. To remove even greater depth of grout adjust the guide to a greater depth on your second pass. To remove grout from a corner you’ll also need to also remove the grout removal attachment. Be sure not to dig to deepen your first pass as this may damage the bit. Here’s some additional thoughts on removing grout.

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