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Ro Hey guys, it’s Ro! I’m here with my sister Mo today. Mo Hello! Ro We have been playing a lot of games lately and we asked you guys, what Ro game you would like us to play next and we got so many requests to play the game. Mo The Smoothie Challenge! Ro Mmmhmm! So we went to twitter and we asked you guys for 7 yummy ingredients Ro and 7 disgusting, gross ingredients and we do not know whats in these bags Ro because Molly’s hubby Mo My hubby went to the store and he made the final decision on what gross.

Mo ingredients and what good ingredients to get. And he put them in bags and Mo numbered them so we wouldn’t know which ones are here, so it’ll Mo be a surprise to us. Ro And for those of you who are not familiar with the smoothie challenge, Mo Ro and I each have a little smoothie cup here, and we will draw numbers out Ro of the jar, and whatever number coincides with the mystery bag ingredient, Ro we have to add to our smoothie. And at the end, after we’ve added 7.

Ro ingredients, we’ve got to blend it up and take a taste. Ro So, it’s either going to be really good for somebody, or bad, or maybe Ro bad for both. Mo We’ll do rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. Alright. Ro Ready Both Rock, paper, scissors Rock, paper, scissors. Ro Boom! Mo Ah, OK, you go first. Ro Alright, here I go! Ro I have a 5050 chance of getting something delicious, I’m gonna put a little Ro scoreboard like right up here or something of when we get a yummy ingredient.


Ro 13 Mo Oooooh! Ro Isn’t Friday the 13th, like that’s not a good thing Mo No, it’s typically Mo unlucky, that’s why they don’t have a 13th floor on hotels. So here you go! Ro Hopefully it’s a bag of chocolate toppings! Mo Bahahaha Ro Oh geez! Mo Oh that’s gross! That’s a lot! Ro Oh OK. Mo Oh my gosh. Ro OK, I’ll stop there. Ro Scoreboard, 1 gross. Mo So, I have better odds, and, uh, it’s my turn now. Mo 12! Mo Honey! That’ll make it sweet.

Ro Alright, scoreboard for Mo, she gets one yummy ingredient. Ro 2nd ingredient Mo What is it Ro 8! Ro Oh no! Jalapeo pepper sauce! Ro Scoreboard, 2nd gross ingredient. Mo I’d do at least 4 shakes. Ro 1, 2, 3, 4. Mo That’s a lot! Girl, you’re Mo gonna have some hot mustard going on tonight! Mo Alright, let’s go for another yummy ingredient. Number 2 Mo Got some Marmite. Mo OK, so that is 1 for my gross ingredients, so I’m 1 and 1. Ro Let me smell it Mo Have you ever smelled that before.

Ro Huh, whew! Mo Hopefully the honey will Ro Overpower that I don’t think so! Mo Cancel this out. Ro Oooooh I can smell that. Mo Yeah. Ro Oh yeah, delish! Ro 3rd ingredient, come on something yummy. 1! Number 1! OK Mo Here we go. Ro Thanks sister. Mo What is it Ro Ohhhhahaha yes! Oreos! Scoreboard, 1 yummy! Add that on there! Ro I’ll put a bunch of these! Yeah! Just put a whole bunch of those! Mo Now for my 3rd ingredient. Hopefully it’s as good as Oreos, lucky!.

Mo Number 3, lucky number 3 it’s a lucky number. Ro Here you are! Both Ohhhhhhhh! Mo I got delicious Nutella spread, this is one of my favorite treats! Ro Know what’s better Oreos dipped in hot sauce and mustard! Ro A point for Mo’s scoreboard, something yummy! Ro Ingredient number 4 6, aaaah! Mo Ohhhh! Ro Chocolate, chocolate! Mo Chocolate and Oreos Ro Yes! Mo That’s amazing! Ro Oh yes, oh yes! Oh yeah! Point for Ro! Yummy ingredient! Mo Alright, here we go! 5! Ro Duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnahnuhnuhnuh! What is it What is it Oh hahaha!.

Mo Onions! My favorite! Ro Mo gets a gross poi OH! Uh, point! Oh, oh! Mo These are fresh. Ro Oh those are fresh. Mo These are fresh! Ro Oh you’re not putting more in there Mo No, that’s good, right Ro That’s it That’s enough Ro 5! Ro 11! Mo A banana! OK! Ro Herro! Mo Yello Ro I just got a yummy ingredient! Mo Oreos, chocolate, banana smoothie, with a little jalapeo! Mo Here we go, 9! Ro I love pickles, but not in a smoothie! Oh yeah, put a bunch, put a bunch.

Ro of those in there! Oh yeah! Mo Is 1 OK Ro Yeah, maybe 1 more He needs a friend! He needs a friend. Mo I love pickles. Ro There you go! Ro Number 6 Mo 4! Ro 4! Ro Uhhhh, what is this Sprite! Mo Oh! Ro I’m gonna count that a good! Mo Wait, don’t sprite and banana mixed together Ro Hmm Mo Have a weird reaction Ro What Mo I thought it was supposed to upset your stomach. I saw that on Tosh. Mo I guess you get to find out!.

Mo Ingredient 6. 7! Ro 7, here you go! Mo Duhduhduh! Ro Whhhhat is it Yes! Mo Spam! My favorite smoothie ingredient! Mo I love Spam smoothies, so this is great! This is great you guys! Mo Great suggestion! Ro Now Mo Breakfast! Ro Is that your morning smoothie Mo It smells so bad! Ro I know, it does! Your side with the onion and the pickle and the spam and Ro everything going on over dere is Ro Final ingredient, here we go. 10! Mo It’s heavy, ahhaha! Ro Oh Well, we’ve got vegetable broth Which, I guess if you were making a.

Ro veggie smoothie this would be good I think for what I got going on here Ro this counts as a gross ingredient. Oh, right up to the line! Mo Alright, last one. Ro Mmmhmm. Mo No need to draw the number. Ro Ohhhh, yum! Mo OK, coconut ice cream, well, soy ice cream. Ro That is a win, and it’s also a yummy ingredient, so add that to Mo’s scoreboard. Ro Can I have a little bite Mo Yeah here you go, is it pretty good Ro Mmmm, yeah! We’re related, can you tell.

Ro If you had to pick 1 smoothie, what would it be Not my lips Mo Now it’s time to blend these delicious smoothies up, and have a taste and Mo see who really won this challenge. Ro They both look gross, I would not recommend either of these recipes for Ro smoothies to anyone! Look at Mo’s! Just Can we just get a look of how delicious! Ro Let’s mix yours up first. Mo Alright. Ro I’m ready! Ro Yeah really get the good stuff, at the bottom. Mo Yeah, just gotta make sure that Spam’s in there!.

Mo Alright, I think we’re nice and blended. Mo Do you want to try them at the same time Ro Sure. Mo Alright. Ro Oh ga, oh gross, oh this is just Mo Here we go! Ro Oh gosh, oh!!! It looks like poop water! Ro It’s not It could be worse! Ro We have got our smoothies blended up, and now, it is time to taste them. Mo Here we go! Ro Oh, are you ready Mo Let me smell this Ro Not so bad, let me Let me, OH! Ohhhh hoho!.

Mo Kind of like a chocolate hamburger Ro Cheers Ro Oh god, it’s really salty! Ro Oh, are you OK Oh, I’m sorry sister, I’m sorry. Oh yeah Pffft! Mo I think Rosanna won that one. Ro Wooohooo! Mo I think you definitely won that one. Ro I won the smoothie challenge! Mo Yeah. Mo Oh I can just taste pickle and Nutella on my breath. Ro Yeah, you should probably brush your teeth. Oh my, oh my gosh Molly! Mo I double dog, triple dare you to try a sip of this one.

Ro I’m really, I have a really sensitive tummy OK fine. Mo Tiny! Mo Hahahaha. Mo I know, I was almost crying too Ro It’s horrible! Ro Did you even try mine Mo Oh Ro OH Oh my gosh! Mo OK, OK, OK. Ro I did all that for you and Mo OK, here. Ro And you didn’t Be a good sport. Ro Be a good sport, come on. Mo Here we go. Ro OK. Mo Oh it’s a little spicy. Ro But not as bad as that one. Mo No, I definitely lost that challenge.

Ro Thanks for suggesting the smoothie challenge, um, this is the 2nd game that Ro I’ve won now, so I’m pretty happy about it. Mo It’s pretty good. Ro It was very interesting, if you have any other games that you would like to see Ro Mo and I play then leave us a comment down below, and let us know what games Ro you would like to see next. Ro Alright, thanks you guys. Byebye! Mo Bye! Ro And if you would like to check out the previous games that we have played.

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