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Hello. My name is Doctor Robert Herd, I’m a consultant dermatologist at Rosshall Hospital in Glasgow. This is approaching the time of year that people start to plan their holidays in the sun but it’s also the time when people start to worry about their moles and whether or not they might be changing. It’s important to identify any changes in moles at an early stage in case these changes indicate an early form of skin cancer. In the past dermatologists relied on photograph to detect changes, however we now have technology that can map moles and monitor their appearance over time, to.

Detect any small changes. This new state of the art equipment is available at Rosshall Hospital and you are able to book in for a consultation and mole mapping session by phoning the Rosshall Hospital switchboard. When you attend we will take a history including asking about the amount of sun exposure you have had in the past and whether or not you have any moles that are concerning you. We will then examine your moles to determine whether or not there are any that look particularly unusual and require immediate excision.

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