Remedies For Warts On Feet

There’s a number of things you can try over the counter if you develop a common wart, for example on your hand or a plantar wart on your foot. Most of these preparations have Salicylic Acid that’s the most common active ingredient to destroy chemically, the wart virus. You have to be patient. It can take weeks and sometimes months to destroy the wart. If you’re finding that after say, a month or two of using an over the counter Salicylic Acid preparation, it’s not clearing up your wart, it’s probably a good idea to touch base with your family doctor or dermatologist.

We can do a number of things to expedite the wart going away, and if we get rid of it sooner rather than later, then you’re less likely to develop more warts, and less likely to give it to other people so it does make sense to treat the warts. The treatments that we offer in our clinic, are, for example, prescription products, things that are much stronger than over the counter products that chemically can break down the wart, other topical products that can help your own immune system actually fight the wart virus from the inside.

We also do things like liquid nitrogen, which is a very common treatment, and that’s applying cold air, around 200 degrees celsius, to freeze burn the warts, and we often do that every couple of weeks, and that can take a number of treatments to remove the wart. Other options include sometimes excising or cutting out a wart, in other cases, lasering a wart. Again, there are a number of great options to clear up your warts sooner rather than later. If you’re frustrated or concerned about your warts, certainly if you have warts in the genital area,.

Treating Common Warts

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