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Hi! I’m roboSuzie and today I’ll talk toyou about Plantar Wart Home Treatments. Also don’t forget to check out the link below,to find out, how to remove ugly warts caused by human papilloma virus. It’s fast and painless.Awesome stuff. But back to our topic. If ever you notice that you have a piece offleshy skin on the bottom of your foot that appears to have a small black dot in the middle,you probably have a plantar wart. This type of wart is not contagious if you were to touchother people with your foot and it is not detrimental to your health in any way. Infact, most plantar warts disappear on their

own over time thanks to the suppression fromyour immune system. However, knowing that it will go away on its own doesn’t alwaysmake it easy to accept the fact that you have a wart on the bottom of your foot. There area few home treatments you can use to get rid of your plantar warts. What Causes Plantar Wart? What causes your plantar wart might scareyou a bit more than actually noticing you have one. The fact is, plantar warts are causedby one of the more than 100 strands of the HPV virus. It thrives in damp, hot environmentssuch as gyms, pools, showers, and bathrooms.

This means that anytime you walk into oneof these locations without wearing shoes and with an open cut or sore on the bottom ofyour foot, you are exposing yourself to this particular strand of HPV. Rest assured, however,that this is not a disease that is going to harm your health. Now take a deep breath andconsider your options. Plantar Wart Home Treatments. When considering how to treat a plantar wart,you have a few options. You can try one of many plantar wart home treatments or you cantalk to your . You should know, however, that your will probably advice youtry something at home due to the fact that

most s do not treat plantars unnecessarily.This is because they go away on their own and oftentimes the treatments are more painfulthan the actual wart. Plantar Wart Duct Tape Treatment. Using a household product such as duct tapeis one of the most common plantar wart home treatments. This home treatment remedy involvesplacing a piece of duct tape over your wart for approximately one week. Once the weekis up, you will remove the tape and soak your wart in warm water for a few minutes. Oncethe wart is softened after being soaked in warm water, you will take a pumice stone andrub the wart vigorously. You can also use

a nail file if necessary. This home remedyis fairly painful and difficult for some people to fathom. Additionally, it could take monthsto actually make a difference in the size of your wart. While not exactly one of the plantar warthome treatments, overthecounter medications work on occasion. You can purchase these atany drugstore or superstore in the medical section. By carefully following the instructionson the box, you can potentially get rid of your wart in time. However, these typicallyonly work 50 percent of the time and they do not work for everyone. The way they workis by peeling off the wart from your foot.

This is another painful process that is oneyou will have to really consider before you decide to do it. The remedies that peel off the wart come inpatches. You will use them periodically over time, watching as they pull off one layerat a time of your wart until it finally disappears. The process must be repeated every 48 hoursfor as long as several weeks before you can rid your foot of your plantar wart; and it’snot a guarantee that you will be able to get rid of it completely. Freezing A Wart.

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