Natural Remedies For Warts And Verrucas

Welcome to health care at home. One of our viewer Mr. Durrat, has sent us a mail saying that he has problem of warts on his neck. Means he has lots of warts or verruca on his neck. He wants to get rid of those. I am going to tell you one or two simple remedy to get rid of warts or skin tags. What you have to do is take castor oil. Massage there daily with castor oil. If you massage daily then in 15 days you will observe that your warts spots will slowly become invisible.

Other then this what you have to do is take 7 leaves of Indian basil, 7 leaves of Margosa tree and add one pinch turmeric powder. Grind all the three items. You have to make paste of Neem leave and Basil leave with turmerci powder. Lick this along with hot or warm water. After eating this paste drink warm water, so that you wont get bitter taste. This will work as blood purifier. When the blood is purified, then you wont get any kind of warts, mole, verruca or skin tags.

I am going to tell you one more simple remedy. Take a piece of ginger. cut it and make its one side pointed. Apply edible quicklime with the help of this pointed ginger. You have to just touch the quicklime and rub over wart. You will get temporary swelling after rubbing. But by this method you warts will dry and fall and there wont be any marks either. Isn’t it a very simple remedies. If you want to get rid of warts or moles then just try these home remedies. You dont have to got to doctor for that.

Home Remedies for Wart or Verruca With English Subtitles

These remedys are very effective and there are no side effect of these. Anyways we always wish that you stay healthy, stay happy, be busy and keep in touch. And what you have to do to keep in touch with us You just have to subscribe to our channel and tell your family and friends to subscribe this channel. Get health benefit at home and stay away from doctors, And If you like our tutorials then share it with your friends. It is Our mission that whole world should get health benefits from these home remedies,.

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