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Welcome to heath care at home. Today we’ll talk about Moles (Til) Moles occurs on our body due to hormonal changes. Specifically at teen ages your body goes thorough many hormonal changes. And moles also occurs during this time. There is one another reason: People who expose their body to too much of sunlight.

It has been notice that moles occurs to their body as well. Normally in pregnancy, although moles doesn’t coccus but at times its notice that their colour gets changed. Even their shape gets changed because at the time of pregnancy lot of changes happens in the body. How to get rid of moles? I’ll give you some easy method to get rid of it. If you’ll use any natural citric acid to a period of time. then you can get rid of moles.

You can take pineapple juice add some sea salt in it. Mix it and rub if you’ll rub it on your mole In fact let it applied for overnight. Follow this remedy 23 times in a day At the end let it applied in the night and leave it for overnight. Then within 1 months your moles will start getting dissolve.

As natural citric acid has the property to dissolve the mole. You can use Lemon, Orange, Green Apple. And as I said you can use Pineapple Juice as well. Apart from that Fresh Aloe Vera Gel is excellent for the skin as it has heeling properties. Take Aloe Vera Gel apply it 23 times in a day on your mole. Apply it in the night and leave it for overnight, firstly its very good for your skin.

And secondly its very helpful to get rid of moles. Let me tell you an another effective remedy. Take 1 tsp Baking Soda add 1/2 tsp Castor Oil in it Mix it and prepare a paste out of it Apply this paste on your moles and leave it for overnight. Follow this remedy for few days you’ll see that moles will start getting disappear.

Remember one thing that moles are harmless to us. But if the colour shape of your mole is getting change without any remedy or treatment. Then you must consult any dermatologist and get your check up done. These were few remedies to follow for a long period of time to make moles disappear. But how to get rid of Moles in just 5 days, that I’ll share in my next episode. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

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