Today i am going to share a recipe that I am personally very fond of because it is from a traditional cook. Ms. Mara de Jess Loza, Doa Chuy, this is the way her family fondly call her. We got this recipe from her daughter Carmen. Carmen Muoz, who has shared it with us, this is very important,.

When a traditional cook shares one of her recipes, she is sharing something very intimate. So we received it very fondly and I am going to share it with all of you. A Mole Ranchero from Lago de Moreno, Jalisco. Let’s start preparing it.

In a pot where i am going to finish preparing the mole, I am going to fry almost all the ingredients. We are going to fry one tortilla. Once the onion is fried, we take it out and we fry.

The ancho chile. Two small chile de arbol and one cascabel chile. And the tomato. And when we have fried all, we are going to blend them.

We are going to use a blender, we blend everything, what we have roasted with the lard and then we are going to add the perfumes.

A little clove of garlic and water to blend. With the sauce perfectly blended, we place it with the remaining lard from frying all the ingredients. We season it with salt,.

And ground pepper. A pinch, we integrate them very well and let them boil. And now that our mole is boiling and seasoning, the flavors and aromas are mixing,.

We are going to grind our bread, that we previously soaked in chicken stock and will allow the sauce to blend. Once the bread is perfectly ground, we add it into the sauce to provide texture.

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