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Let’s talk about your finger, because I, like everyone, am fascinated with how long this is taking to heal. Yeah. laughs I think you’re just keeping it on for sympathy, maybe. Yeah, it’s become my style now, and it’s like Michael Jackson’s glove. You got your wedding ring caught on the corner of a counter. Yeah, it’s called ring avulsiondon’t Google it. It’s really gross, but it’s real. It almost, like, ripped my finger off my hand, and so, luckily I have a great doctor,.

And all the great nurses over at Bellevue Hospital took care of my finger and saved my finger. So it’s actually a it’s back on my hand, but it’s gonna take a while to heal. I’m doing physical therapy now. I’m thinking probably by the new year. So, wow, that’s, uh But it’s nothingI mean, compared with what people really have to deal with it’s not that bad. No, I understand, but still, I mean, it was not just a little You were in intensive care for 10 days, right.

Yeah. Wow. I was in the ICU, and I will say this I’m so happy you’re on television, because when you’re in the ICU all day, you really justyou have the television, really. Yeah. Is all you can watch. and thank God you’re on TV, because you make everyone happy, and you make everyone get better and get out of there. cheers and applause Get out of the hospital! It’s just a tricky place. And even worse, so I go home. I go home after I taped a show, and I have this tube of stuff.

Jimmy Fallon on His Injuries

I’m supposed to put on a scar on my hand And so I go home, and I put my pajamas on, and I’m about to gomy wife is there just sleeping What colorwhat do the pajamas look like There’s a giant sleeping cap. Yeah, yeah, sleeping cap. Yeah, yeah. Just a reallyjust a robe. A longa long gown, a nightgown is what I wear. Like a silky gown Yeah, I wear, like, the Jessica Simpson line Uh huh. Yeah, I wear a lot of her stuff.

It’s comfortable, yet, you know, affordable. laughing And I wear that. So I goI’m about to go to bed, and I open this tube, and it’s one of those tubes that you open up, and there’s also you have to cut the end off with like a scissors or a knife. Yeah. You know those So I don’t have a scissors or a knife, So I go, I’ll just bite it off with my teeth. Anybody would. Yeah. So I bite, and my tooth chips chips in half.

So I take my tooth out, I put it up, and I go in to my wife, I’m like, Hey, honey! Yeah, that’s me right there. I go, Hey honey, I’m here! I’m here, I’m ready to hang out for the weekend. And she was sleeping, and I heard her whisper, Divorce. And it was very interesting. But I had a good run for a while of not doing any accidents, but this one set the record straight. It seems like we have the safest job in the world, that you couldn’t get injured.

We’re sitting down, we’re talking to people. You’ve been comedian most of your life. You were so, so successful with the show and now Stephen Colbert’s started this week, and you’re friends with Stephen. I love Stephen Colbert. But it’s a competitive I mean, we all are friends. I’m not I’m not competing with you, so we don’t have that competitive nature, but if you’re up against your friend, how does that feel Well, yeah, it’s interesting. I mean, he’s just, as you know, one of the nicest guys out there.

And I think the more, the merrier. I think it just brings more attention to late night, and gets more people watching TV in general, so I think we all win. I mean, there’s room for everybody. Yeah. You know Good answer, yeah. Is it good Yeah, it is. Topsurvey says And I like you both. I mean, it is, it’s really tough, and there is enough to go around. There’s enough good vibes for everybody. Yeah, there’s so many channels and so many different people.

And personalities and different tastes and the more, the merrier. I love the guy. He’s a good guy. So I don’t want you to get hurt anymore, and I know you wear suits every night on the show, so I got you something. You really did Yep, I really did. Stand up, let me show you how it goes on. Okay. Thank you. Put your hands put your arms out. Oh, my gosh. Oh, this is perfect. Careful of his finger. Yeah, this is absolutely perfect.

Thank you very much. Okay, this is good here, yup. This is to protect your hands. Okay, yep. This finger’s hurt, but I can do this. This is a helmet, just to make sure if you fall down. Ellen, this is great. No one will ever even know you have a helmet on. This is like, no one will even know It’s like real hair. cheers and applause This is so good. No one will even know that I’m not wearing my normal suit.

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