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Home Lawn Pest Control How to Get Rid of Crows

Hi I’m Jim Harmon, California Pest Management here in lovely sunny California. We are going to talk today about what happens when you have crows in your neighborhood. They are driving you nuts. Typically crows group together in pod formation around an elder crow, the oldest one of the group, typically a male but it can be a female also. When one crow gets hurt he screams out and the rest of the pod that’s what they are called, they will come and group together and try to defend them. What we’ll see a lot of times is big.

Trees in the neighborhood such as this big pine behind me here. They love that kind of tree because you can get the whole clan up in there. They can see all the way around, they can see if there is going to be any hawks or any small birds that are going to be harassing them. They can also look for any food sources. Crows typically will start vocalizing early in the morning and it is a way that the family gets together and reaffirms the family connections and then they all take off and start looking for food for the day. There is really not.

A whole lot unless you have sonic booms which are the propane cannons, rather loud. We have tried recorded crow cries and they work good also but you need a good system, a first off the cries of an injured crow and it will look like dawn of the dead for the birds when you start playing those crow calls out of a loud speaker, they will circle and they will start calling but if you do that enough it irritates them and they will move on and find some other.

How To Treat Warts with Waters Edge Dermatology

It’s a viral bump that comes up. It can typically go anywhere on the body, but most commonly on the hands and feet, sometimes in the genital area. Warts are bumps that come from a virus called the human papilloma virus. It’s very common on the hands and the feet, but it can also go in other places on the body, including the genital area. The most common time in your life when you could get warts would be between the ages of 5 and 20, however they can occur at any age.

It is a viral infection, but the virus does not go inside of the body. It stays on the surface of the skin. The most common problem with warts is more of a cosmetic issue patients don’t like the way they look or feel. If they use their hands a lot and they have warts there and they don’t like that. There’s one exception to that, and that is with genital warts. Especially in women, warts can be potentially turning into something malignant or cancerous. So for those patients, they need to be monitored closely and evaluated routinely.

There are approximately 100 types of human papilloma virus, and if you haven’t been exposed to one type, you could still get that wart as well. For overthecounter treatments, the most common are the salicylic acid treatments. They come in different percentages anywhere from 17 percent and sometimes up to 40 percent. They also sell some freezing mechanisms over the counter, but typically the strength of those are very low. They aren’t able to give you something that’s strong enough to really freeze it hard enough. So when you come see us, we have the more potent things, like liquid nitrogen,.

And things that you can’t get over the counter that would work better. Candida antigen is an injection we can put into the wart itself, which initiates an immune response from the patient’s body that helps to kill the virus, which also can be beneficial. There are some other treatments for younger children, something like cantharone, which is a medication that we apply in the office. You leave it on for about an hour, wash it off and it causes a blister to form over the wart. Then, at home it kind of scabs over and falls off within about a week.

Waters Edge Dermatology A History of Providing Serious Medicine for Your Skin

I think to be successful in anything you do, it’s basically enjoying what you do, doing what you do really well and then surrounding yourself with people who hope to achieve these things. As long as you enjoy yourself, work super hard and take care your patients, things generally work out well. The date was July 1, 1998. It was our first day, and it was me and one nurse, who is now actually a nurse practitioner, Sharon, who still works with me today. I was pleased that we had a few patients and the two of us kept things moving along.

After our practice became busy and successful, fairly shortly, in Okeechobee, I said, well what’s next This is fun, let’s do it again. Then we opened an office parttime, just one day a week, in Palm Beach Gardens, based on the same recipe of enjoying what you’re doing. A parttime office became a fulltime office, and as we’ve grown to this critical size, we were able to hire other staff. We’re lucky in that we have a pathology lab within our own practice. The pathologist has access to medical records now, on the computer.

That helps tremendously in what we do and in rendering a diagnosis. It makes our job much, much easier It makes coming to an accurate diagnosis much less challenging than someone who doesn’t have access to all this information. We’re always trying to do better. Having a great staff the great nurses, doctors, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners all have similar or the same goals, they are the reason why this practice succeeds. There’s not a day that goes by that people don’t comment how nice our reception area was, how clean it was, how neat it was, how friendly the staff was.

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