Mole Removal Near Me

Radiosurgery mole removal is a very advanced technique of mole removal which has developed over the last couple of decades. So we now use more refined equipment and I also use operating loops to make it a HD experience. So it is more precise and accurate. It involves two small instruments a loop and a ball. With which we remove the mole and then gently cauterise the base. These are the two instruments. The loop is the radiowave transmitter. A small receiver plate is put behind the patient’s head. That allows us to concentrate a very focused point of energy so we can remove the mole without heat damaging the skin that we leave behind.

So it heals very well without any blemish or a very tiny blemish. The process of removal first involves taking a photo of the lesion We then mark it with a surgical marker. Anaesthetize it with local anaesthetic. Then apply the radio waves with the loop to gently vaporize it. Leaving a normal base of skin. If it requires a littler cautering we use the ball tip to stop any bleeding points. On the face we simply apply Vaseline or an antibiotical ointment. On the body we spray a small amount of breathable spray dressing and cover with a dry dressing.

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