Mole Removal In Korea

A million people from every TLDR ask Can you tell us about plastic surgery in Korea It’s very difficult to talk about because there are So many fastens to it that In one tutorial we couldn’t possibly talk about everything there is to say about plastic surgery Definitely not But first thing first, to confirm everything you’ve read online. Yes Plastic surgery is Very common in Korea Especially in the ApgujeongGangnam area. They have over 500 clinics, right You can see them Everywhere You get off the subway and you go up and you see plastic surgery advertisements everywhere.

Now when it comes tot he most common types of surgery in Korea We were actually quite surprised when we saw what was on the top of the list. Because whenever we think about plastic surgery You’re supposed to get boob jobs or nose jobs. We think about that when we think of North America. But in Korea it’s not like that. The first thing on the list is mole removal And skin care. And mole removal we actually had ourselves And it was actually very cheap I think it was $1020 per mole.

And the moles that we had removed were moved because they were getting raised And we were worried that they would get cancerous It wasn’t for cosmetic reasons, it was for concern for health reasons Yet at the clinic they’d be like Ok, you want to get those two done, but if you get a third one off your back then we’ll lower the price. Buy two, get one 60 off Why don’t you remove one from your arm while you’re at it What’s wrong with my arm mole I like it.

Second most common thing is double eyelid surgery Which is when you have a mono lid Which I didn’t even know what that was when I came to Korea It was new to us when we came here. Apparently if you’re Asian, you have a single lid rather than the crease That’s here. There’s no crease like what we have. shrug I don’t know if it’s just an Asian thing or what. But I’ve Literally never noticed it on any race of human in my entire life Until it was pointed out to me.

So people have surgery to have that crease put in There’s also eye widening In which they slit here to make your eyelid bigger So that your eyes actually pop out like this more like a doll. That really makes me uncomfortable. Yep. 3rd most common is nose heightening, not necessarily a full nose job. Making the bridge of your nose higher They also have facial contouring. In which they pretty much shave your jawbone in order to give you the chin shape that you like. And supposedly the least popular one is boob jobs.

But here is what we find really interesting about plastic surgery In Korea it’s not called plastic surgery , it’s called reforming surgery The Korean phrase for it is Seonghyeong Which doesn’t translate to plastic It just means to reform something and I think that this has really important implications Because in English if you say Plastic Surgery. Plastic has a very negative connotation That means fake or Knockoff or cheap or unauthentic while here that mentality doesn’t exist with the phrase It sound like it’s more like I’m a butterfly and I’m going to transform into a cocoon.

And come out to be beautiful It has a lot more positive connotations to it. So it doesn’t have that kind of stigma that we have in Western culture when it comes to Plastic Surgery Isn’t that super nerdy of us to point out the importance of words in society Because the language that you use forms your thoughts for you before you even actually say it out loud. Which is really true. Because no one in North America would think plastic surgery is a positive word I’m just saying, it sounds negative to begin with.

I know. MIt’s lie me calling you fart sucker McGee While in Korea they say. Essence releaser I have no. Did you know And the other thing is when I think about people approaching people on plastic surgery It seems like a very negative thing. Ok, this happened to me in Bucheon I walking out of a coffee shop. So this guy comes up to me With this big stack of business cards and fliers And he hands me a card and goes You should fix your nose And I’m like You should go fuck yourself.

Seriously. SSomething might have been lost in translation MNo! Who walks up to somebody and says Oh, your nose needs to be fixed ! Well I think that’s just it. the stigma doesn’t exist here as it does for us You were offended while in Korea it’s not really that offensive Not As offensive MI was offended because my nose is adorable! And there is Nothing wrong with my nose! You have a really sweet, cute nose. It’s just a totally normal medium nose. I really like honking your nose. Don’t honk it. You know it’s sensitive to environment!.

Now you’re going to get all sneezy. Why would you do. Simon has unleashed the sneeze beast. Look at the lights. No, don’t look at the lights. What do you do What do you do when you have to sneeze What are you supposed to do when you’re about to sneeze You look at the lights or not look at the lights I have noticed that our attitude on plastic surgery has changed a lot since we’ve been living in Korea In North America you are raised to believe that everyone is a special snowflake.

That everyone’s beautiful in their own way If you’re overweight it’s ok, you’re curvy. Or if you’re underweight, that’s ok. There are all different types of people and shapes and forms, and they’re all beautiful in their own way. However, we all kind of know that if you are good looking in North America You will probably get more perks. You get more advantages if you are more objectively, universally understood as good looking. Now it may not be fair, I totally agree with it. It is not fair that someone would get a raise over you or get a day off.

Or would be able to flirt with somebody and get something they want It’s totally not fair. That totally freakin sucks. BUT this is, unfortunately, the way of the world. In Korea, however They’ve acknowledged how unfair it is And so they’re trying to level the playing field by plastic surgery. For example when you apply for a job in Korea Whether you’re a foreigner or not, you have to attach your picture to the resume Legitimately, you put your picture on your resume when you hand that in. Why would you ever need to see someone’s picture.

What would you need to see that would cause the resume to change I can’t imagine any reason besides the way that you look. A little bit of a side story here. When we applied for teaching in Korea I was supposed to teach in Martina’s school But when they saw my picture, they were like He is too handsome. He can not teach in an all girls school Because he would drive all the girls wild Ok, they didn’t say Drive all the girls wild Uuuugh, you like that, don’t ye girl.

They said you were too handsome to work at an allgirls high school. Heeeelz yeah And then I got the awesome stick, because that school was awesome. Bucheon Yeogo 1, SAnd the school that I got set to. It’s ok, ducky. Your good looking charms did not work on that school. Today for class oppaaaas I did not teach that way. Or did he Nah, I didn’t. Or did I No, you probably didn’t. Definitely not. So the point is people will try really hard to be good looking So that when they attach their picture to a resume.

They can get the job over somebody else. Whether that be with plastic surgery or SooZee was telling us before, that people would get their photos done at the glamor studios And they’ll be like I don’t like the way this picture looks And they’ll go to 3 or 4 different studios until they get the perfect photo to attach to the resume. So whenever you think about resume building, You think of volunteer work or relevant work experience Having a really good picture is part of your resume building here.

Yep. Now because plastic surgery is so common here in Korea There is a bit of a negative side effect That’s emerging. I find that a little bit interesting and almost ironic in a way. So me Korean guys are noticing this emerging trend of a lot of girls Having the same kind of plastic surgery And they don’t really like it. So there is a phrase for it now, called Seongweah Which is a short from of Plastic surgery monster Gwaemul means monster. Gwaemul Gwaemul. MI’m a Gwaemul Ang MI’m going to cut you.

Oppa, buy me ice cream. Are you trying to say that Aegiozilla is a Gwaemul Yes. Now the weird part of it is that you think that since every person looks different Their plastic surgery would result in a different look for every face. Kind of an enhancement of your features rather than a conformity of features That emerges as a result. What’s happening is as if almost that they are looking for this particular Look to have The same look. I have noticed that a lot of people have similar face structu.

You can’t explain it. I don’t want this to sound racist by saying that all people look the same Because they don’t That’s the thing originally they all look different but the surgery Is making them all have the same kind of face shape and structures. That’s freaky. It’s almost like there is a form, a free form where they make me look like this doll. And then everyone just gets it done to look that way. Here is my concern if you have a whole bunch of guys and a whole bunch of girls both getting plastic surgery.

What happens if a super hot Korean guy and a super hot Korean girl get together and make a love baby and the baby ends up being a swamp donkey What’s a swamp donkey When they grow up they are going to have plastic surgery. Here you go. And then just continue this awful life cycle. There’s a lot more we want to talk about including high school students getting plastic surgery And what you should know as a tourist when you come to Korea for plastic surgery But we can’t talk about it in this tutorial, so make sure you click on the link here.

To check out our blogpost. Where you can read more about it. I have a question for you I remember when we met, you said that you were really upset about your nose for a long time. Simon has a pretty big nose. How do you feel about it now You love it, so. I don’t give a shit anymore! I like big noses You like my big nose, so I’m like. I don’t care if anybody else doesn’t like it. Because the only person that matters just. likes it. I love your nose.

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60 Minute Makeover

Female We’ve all seen Extreme Makeover and thought about what we would have done given the same opportunity, but the truth is very few of us need that radical amount of surgery, and even fewer of us have that amount of time to take out of our lives and devote to changing our appearance. But what if you didn’t have to. What if you could get a extreme results with minimal downtime What if you could make the changes you want to your face and body and never have to take time off work and way from.

Your life to do it At Epione it’s possible. In the next half hour, watch as two women, Janelle and Amanda, change their looks and shed their insecurities forever. Musical Interlude Female Meet Janelle. All her life she’s been insecure about her acne scarred skin, and as a result, she’s pursued a career behind the camera instead of in front of it. Today all that changes. Female Well, I’ve been around all these models all the time in the profession I’ve been over the years, can’t help but feel a little self conscious. Some of my previous relationships.

Or dating they’d always comment on do I have to wear all this makeup. You’d look so better without it and only if they knew. When your teenage years, when your hormones and everything start changing, I would see a lot more effects on me, and I would come crying and upset. And sometimes if I broke out really bad, I would just not go to school. Female Hi, I’m Debbie, and this is my husband Brendon. We’ve known Janelle for 16 years now, and she’s always wanted to do something about her acne scars, along her chin, so she’s.

Gonna have something done in a few weeks, and we’re really excited for her. Male Yeah, I’ve heard a few things about the laser resurfacing on her face, and I’ve kind of questioned how well it’s gonna work, and if it’s really be able to remove scarring. So I’m actually kinda interested to see in a couple weeks if it does or doesn’t work, and what the Janelle’s gonna look like, so we’re gonna hopefully be happy to see if it turns out. Female Meet Amanda. She’s also been teased about her bad skin all her life and hid behind.

Makeup and excess weight, but recently, she’s taken control of her life and lost 25 pounds and decided to do something about the acne scarring and loose skin that’s the result of the weight loss. Male Amanda is really a very special and very beautiful person inside, but I think that little extra bit is gonna give her the confidence to really make her shine. She does so much, and she gives to everyone that I know, but I’m glad that she’s actually taking some time to do something that she really wants to self improve on.

And I’m happy for her. I can’t wait to see the outcome. Female I’ve probably been waiting for this day ever since I was probably 13 or 14 years old, and I wondered how to get rid of my scarring. I had really bad acne as a kid, and I got teased a lot. I just wanna wake up and look at my skin in the mirror and see that it just looks really clear and pretty. I don’t wanna have to sit there and cover it up anymore. Also, since.

I lost weight, I lost 25 pounds, and it’s hard to lose weight, but when I lost weight, it’s this kind of started sagging, and when I put my head down that, I can see this extra part here, kinda a double chin. I’ve finally taken a step, and I wanna just get myself as good as possible, and I know when I get done and if I can get everything done that I wanna get done, I’m just gonna feel so good. Female If you can remove the wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and discoloration on your.

Skin with only procedure, would you What if I told you there was no downtime, no anesthesia and natural results I would, I did. The technology is here and now. Ask your doctor about Epione, or look at their website at epione. Female Today Janelle will be meeting with Dr. Simon Ourian, a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dermatologist. Dr. Ourian was trained at Harvard Medical School and has six years in his Beverly Hills practice. His clients include many well known celebrities. Dr. Ourian also invented some of the laser technology used by other doctors, most notably Cool Laser and Cool.

Beam. Revolutionary devices that yield maximum results with minimum damage to the surface layers of the skin. Male Hi. Female Hi, yeah, I have an appointment with Dr. Simon Ourian today. Male Hi, Janelle, very nice to meet you. Female Nice to meet you. Male Thank you so much for coming in. All right, you are interested in doing a couple things for your face and body to improve. Female Oh, yeah, I need a full makeover. That’s for sure. Male Tell me what types of things you want to improve.

Female You let me know what you think, but I thought the acne scarring. I have a little bit of wrinkles on my forehead, little side ones, and I got them right in there. And then I have acne scars on the sides of my face. You can kinda see kinda indentations along here, smiling wrinkles, of course, and under here Male You have some lines. Those are going to go away as well. The lines are going to get a lot better and a lot more natural Female Mmhmm.

Male And. If there’s anything else you wanna do Female Well, I have a little mole here Male Okay. Female I guess. Male Altogether, you’ll have a much younger, more youthful look here, and so you can choose how you wanna look. Female Laughter. Male Excellent. So I’m gonna see you in a few days, and we’ll go over everything together. Female Okay. Male All right. Female Thank you. Male Thanks very much. Janelle is a really beautiful woman with great bone structure. Unfortunately, she’s got some significant acne scarring as well as fine lines from sun damage. She’s also got saddle.

Bags and stretch marks on her neck. The good news we can fix all that. I know we can get her really great results. She’s gonna be very happy. Female Janelle will be receiving cool laser treatments for acne scarring and sun damage as well as Botox to remove facial lines. She will receive eyelid lift, a brow lift, mole removal and Radiesse to fill a deep laugh line to give her full lips. She will also be receiving mesotherapy injections for her stomach and saddle bags as well as laser treatments to remove her stretch marks and spider veins.

Female If you can remove the wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and discoloration on your skin with only procedure, would you What if I told you there was no downtime, no anesthesia and natural results I would, I did. The technology is here and now. Ask your doctor about Epione, or look up their website at epione. Female Today, Amanda has come to Beverly Hills for her consultation with Dr. Simon Ourian. Female Hi. Female Hello. Female I have an appointment with Dr. Ourian today. Female Right. He’s in there. Male All right, Amanda, how are you.

Crosstalk Female Nice to meet you. Male Thank you very much for coming in. You are interested in a lot of. Female Yeah, I kinda made just a laundry list of things. I don’t even know if you can do something about all of them, but they’re just little concerns of mine. Male She was very educated. She came in with a list of questions which is what I wanna encourage our patients to do, so let’s start from first of all your number one. Female The number one is definitely the acne scars.

Male Acne scars. Female Uhhuh. Male And when was it, that you started having acne scars Female Well, I started having acne when I was 13 Male Okay. Female And I was really, really pale, and what it did it just scarred face. I have these little indentations. There’s this little mole that I would like to have removed, and then there’s kinda lines around my eyes from smiling. No matter how much cream I put ton them they don’t go away, and I think there might be something to kinda plump these up a little.

Bit these folds over here. Male What we can do for you most of these you’ve mentioned is going to be done with Cool Laser Female Uhhuh. Male So the advantage of Cool Laser and the Cool Beam, we can get rid of a lot of your acne scars Female Mmhmm. Male Laser on your eyes. We can do a bit of a forehead tightening here to tighten your skin Female Mmhmm. Male And all this is what will happen is that you’ll get a more natural, youthful look,.

And nothing done and like I said has been pulled too tight. Female Windblown. Male None of that. Female Okay. Male So we want to make sure that you have a natural appearance, and everything’s gonna look the way you did perhaps five, ten years ago. Also you notice you mentioned some of that fine lines around your lips. Female Yeah. Male We’re going to be able to use the Radiesse for those areas as well just to plump them up a little bit. Female But I don’t wanna have big lips.

Male Yeah. Female I just want just very Male Just Female Little just to make the lines go away. Male The advantage of using these injections is that by placing so many different layers that when you look at yourself you actually don’t look like you have done anything. It looks your own lips but a little bit nicer. Female That’s exactly what I want. Male All right. Female Sounds good. Male All right, perfect. Female Okay, great. Male You gonna go to the front. I’m just gonna take some pictures of you, and then.

Female Okay. Male That’s about it. Female Okay, sounds good. Male Excellent. Female I’m excited. Male It’s fun. Here you go, we can just take your picture, and just go whatever you wanna do Female Wow. Male Just getting some of the fine lines removed around the eyes. Female Uhhuh. Male Next thing which is the acne scars Female Mmhmm. Male So we’re gonna on some of these acne scars well Female Mmhmm. Male Such as this, and we’re gonna work on the broken capillaries on your face as well,.

Get rid of those. And I think that’s pretty much it. Female Wow. Male Okay. Female I’m gonna look like a new person. Male That’s the whole idea. Well, I want you to look like you but better. Crosstalk Female The best. Nice. Male Good. Amanda’s going to get a lot of adjustments that are going to add up to a huge change. I’m going to use Cool Laser for her acne scarring, use ultrasound and mesotherapy to remove her fat under her eyes and chin, give her Botox to remove facial lines, and use Radiesse to.

Give her full lips and fill in the lines around her mouth. I’ll also be giving her a laser eyelid and brow lift. I think she’s gonna be really happy with the results. Female Amanda will be receiving Cool Laser, Botox, Radiesse for her lips and the lines around her mouth as well as laser hair removal. She’ll also be getting a laser eyelid lift, a brow lift, mesotherapy on her neck and for the cellulite on her legs as well as mole removal. Female If you could remove the wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and discoloration on.

Your skin with only procedure, would you What if I told you there was no downtime, no anesthesia and natural results I would, I did. The technology is here and now. Ask your doctor about Epione, or look at their website at epione. Female I’m on my way to the Epione Medical Center in Beverly Hills to Dr. Simon Ourian to get my laser treatment. I’m a little nervous, excited. You have to start somewhere, and this is the best start I could ever make my entire life. I don’t think anyone’s gonna recognize me afterwards. They’re gonna probably think I.

Look 19 again. Can you imagine Male Hi, Janelle, it’s good to see you again, very nice to see you, thank you, so ready for your big day Female Yes. Male A marathon day Female It’s gonna be wonderful. Male For treatment. Now as you know we’re gonna be going through a few things that we discussed a few days ago while doing a consultation, and I’m gonna be doing a lot of drawing on your face today Female Uhhuh. Male And your body, so you’ll know exactly what we’re gonna be doing.

Now you do have a choice of pink, green, blue or brown. Female Oh, wow, kind of the whole rainbow here Laughter. I like blue. Male Blue it is. Female Dr. Ourian is making Janelle’s face, so that he can pinpoint the areas where he will be performing the treatments. Male Go ahead and raise your eyebrows and slowly declined as well. Looks a little fuller. Female Mmhmm. Male These nasallabial lines the lines that come all down to your Female Mmhmm. Male , fix those, and the fine lines on your neck. We’ll rid of these. Blue is color.

Female Laughter. Male Okay. setting up those stretch marks, okay. These are the stretch marks. We discussed this before. You have a little bit of fat up here. Female That’s what happens when you getting older. Male And that’s it. You’re all done. Female Yeah. Male All right, any other questions for me Female I think you about covered it. Male All right,. Female I just wanted to let you know that Janelle has been with me for a long time, and I’ve seeing her skin since I’ve been her esthetician, so I understand her skin the.

Changes it’s been going through. And so she’s actually looking really forward to this, and I recommended that this gonna be a really big improvement. Male First, I’m gonna have you wear these goggles. Basically, it’s just to protect your eyes throughout the procedures. I’m gonna be wearing mine too, and if you at any point want us to stop, you go, so I’m gonna use a device that’s gonna cool your skin. And the same thing is going to use the laser, so at the same time, you’re gonna feel hot.

And cold. It’s a weird sensation but you’re gonna get used to it. Ready to go now. Female Okay. Male perfect. Female Dr. Ourian will begin Janelle’s procedure by Cool Lasering her face, neck and chest. All lasers use a concentrated beam of light to burn away the surface layers of the skin, but Cool Laser, a device invented by Dr. Ourian, uses a special frequency of light that does less damage to the surface layers and penetrates more deeply to stimulate collagen production. This means that it gives the traditional benefits of evening skin color and reducing fine lines,.

While additionally increasing the skin’s fullness and improving tone, contributing to a more youthful appearance. Male So how you feeling Female Wonderful. I can’t believe it. Crosstalk Male It’s a lot easier than usually. Let’s go to a different room, and we’re gonna go ahead and do some more things for you. Female Dr. Ourian is removing Janelle’s moles. They will initially darken and then fall off, revealing perfect skin underneath. Dr. Ourian is using Cool Laser on the pockets of fat on Janelle’s legs to firm the skin, remove the stretch marks and reduce the appearance.

Of cellulite. Now he is using the Versapulse Laser to remove her spider veins. Dr. Ourian will be injecting Janelle with Botox to remove the lines around her eyes and on her forehead. Male Okay. So we’re gonna do some Botox for you today. How you feeling Female Good. that tickle Laughter. Male All right. And now we’re gonna go to the area that you show your frowning. Go ahead and frown like you’re really upset. Next, we’re gonna do some Radiesse, help with Radiesse. This will get rid of some of the lines around here, get rid of the lines and make your lips.

A little bit Female Wow. Male Fuller, which I’m sure you’re not going to object to, almost done. Smile again, all right. Female I can’t believe how good this was. I don’t see any wrinkles. Male Yeah. Female They’re all gone. I didn’t expect it to happen right afterwards. I thought it was gonna take Male Yeah. Female A week or something. Male It’s just under your eyes Female Inaudible Comment Male They’re pretty much gone. Female In here Male Yeah. Female Even here oh my gosh.

Male And the best part is that it’s just gonna keep on getting better. Female Wow, I’m so excited. Wow, it’s amazing. I really didn’t think it’d be that quick and that short and not painful, so it’s unbelievable. Female If you could remove the wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and discoloration on your skin with only procedure, would you What if I told you there was no downtime, no anesthesia and natural results I would, I did. The technology is here and now. Ask your doctor about Epione, or look at their website at epione.

Female Do you want me to be on Epione’s weekend extreme makeover We are constantly seeking new faces and stories. Feel free to apply with your ideas. Just log onto epione and fill out the one minute application. You can also look at many before and after pictures online. If you want to be considered for the sweepstakes, please visit epione to enter. This could be your chance to win an extreme makeover, so log on or call 3102716506. That’s 3102716506. Female Let’s follow Amanda through her procedures. Female Okay, well, it’s the big moment, just about time to get there, a little nervous,.

But I’ve done my research, so I know I’ve picked the right guy. I picked the right doctor. The thing that I like about doing the Cool Laser is I’m actually going to the guy who invented it, so he knows what he’s doing, so that makes me really comfortable. It’s not somebody who trained and who’s done it a couple time. He actually invented, so that’s a good thing. Male Amanda, how are you Good to see you again. Female I’m good Male Okay. Big day, huh Female A little nervous, yeah.

Male Alrighty, we’re gonna over some of the things we’re gonna be doing today Female Okay. Male And we have a list of things. Female I know Laughter. Male That’s all right. Crosstalk Female I feel neurotic with my list. Male No, many times and many procedures. We want to rid of all your problems that you want to take care of and get them all today hopefully. Female Okay. Male Now I’m gonna go over the list of things we’re gonna be doing. Number one is that acne.

Scars. Female Right. Male We’re gonna do some drawing on your face. These are the line marks for me, so I know what you’re gonna be doing. Female Okay. Male We’re working on that acne scars mostly around here, but we’re gonna work around your whole face. Female Okay. Male You have a mole Female There’s that mole. Male Right here Female Uhhuh. Male Okay, and we have some lines here, here. Female Yeah, you know what also there’s that one big pore or something. Male Yes. Female Can see you that big hole.

Male Yes. Female That bothers me. Male The lines around here and these laughs lines here Female Yeah. Male That go down, and working back to what we call marionette lines. Female Yeah, actually this is just started creeping up this thing right here, right there. Male If you have acne scars, face discolorations on your face Female Mmhmm. Male Neck and chest, and that’s it. Female Okay. Male All right. Female Well, I’m ready to begin. Male All right, we’ll see you in a second. Female As long as I’ve known her, she’s been one of the hardest working women, and she’s.

Always stressed out, and I know that she used to tell me when she was in high school she had really bad acne. And she’s tried every product on the market it feels like, and she recommends, but then she changes her mind. And I feel she’s been through everything before, so I don’t know. She recently told us about this noninvasive procedure that she’s having done, and so I’m excited for her. But I just don’t want her to suffer any negative consequences. Male I mean I think she’s a good looking. Hopefully, it’ll improve her looks and make.

Her feel better about herself and make her look younger. Male Okay, now, I’m gonna put these eye drops in your eyes. Open your eyes. One thing you can do if you lean closer you can see the sun damage in this blue light. That’s UV light, and it shows a lot. If you come closer, you see some of that sun damage on her skin and also on your chest. You can see all that. Female Dr. Ourian is using the Cool Laser to remove Amanda’s sun damage and fill in.

The scars left by her acne. Dr. Ourian is now using a laser to give Amanda an eyelid lift. Male It’s amazing. I really can see the skin. You see that’s tightening up. How you feeling Female I’m doing fine actually. Male Okay. Female I can feel how tight my face. I feel I have a mask on. Male Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and remove the mole that you were talking about Female Okay, great. Male And then we’re gonna move from onward with some of the fine lines and then Botox.

And Radiesse, and Female Laughter. Male You’re ready to go home. Let’s see the mole first. Female How do you do this Male You just basically this is sun spot Female Mmhmm. Male Inaudible Comment. It’s more a miniature version of the laser, gets rid of these spots nicely, and that’s it. Did you have any other ones Female No, there’s just that one in there at the top of the brow. Is it gone Male Okay, gone. Female Already Male Already. Female Oh, that was easy. Male That is easy. Now we’re gonna move to Radiesse for your lips.

Female Okay. Female Radiesse will not only make Amanda’s lips fuller. It will reduce the lines around her mouth. Female Now what does this do Male This is nothing. Female Dr. Ourian is using ultrasound on the fat underneath Amanda’s eyes and chin. Female Are you sucking it up Male No, this is now causing the fat inside to come and be literally cooked, and then we’re going to absorb it. Female Oh. Male Okay, looks good. Female If you could remove the wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and discoloration on.

Your skin with only procedure, would you What if I told you there was no downtime, no anesthesia and natural results I would, I did. The technology is here and now. Ask your doctor about Epione, or look at their website at epione. Female Janelle is about to see her family and friends for the first time since her procedures. Female I can’t believe it. I’m almost scared. Crosstalk Female Oh my gosh here we go. Female It’s really young face now. Female Oh my gosh Janelle congratulations. Male You look really great.

Female Janelle received Cool Laser, Botox, mesotherapy, stretch mark removal and Radiesse. Male Very good, very impressive. Female You look so young. Crosstalk Male It’s a miracle. What can I say. Female Thank you so much everyone Female Gosh, you’re glowing. Female For all your support. Female Beautiful. Female I can’t believe it. I’m really happy with the results. Female These after shots were taken only a few days later and not months later like other shows. After each procedure, you will find that there’s virtually no downtime, and the results will last for years to come.

Female A new technology is here now. Ask your doctor about Epione, or visit their website at epione. Female Amanda is about to meet her family and friends for the first time since her procedure. Male Now is anybody else around her Female She’s going to be walking in. Female Now it’s time to see what my closest friends and family think, so here we go. Crosstalk Applause. Female Yay! Male Wow. Female She looks beautiful. Female Amazing. Male You look terrific oh my gosh. Female Tell me about it.

Female Amanda received Cool Laser, Botox, Radiesse, a eyebrow lift and mesotherapy. Female Amanda, your skin is beautiful. Female Amazing. Female We love your new look. Female Gosh, she looks, yeah, much fresher. Her skin looks beautiful. It’s very radiant, very gorgeous. Female She looks amazing. Female She looks absolutely stunning. Female Oh, yeah. Female Yeah, she just looks radiant, yeah, absolutely radiant. Female Even when she was telling me, I was kinda skeptical about this whole thing, and I wasn’t sure if it was gonna really work out, but when I saw her, she looked amazing.

Her skin was radiant. She’s glowing. She looks much younger, ten years younger, so I was so impressed. It was wow it looks great. Female I owe it all to Dr. Simon. He’s definitely a genius. Female These after shots were taken only a few days later and not months later like other shows. After each procedure, you will find that there is virtually no downtime, and he results will last for years to come. Female You’ve just seen two women undergo huge transformation with practically no downtime and none of the risks of surgery. If you want to instantly transform yourself, if you want.

Your inner beauty to become your outer beauty, contact Epione today. Do you want to be on Epione’s weekend extreme makeover We are constantly seeking new faces and stories. Feel free to apply with your ideas. Just log onto epione and fill out the one minute application. You can also look at many before and after pictures online. If you want to be considered for the sweepstakes, please visit epione to enter. This could be your chance to win an extreme makeover, so log on or call 3102716506. That’s 3102716506. End of Audio.

Ruby Ring Ep.76 2014.07.07

Jeong Runa, we need to talk. Jeong Runa is Vice President Bae Gyeongmin’s sisterinlaw Once upon a time in Chuncheon, there lived a sweet woman and her nasty younger sister. What was he trying to tell me What are you thinking about Oh, nothing. Are Insu and Runa not getting along Do you know anything about that How would I know The great Vice President Bae, who possesses the hearts of two women. I’m tired. Let’s turn off the light. It’s goodbye to Jeju. We can come back whenever you’d like.

Just let me know. Thank you for your kind offer. Runa, where’s Insu I’m not sure. Maybe he’s tired. Of course he’s tired after the ruckus he caused last night. Why Did something happen Insu had a lot to drink last night and he came by our room. Runa, take good care of Insu. He’s your fiancee after all. He came to our room drunk last night and started yammering. It was exhausting. Maybe he had business there. Business I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. But where did Chorim and Dongpal.

Run off to so early in the day They’re newlyweds. It’s probably still nighttime for them. But they should still eat. This is from Insu. Oh, my goodness. $500. I feel bad. And this one’s from Ruby. Let’s see how much she gave us. Just $1,000 Good grief. She has so much money, and yet $1,000 is all she gave us Even Runa gave us $1,000. $1,000 is a lot of money. Huh Wang Daepung. Wang Daepung What $10 Good grief. We should be thankful it’s not $5. Oh It’s from Mrs. Yu.

Yeah. It’s from Gilja. $2,000. Wait. Let me count the 0s. 10, 100, 1,000. What She gave us $20,000. $20,000 Yeah. That much Chorim, congratulations on the wedding. I always knew you’d get married and go off on your own, but now that it’s finally happening, I’m happy but also sad. Gilja. Yu Gilja’s Spicy Grilled Chicken I’m back. Chorim, could you serve that table Yup. More side dishes. Coming up. Chorim, they need more side dishes. Got it. You’re my sisterinlaw, but I relied on you heavily.

I don’t think I could have made it through those tough times without you. I’m so grateful, but also very sorry. Hello, I’m your Miss Chuncheon, Jeong Chorim. You wanted to enter beauty pageants and become a model, but I said no. I’m sorry. Thank you. I’m sure you would’ve done well. I was so strapped for cash that I couldn’t let you do it. You understand, right Go! 70 or Nothing! When I think of how hard you studied to get into college, it pains me and breaks my heart.

When I told you we didn’t have the means to pay for your college eduction, I remember you crying and talking back to me. Then sell the house, you said. Do you remember what I told you then What’s the use of college if we’re broke and homeless I’m sorry, Chorim. Now, I’d send you to college 10 times over, but it was so tough back then. Please forgive me. Mom! Ruby, how did it go You gave up all that you saved up for Ruby and Runa’s college tuition. Look, Runa. Look.

I’m still so grateful for that. When I couldn’t afford their tuitions, even though you were just swindled, you gave me the $500 you had left. I’ll never forget that. You were like a husband, a friend, a daughter, and a son to me. Now that you’re leaving me, there’s a big hole in my heart. That’s why I used your financial situation as an excuse to get you to live with me. Because I don’t think I can make it without you. Gilja. Be happy and have lots of babies.

I’ll be a good grandma and help you raise them. This is what I saved for your wedding. Gyeongmin did everything for us, so there’s a lot left over. I sincerely wish for your happiness. Thank you. Love, your sisterinlaw. Mrs.Yu. Yes Chorim and Chef Noh, you should eat. Gilja. Gilja. What’s wrong, Chorim Chorim. Thank you, Gilja. I’m indebted to you for life. Thank you for everything, Chorim. I wish I had been a better sisterinlaw. Don’t say that, Gilja. You cared for me like a mother. I’ll never forget that.

Okay. Now that you’re married, live happily ever after. Gilja. Chef Noh, take good care of her. Chorim’s had a hard life. If her parents or her sisterinlaw were wealthier, she wouldn’t have gone through so much hardship. But she has a big heart. She’ll make a great wife. Yes, Mrs. Yu. Thank you. I’d like to ask you something. Sure. Did Chorim really try to become a model and enter beauty pageants With this body Is it so hard to believe I have a killer body. I know. She does have a hot body.

Come on. Let’s go. Soyeong, put the tangerines on the balcony. Okay. You must be tired. You should get some rest. Okay. You too. Say, Runa. Yes Um. Nevermind. Get some rest. Okay. Would you still be there if Gyeongmin knew the truth Would he consider you his wife You’re crazy. You’re clinically insane. Do you know that Yes. I’m crazy! I’m crazy and I don’t care, so don’t test me and stay put. Brace yourself. I’ll take back everything you took from me, one thing at a time.

Prepare to go back to the way you used to be. Jeong Ruby, what’s wrong with you He can no longer be my husband or my lover. What are you thinking Gyeongmin, you must think I’m crazy. You must think I’m trying to seduce you. But that’s not it. I’m Jeong Ruby. Here you go, Aunt Geumhui. It’s so nice of you to think of me. I love you, Gyeongmin. They’re not for you. We got them for grandmother, mother, and father. I know that. Would it hurt to just play along.

So did the wedding go smoothly Did Gilja get in okay Yes, grandma. Where’s dad He left for an engagement. He should be back soon. You were only gone for two days. Maybe it’s the ocean wind. You look exhausted. Really Oh. We’ll go upstairs then. Okay. Go and unwind. You must be tired. I thought the trip would help him relieve some stress, but he looks even more exhausted. It seems that way. You’re back Yeah. Hello, Sera. How was the wedding The bride and groom were ecstatic, no Of course.

What’s up with Ruby Did you two get into a fight Do you want us to fight everyday Mind your own business. I didn’t mean. You think you can fool me They were so in love while they were dating, but now they’re fighting all the time. This is why I can’t date or marry anyone. What The cafe I went to in Jeju is the one we went to 10 years ago. We promised to go there together after we got married. I know. I remembered later on. I’m sorry I couldn’t go with you.

I went to Jeju for the wedding, but I also wanted us to visit that cafe. It’s a special spot for us. I thought if you went back. If I went back, what That I’d regret everything I’d done and beg you for forgiveness Ruby. It’s good that I didn’t go. Fate brought you to your sisterinlaw and you two had a grand old time. Why do you always get like this about Runa You two are sisters. Shouldn’t you two be more understanding Did they really do something at that cafe.

Is he falling for Jeong Ruby Were you thinking of seducing him and taking him from me like that No. I’m not an idiot like you are. If you did something, I won’t forgive you. It’s me. What is it We don’t call each other like this anymore. You’re right. We don’t. But who got drunk and ran his mouth You said you loved Jeong Ruby. You said you wanted to take care of her. Then grab a hold of yourself. This is between Jeong Ruby and me. Know your place and don’t interfere.

Don’t drag Gyeongmin into this mess. You’re right. This is between you and Jeong Ruby. It’s not my place, I shouldn’t interfere. So you know. Then do that. Just leave us alone! Yeah. This is what it comes down to. It’s all my fault. What comes after that Upon the brimming water among the stones Are nineandfifty swans. Gyeongmin. I hate you. You said you wouldn’t do this, Bae Gyeongmin. I know, but why can’t I stop Get a hold of yourself. Jeong Runa’s my sisterinlaw. Ruby’s sister! Gyeongmin. Gyeongmin. Gyeongmin, I’m right here.

I’m Ruby. Gyeongmin. What’s wrong Don’t leave me. Don’t go anywhere. Stay by my side. Always stay in love with me. I’m sorry I’m late, father and grandmother. Did you sleep well Yes. Sit. You overslept. You must’ve been very tired. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Why If you had a good time in Jeju, you should’ve slept well. Didn’t you have a good time Sera, I told you to mind your own business. We had a good time. And Ruby’s family really enjoyed it. Mother asked me to thank you.

I’m glad everyone had a good time. Oh, wow. Isn’t that a ruby ring It’s so pretty. Out of all the gemstones, rubies are my favorite. That’s the engagement ring, right Yes. I haven’t been wearing it much, but I think I should wear it everyday to keep Gyeongmin in check. What do you mean by that Don’t say that. One might think Gyeongmin has wandering eyes. She’s right. And wouldn’t it be better for you to wear your wedding ring You and father got me the wedding ring. This is from Gyeongmin.

Right, Gyeongmin Ma’am, I think it’s Ruby’s way of saying shell do better from now on. With the embezzlement scandal and the fake pregnancy, she caused a lot of trouble. She almost ran the company bankrupt even. Stop it, Geumhui. I’m ashamed to admit it, but she’s right. I need to get a grip. From now on, My family duties and responsibilities, I won’t ever forget them. I sincerely hope that’s not all talk. It’s not, father. Runa, are you up Yes. You never sleep in. What happened I was tired. And my eye hurts.

Your eye Let me see. Look. You have a sty. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard. You poor thing. I was fine yesterday. Is it really bad Is my eye really puffy You’ll be fine. I’ll take care of it. Are you going to use that weird remedy again Writing on my feet It’s not weird. I learned it from my grandmother. Don’t you remember Whenever you or Ruby got a sty, I made it go away. I know. Do you have a pen Put your feet up. Okay. Here we go.

Here goes the spell. Mom, it tickles. Hold still. Wait. What happened to her mole Maybe it wasn’t this foot. Mom, are you done No, not yet. It tickles, mom. I remember how much it tickled when I was a little girl too. All set Thanks to you, I’ll be healed in no time. I’m going to shower. Hold on Runa. Don’t worry. I’ll keep my feet dry. I don’t remember her removing the mole. What’s this Runa has a mole on the bottom of her foot. Mom, it’s a beauty mark.

Yes. Before the accident, she definitely had a mole on her left foot. I remember it now. So why. Without Chorim, the house is too quiet. Do you miss her already She’ll be back soon. And Uncle Dongpal will be living with us, so it’ll get even noisier around here. But still. I know she’s enjoying herself, but she could’ve called us. I’m going to be late. I should get going. Why don’t you finish your breakfast I’m running late. Bye, Runa. Bye. Mrs. Yu, is something bothering you.

You look pale. Soyeong, have you. Have I what Have you ever heard anything about Runa removing a mole from her foot A mole on her foot Oh, yeah! At the dermatologist. You did At the dermatologist Yeah. But you must’ve gotten them mixed up again. It wasn’t Runa who got the mole removed. It was Ruby. What It was Ruby, not Runa Ruby, what are you doing here Mole removal Yeah. It was right before Ruby’s wedding. I told you I ran into her at the dermatologist. Don’t you remember.

Later that evening, Ruby came home with all kinds of things she bought. She was limping, so I figured it was because her foot hadn’t healed yet. Maybe her foot’s still not better yet. Her foot I ran into Ruby at the dermatologist down the street. Really But Ruby’s dermatologist is in Gangnam. Why’d she come here No. No. Mrs. Yu, what’s up No way. That can’t be. That makes no sense. I’m losing it. What am I thinking No, no. No way. What am I doing What can I hope to find like this.

Maybe. Maybe Insu. No, no, no. Gyeongmin. What about Gyeongmin Gyeongmin. Can it be true Could I be right No. There’s no way. I’m their mother. I raised them. No. Something is off. What do I do Do I have to ask them These Jeju tangerines are so sweet. Thank you, Runa. You’re like our office caretaker, Runa. You’re always so thoughtful. You’ll make a great wife and mother once you get married. I got off the plane, but I’m still in the clouds. Good morning. Welcome back, Ms. Jeong. Ms. Jeong, you’re wearing the ruby ring today.

That’s right. Ruby, just like my name. You wore the diamond ring more often. Why the sudden change of heart I’m starting to like this one more. Gyeongmin proposed to me with it. We’re not kids, why’re you bragging Give it to me. I want to try it on. Why What do you mean why I want to see if it fits or not. Nope. Why would it fit you We’ll have to try to know for sure. Don’t you remember how I let you try on my engagement ring when you asked.

Let me see it. Promise me. No matter what happens, don’t take off this ring, even if we separate, no, even if we die. Can you promise me that I’m the rightful owner of this ring. I promised never to take it off. Try it on, Runa. I bet it’ll look good on you too, given your fair skin. Really It’s so pretty. I didn’t know rubies were so pretty. Passionate, endless love. That’s what rubies symbolize. Oops. Should I pick it up Forget it. Why Are you scared Ill pick it up and.

Hide it from you like you did to me What are you talking about Here you go, Ms. Jeong. Enough chitchat. Get back to work. Runa, can you take this to the design team What do you think you’re doing Why Are you picking a fight with me just because I tried on your ring What am I doing There’s no way. No way. Are you here to see someone Yes. I. Where’s the restroom It’s at the end of the hall. Thank you. Do you think taking this ring from me.

Complementary Therapy Gold Threads

Gold acupuncture alters xrays Jo Hartley writing in Rheumatology Update reported on an interesting case. Doctors have been alerted to the distorting effect acupuncture can have on joint Xrays after imaging of a woman’s arthritic knees revealed a plethora of gold thread from the therapy. The case involves a 65yearold South Korean woman diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees who had been treated unsuccessfully with conventional therapies. In a bid to help ease the pain the woman started having weekly acupuncture sessions in her knee joints using gold thread the treatment is meant to deliver continuous acupuncture.

Survey Women Want to See Breast Reconstruction Results In Person

Kim Sport isn’t shy about showing breast cancer patients her body. She had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery at the same time and says she couldn’t be happier with the results. I felt it was very, very important to share that experience with other women because I didnt want them just to have to look at a photo. And a new survery from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows most women agree. The survey found 89 of women say they would rather see what reconstruction results look like before making any treatment decisions. The problem is, not only are some women never.

Shown surgery results, but 7 out of 10 are not fully informed about their reconstructive options. And by the time some women find out, it’s too late. I see a great number of patients who come in and say Id wish I had known before hand. I wish I could turn the clock back. But the problem is you cant turn the clock back. To make sure women are aware of their options, ASPS Member Surgeons are planning a novel showandtell event in October to kick off the nations first ever Breast Reconstruction.

Awareness Day or BRA Day USA. The idea is to let cancer patients see for themselves what other women have been through. Singersongwriter Jewel is lending her support as spokesperson for the breast reconstruction awareness campaign. She’s performing a charity concert and has also written an inspirational song to help raise funds for the campaign. When I was writing this song there were a lot of survivors that came to mind and I’m always continually amazed at how resilient women are, and how when faced with a difficult position they find the courage to say, I am gonna fight on and I’m even gonna be.

Meet the Doctor Dr. Thomas Lamperti Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Gtgt Dr. Lamperti Hello my name is Dr. Thomas Lamperti and I’m a Seattlearea Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. I wanted to tell you a little bit about my practice and to let you know a little bit about myself as well. My practice involves that only of the face I have focused on that in my career. My practice focuses on rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty and also facial rejuvenative procedures such as facelift, necklift, and facial fat grafting or fat transfer. I also perform chin augmentation either via sliding genioplasty or chin augmentation. I also perform ear pinning.

Or otoplasty as well. I also perform brow lifts and also will do reconstructive procedures such as skin cancer excisions, mole removals, etc. I’m often asked by my patients what it is that drew me to the field of facial plastic surgery, why did I chose this field among all the other possible fields of medicine. And even within plastic surgery, why did I choose the face And really, I think that it is one that I think being able to obtain changes in the face is such a vital and important.

Part of our lives. It’s how we present ourselves to the world and the importance that the face plays in one’s persona and selfconfidence is really powerful and really rewarding for me. Additionally, the creative aspect and the craftsman aspect of facial plastic surgery really drew me to the field as well. Ever since childhood I’ve enjoyed using my hands I play the piano, I enjoy composing. I also enjoy photography. I think that balance of the arts and science within medicine really was a perfect match for me. Being able to.

Create but at the same time being able to create a result that both I and my patients are really happy with and excited with is a really powerful and really rewarding part of the field for me. An additional thing that really drew me to the field of facial plastic surgery is how empowering it really makes patients feel. Being able to affect a change in something that has bothered them for years, generally and they finally felt empowered to make that change and really being able to take part in that team that affects that change.

Best Skin Care Products Free Trial on DNA Customized Skin Care

Best Skin Care Products Free Trial on DNA Customized Skin Care Free Trial Link tiny.ccdnaskincare Replenish, repair and rehydrate your skin with this powerful multifunctional serum designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve skin tone.Free Trial the best skin care products best skin care products for women best natural skin care products best skin care products reviews best skin care products for men best skin care product skin care products best skin care natural skin care products best skin care products for acne top skin care products best skin care line.

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