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Mole removal cost The price of mole removal depends on the size, shape and location and the complexity of the procedure. Some dermatologists charge $125.00 and excisions at $250.00. Most are more expensive. For instance, a very small mole in an area that is not cosmetically sensitive can be removed simply and without sutures whereas a mole that is larger and deeper will require more work such as layered closure with sutures. There are two ways to remove a mole, and they differ in price. Shaving a mole means cutting it off at the skin’s surface. The area usually scabs over for a week or so.

Before healing, but in the long run there should be minimal scarring. Benefits of Laser Removal of Moles Procedure is bloodless; Rapid rehabilitation; Treated area is automatically sterilized by laser; Healthy tissues get minimum injury;.

Mole removal

Dermatologists in our office will do a lot of routine skin procedures, and one of the ones we do is mole removal. We can remove a variety of moles from different body locations and are usually done fairly effectively and safely in the office; it doesn’t take long, usually we’ll freeze the area, cut the mole out, using different instruments, and then we’ll seal off the area with what’s called a cautery device, or sometimes we’ll suture the moles. The healing process usually takes a few weeks, and the results can be quite impressive.

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