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Has South Koreas Extreme Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far

It is not unusual to hear about plastic surgery in south korea in fact a huge chunk up the female population there does go under the knife just to give you an idea about one in every 77 people in south korea gets plastic surgery and if you look at seoul specifically about 20 percent of the women there have had something changed about them the most common procedure that they have is the eyelid surgery which makes their eyes appear larger and it also gives them a crease now there are some people that think that this is terrible because they are.

Trying to follow western standards and beauty i don’t necessarily agree with that but i want to give our panelists of opportunity to sure what they think so and you what’s your point i think that that the women have chosen to do this nobody was forcing them to to go under the knife if it’s their prerogative it’s their business and they absolutely have the right to make that and whatever changes they want to do if they work they wanna get a haircut if they wanna the braces are or note to talk in.

Gent here’s the thing i read a lot about this and research bloggers in their opinions on in america and a lot of authors of articles about the subject are saying well you know someday when it comes my time i’ll probably have a little nipper top but the stock read them gone too far why is it any of your business who have gone too far or not too hard plastic surgery and at what point to the needle move from where were you today and never talk with something you didn’t admit you had.

Are you required about to suddenly well that’s okay but you’re doing with the south koreans do now you’ve gone too far right now now they would make that argument because all of a sudden some s are giving their their clients identification verification indicating that they are who they say they are because they go through so much plastic surgery that they completely changed the way they look let’s take a quick look at some of the images so there’s a before and after and you know she does look like a completely different person let’s go to the next.

One and we have one more so the argument that i would make this is my point i think that if this is something that makes them feel comfortable who are we to say that this is too much plastic surgery or this is too little plastic surgery i think that as long as someone is it out there harming others do you do what makes you comfortable do what makes you feel more confident in yourself and so now we go to the question which i think is a pretty provocative one and we’ll start with you.

Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery absolutely i mean i i think that you know like i’m gonna be honest at some point i will not have the face of a 16yearold anymore and i still would like to me people who who who look like they’re sixteen amish getting out got a while to top yeah now at two for the most part ii i you know i i will reach a point where i meant just its life you get older you get the goodlooking you know bagian saggy in if you want to do television viewing to any kind of.

Thing where you’re gonna be in front of people your image is a huge part of how you were able to connect with them fortunately or unfortunately so it’s a no are a prominent jan i have had heart surgery i my boobs done five years ago having a breast augmentation was probably the best choice if i ever made in my life before i got it done worried about what people think is it gonna hurt am i gonna feel weird you know what are people gonna say about me and since doing it honestly i feel.

Better about my body i have no problems with the surgery i’m completely happy about it so yeah and i don’t also the reason why does admit it a lot of women like now and i wanna talk about it is because who cares like it was my personal choice that made me happy and getting back to the photos that you showed over south korean women if you look the before and afters those women are smiling in the rafters where in the beginning especially with the second for each other all the look.

Happier and smiling them they look miserable in their first pictures like they can’t wait to change something about them so great a happy she is but her i i mean i definitely agree that if it makes them happy and we’re confident do what makes you happy and confident and i should answer my own question i mean i’ve had plastic surgeon had nose job and it was something that i agonized about for a really long time i was unhappy with it are made mine natural knows when i was a teenager and then i went.

Into a stage a defiance why was like no i’m gonna accept my nose for what it is and i love it night i feel beautiful even know deep down inside i hated it and i was always super insecure and then when i was at 25 my twilight agonizing over this decision i know it’s going to make me happy i know it’s going to make me more confident so i did it i did a lotta research went to a surgeon that i completely trusted in fact i went to go see him i was like i want the tiniest knows a little slow.

But he’s like nap you’re gonna get a nose job you gonna do it my way and thankfully he was a really great uh and i’ve been happy with the decision ever sent so i think that living in a judgment free zone is the way to go allow people to do things that make them happy but doesn’t impact your life you have no place to judge alright also tell us what you think a few classic surgery i’m really curious what do you think about this story share your comments in the section below we’d.

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