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Sundial presented the strength that we eat comes from hot these overcrowded ponds in asia may and they’re treated with antibiotics they’re extremely unhealthy for you in fact go back to search far tutorial on that we go into great detail on it well us some of those funds are located in thailand an entire land these companies are including that hana seafood thirty implore you start to form the fish work in the shirt factory and out right now those factory workers are protesting because of the horrible conditions they’re working and infact some of them.

Are uh. having their passports taken away from them because the people who all of these factories i want to prevent them from leaving okay so for instance there’s a twentyyearold employee who says that he found he had to work twenty six days a month he got a salary every two weeks but how close the withheld to ensure he did not run away most of the workers want to go home but we will be in debt from preparing to travel and in unknown amount we are told to play.

Eight to get passports and transportation and is on a mission to make sure idoney trampoline confidentially that usually check ninety percent of the simply comes to the spots but they’re still back relying on differs a little ponds and are full of crap lady who wrote the literally flew back to not sure prep so our bigoted this tiny little shrimper come office uh. and then now you tell me the debates ltd like if that weren’t bad enough data to using slave labor yes mislabeling encounters in this that the minute you hear someone spouse what has been taken.

Shrimp Slave Labor

Away and workers that means its labeling you’re not free to leave the reason they think a passport is because uh. that means the you literally help there uh. against your will if you had your passport you levi’s and you know why i wanna minder shrimp crab anymore ed substance uh. wages so i came to send money back to my family made and so that that’s why they captured now unfortunately never going to do by all of the new by the time beautiful looks in the bill the ski mountain in the.

Military’s which by the results or will waste then makes the white uh. hope that the country goes bankrupt but they bill that whole thing of slavery right outside the cities they’ve got all these guys from pakistan indonesia in satara uh. philippines and they take their passports or so than they can’t leave that’s leave labor and i will go to divide because and uh. and so now thanks a lot but i really appreciate it and i don’t know which of my friend comes from their all it does ok pen i was lucky so there goes.

Your when you know that your strength hi came from all four of the world will play straightforward it was formed in horrible conditions uh. what it costs like a dollar ninety nine for short taco minute when you eat shrimp that was caught in awhile great it’ll cost you like i remember i went to the supermarket native price compares rights of the farm strength was i don’t know five dollars for massive bag like frozen back then ask for while trent bag of frozen wild ship was twenty dollars g’s in lorimer yeah so it’s all.

About producing boo would and selling it as cheap as possible and i have my answer so now before eileen decision on when your bike heat rejection xrayed big deal would be due but hey i’m tryin right that’s the only thing i know and it probably half of them are lying about that but i’m doing the best i can it cost me more about it and great night that go around asking for a while trip yep which is gonna make people go away everybody’s is better now that’s a good offer free tuna rate.

For that was not argue typical l that story around the world read to them now you’re going to take some wire was true and have but i guess that’s one of the moves gotta do because only one slave labor and who vote for a yeah by the latest from factory in thailand is the largest rep supplier to walmart which is another reason why it’s in the news today by the and also walmart just this past weekend did this whole presentation about sustainability and how they’re so supportive of it an office associate.

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