Medicine To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Hello and welcome, today we are gonna talkabout skin tag removal. Skin tag are small soft skin out rolls thatmay tend to appear at various parts of the body, dont you worry, help is at hand. wewill provide you with some of the simple remedies that you can try at home.Dip a cotton ball in water and squeeze out the excess water then you add 2 to 3 dropsof tea tree oil, you apply this on the skin tag 2 to 3 times daily and massage it in circularmotion until the skin tag vanishes. If you have sensitive skin, donot forget todilute the tea tree oil with the water before application.Now we go on with our another remedy where

we make a paste by adding a tea spoon of castoroil, 1 tea spoon of baking soda, stir it well and apply this on the affected area. Afterapplying you cover this with the bandage, leave this overnight and wash it off withwarm water the next morning. Repeat this thrice a week until the skin tag vanishes.Make a paste by crushing few garlic cloves, apply it on the affected area, leave it overnightand cover the bandage on the affected area. The next morning wash it of with warm water.Repeat this every day until the tag vanishes. Heat the pan, add 2 tea spoons of ssasame oil, add half a spoon of cinnamon powder and half a spoon of cardamon powder, stirit well, Gently massage this well on your

head and leave it for few hours.Repeat this several times a week for few weeks for instant relief.Thanks for watching, hope these remedies help you, Do like this tutorial and subscribe to Stylecrazefor more such tutorials.

Skin Tag Removal in 15 Mins Home

Welcome to SKIN TAGS ! Skin tags can be removed with one easy 15 minute treatment at home! The Skin tag removal kit contains all you require to remove 30 to 40 skin tags. and skin healing cream containing pearl oil Here we have a young lady with a skin tag on her neck. she is very aware of it and wants it removed.

After cleaning the area with a sterile pad, here we can see the emery board being used to roughen the surface of the skin. to allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the body of the Skin Tag to destroy it The applicator is used to coat the skin tag with the solution A mild stinging sensation is normal at this stage Any excess cream should be wiped away The cream is left in place for 15 minutes in some cases a second application may be needed where the skin tag is old and thick

Fresh water is used to remove the dried cream and clean the treated area We can see as the area is cleaned that the whole skin tag has turned black! A sure sign that the treatment has been successful The skin around the treated area is quite red, this should be expected There may even be slight swelling around the base of the skin tag, but this is temporary

The healing cream containing pearl oil is then applied to the treated area and surrounding skin. After a short time, the redness around the area has greatly reduced leaving only local redness. After 24 hours we can see there is a little redness around the treated area and the skin tag has become darker and smaller 2, 3 4 days pass. the skin tag becomes gradually smaller and hardens Finally, after 5 days the skin tag has fallen off. Leaving only a small pink patch of skin

After 8 weeks there is no scar whatsoever, not even a tiny mark! The skin is perfect! Purchase your kit today from Skin Tags dot com!.

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