Laser Treatment For Warts And Verrucas

Hello my name is Doctor Johann Ward and I’m from the skin and body clinic in sevenoaks. Today i would like to talk about laser treatment of warts. Warts are basically small lumps on the skin that occur on the hands and feet and often in clusters. They are caused by a virus called human papilomavirus or HPV. What the virus does to the skin is it causes roughen, thickening appearance and sometimes it can be a bit a little bit painful where you have a wart. Generally left alone warts will self resolve, but the time and length.

Take can vary from person to person, sometimes it weeks, sometimes months and for some people frustratingly warts can take years to resolve. What are the treatment for warts, well there are a number of treatments you can try over the counter for warts and verrucas, you can certainly go to your GP or doctor and get some topical treatments. GP also use something called cryotherapy to try and treat warts by killing the virus. In our clinic a very popular treatment is laser treatment of warts so we do a lot of this type of treatment.

I think the benefit of laser is there is no side effects, very little down time, high success rates, we often need one or two treatments for the wart to go away which is fantastic if you have been struggling with a wart in an unsightly place, on the hands or feet. When you come in we’ll obviously discuss this with you, sometime i offer people an anaesthetic if they have large area we need to use the laser on so its just a local anaesthetic to numb the skin. Then what we will do is use our laser, so we have a Fotona laser here.

Laser Wart Treatment The Skin Body Clinic Sevenoaks

Its a very powerful laser that will kill the virus of the wart, and it does that by destroying the blood supply. When you have a treatment its completely normal for the skin to become darker and blacken. We tell you not to pick at the scab or anything like that. Generally four weeks later we will review you and often achieved cure of the wart, so its a fantastic treatment. If you are interested in further information we offer a free consultation here at the clinic and we would be delighted to see you and talk through your treatment options.

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