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In this tutorial, we want to show you the powerful co2 laser and actual surgery of this laser cutting through a skin lesion Ultimately, we want to get results like this before and after laser mole removal Hi I’m Philip Young and I’m an Award Winning Beauty Theorist and Facial Plastic Surgeon from Seattle Bellevue Washington And we’re Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery The Beauty Docs on YouTube Hey this is Young and what were doing today is mole removal. And we’re going to be using a laser to take down the mole. There’s alot of different ways to do that.

You can do cryotherapy and burn it with electrocautery, and you can actually excise it. The thing with excising. Which has been the most common way of doing it is that if you have a little mole. You literally have to cut twice as long as that mole in order to encompass it because if you took out mole and tried to close it. There’s going to be bunching at the ends. And they actually call those dog ears. And they don’t look good.

Because they’re elevated and they look like you have another mole. So basically you have to take a wedge and excise it. What you end up with is a fairly long scar. So over the years I’ve worked with lasers more and I feel like that is the best option for me after doing it for over 1516 years. And so now we kind of laser the mole to reduce it and a mole is typically like an iceberg and what you are seeing is the top part of the ice berg. When you take it down it can be bigger underneath.

So the question is how much to take it down. and usually i’ll have a discussion with the patient in terms of whether you really want to it all the way out and you want to have more of a risk of scarring versus being less aggressive with the laser with the mole removal and having more of a chance of it coming back and less chance of scarring. Sometimes we want to be right in between remove it and you have less scarring and it doesn’t come back and that’s like the perfect scenario. We can handle each part of the spectrum or end of the spectrum whether it be a little more scarring or if it comes back.

I tend to prefer having less chance of scarring and have it come back because when it comes back its really easy for me to remove it again. It only takes less than 510 minutes or down to the orders of seconds. so right now were going to do the mole removal and we’re going to show you that in a little bit So what we going to do is make this numb and a lot of times we’ve already put topical on it and let it sit for about 2030 minutes. Now what were going to do is we also gonna do this. were going to do a little pressure plus the shaking of this massager we have.

You can put it right there. yeah so that’s going to help make it a little less painful. And I’m going to push too and help it so its not as bad. I’m going to go really slow while I make it numb. As you can see its a little bit of a hole and that should fill in. Sometimes its good not to be aggressive. Thanks for Watching Call us So we can help you Remove that Unwanted Mole or skin lesion that you’ve had for years.

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