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The answer is ‘Seit’. Incorrect. Let’s take another one, guys. Come on, let’s go. But she can be the last to go, can’t she No, I want the money! Frits has taken the exemption. It’s going to be a long, cold night for him. He can keep this pair of underpants. A poloshirt and a pair of pants. Where is my luggage Barbara. First there was trust. Chained together, the contestants all stuck to what they had agreed on. They were going for the money. Then there was betrayal. Frits took the exemption after all.

He robs the group of 1600, Barbara got executed. She got a red screen and had to go. All Frits can do is wait and see how sweet their revenge will be. The person who will be leaving soon will certainly regret..that they didn’t take the exemption themselves. But it’s too late now. Barbara went first. You always think the person whose name is being called first, will get a green screen. Wham! There it was, the red screen. So she had to leave us behind. We were devastated. Maybe I was most of all.

After all, Barbara was kind of like a confidant to me. We shared information on our suspects. I thought we were on the same track. What did she do on that test Maybe she screwed it up completely. In any case, she’s gone now. That really bums me out. Barbara was playing the game very fanatically. I am too, so we became friends. But she’s gone now, so at least it’s good for me that I can cross her off my list. For me, Erik and Arjen are still my two main suspects.

The Mole S10E5 Wie is de Mol 2010 in Japan English Episode 5

We were taken on a boat through a beautiful area. It looked amazing out there! It was a bit mysterious too, with those tiny islands. I thought it was very beautiful. I felt like I was in a kind of painting of sorts. All those small islands with rocks and bamboo shoots. In between those islands you could see where the fishing nets were hanging. The sun was just about to set. It looked just heavenly! At that moment you really feel like you’re in Japan. It’s nice to sail on the Pacific for a bit, don’t you think.

We’re sailing to a small island. And to a large island too As well as to a beach. I want a team consisting of two people for all three of these locations. You’re going to build a temple. Shall we make teams of man woman Shall I go with you We teamed up as man woman to divide our strengths. I was with Erik. Hind was with Frits, Arjen was with Sanne and I was with Erik. I tried to get on a team with Erik, because I suspect him.

That way I can keep an eye on him. So I was glad that worked out. We ended up on the small island. Can you guys hear me This is Kim on the small island. I’m with Sanne, we’re on the big island. There were five pieces of a temple distributed across those three islands. We had to build that temple on a fourth peninsula. That seems easy enough, but there was a catch to it of course. Because none of the contestants were allowed to row twice consecutively. Or to row the same stretch twice.

If you had made a trip on the boat, you weren’t allowed to keep sailing. So you could go to one location, then someone else had to take over from you. There was nobody on the peninsula, though. So we had to make sure there would be some people on the peninsula first. Otherwise you could take something there, but you would never be able to leave again. So it was basically a puzzle. We quickly realized that we had better solve it first. Because if we made a single wrong decision, we would run stuck.

This is a proposal by Arjen on the big island. Let’s solve this puzzle first before we leap into action. Because we can screw it up straight away if we make a mistake. Let’s all take five minutes or as long as we need to solve that puzzle. And then discuss it with each other again. We have the third and fifth part. This is Arjen and Sanne on the big island. We have the first lower part, the base. So we have A. We also have D, that’s the penultimate one.

That’s what we’ve got. What does the beach have The beach has part B. So Frits and Hind will both go sailing to the island. Arjen and I were on the big island. We only had piece of paper with drawings of the five parts on it.. as well as a picture of how those parts should fit together. We also had a utility knife, a few ropes and some gloves. Soon enough Sanne had the brilliant idea to make a visualization. She used the gloves as islands, the pine cones as people.

The knife was a boat and she cut the preview image of the temple. of the temple into the various objects. That one goes on. That one gets off. Then this one takes part C over there. Yes, that’s right. Then that one gets off again. Well, then we’ve already got it! That was quite effective because we had found the solution in no time. That one sails over there by himself. Ok, we’ve got it! We’ve solved it visually. Arjen’s theory actually made sense. Frits had been quite busy figuring it out too.

But nobody really trusted Frits anymore after what he had done in the woods of course. Therefore we went with Arjen’s theory. First, the boat with two people on it, Frits and Hind..has to go to the peninsula and leave one person behind there. The other one will keep going to the small island. Frits gets off. Let’s throw off Frits. Let’s keep being focussed, guys. Before doing anything, check with me if it’s correct. Whoever doesn’t, is the Mole. Tell them that we’re on our way.

Frits is on his way. Damn, this is exhausting! Arjen, can you see us Let me check. Yes, I can see you. So Frits gets off and Hind can go on to Erik and Kim. According to Arjen we would be able to build the temple in 13 steps..by putting a number of people on an island first. Then we could sail with all the pieces of the temple consecutively. We’re heading towards the beach now. But I realize that I’ll have to sail all the way from the beach towards you.

That’s really far! That’s true, but it’s too late to change that now. Erik is sailing already. So you’ll just have to bite the bullet. Do you want me to sail for you instead Why I can sail longer than you can. Frits has an idea, though I don’t think it’s a good one. Don’t you think it’s better if I sail to the peninsula first No! Then Frits can sail towards you guys. No! No, just do what we agreed on. Erik gets off here and Kim will sail towards Frits.

They change places. So then it doesn’t make any difference. No, but there is a difference with respect to the time it takes to get on and off. Besides, Frits was complaining almost straight away yesterday. What Frits suggests is possible too, it won’t change much for the puzzle. But you have to think about whether it won’t cost extra time to get on and off. You should row twice per side, otherwise you’ll keep going askew. I have to get it straight though. It may save us time. And possibly a lot of money.

So we went to the beach and Kim was rowing to the big island. In retrospect this was stupid of us, Kim should have rowed the first stretch instead. Because this was a much bigger stretch. Frits, I’m coming towards you! Where should I get off It’s heavy, isn’t it Yeah it’s really heavy! We haven’t even brought one object to that peninsula yet. It should go really fast soon, though. Frits is slipping off the rocks as we speak. He’s getting off the boat right this moment.

Come on, Frits. Full speed ahead! Frits should be paddling to us, Sanne and Arjen, on the big island by himself. Sanne will be going back soon to the peninsula with the first piece. So should those two girls be lifting that together Yes, we’ll manage. Sanne says they’ll manage. You could either sail on your own with a piece of the temple..or you could sail with two people without one. Those parts of the temple were incredibly, horribly heavy. Actually it was almost impossible to do. Arjen, what’s the next step I should be going to the Peninsula, right Right!.

Following your lead, so far we’ve only been moving people around. Well yes, but we had to put people ready to go on all the stations. You didn’t have to go sailing yourself. Well I was prepared to go sailing. But Sanne said she really wanted to as well. Sanne, you can push with more force when you’re sitting down. No, Kim. In fact I’ll just have less force that way. Ok. A bit more, keep going! One, two. Do it one more time Kim. Yes but it’s out of the boat now.

Never mind, let’s keep trying. Soon there will be another person with you though, right Yes, but it has to be stacked one by one though, right Ok, let’s try to lift it a little bit. No, I can’t manage. I thought Just let me continue rowing, so someone else can come here. Someone who is stronger than me so they can lift this up there. But Sanne said ‘No, we can do this!’. She said it almost accusingly even, as if I wasn’t strong enough. Pull that rope up behind you! Here.

Yes, so this rope will be tight. It already is tight! It’s attached to that thing. Ok, one more time. Oh, man. Wait a minute. Sanne, this is taking way too long! We have to keep trying! We’re two women, let’s be realistic. There’s no way we can get this done. Plus we’re under pressure because of the time limit. But she said ‘No, should be able to get this!’. Kim didn’t cooperate at all. All she did was create panic and commotion. At some point she just left, so there I was with that rock at the bottom.

We have used up an hour and fifteen minutes. There’s still just one part of the temple there, we still have four to go. If you stand up, you can push with more force. No, then I’ll fall over. I can put more force into it this way, because I’m taller. Hmhm. This is Erik. Kim is getting close. I’m going to throw that thing in the boat and take some rope with me. Can you give the boat a push Your feet may get wet, because there’s hardly any beach left.

Oh, crap. The problem is that those things are impossible to lift up. Yes, they’re quite heavy. Kim has arrived on the beach and Erik is on his way to the peninsula with piece ‘B’. Now Sanne has to go to Hind. I guess all I can do is stand here and wait. Ok, I’ll throw you this rope. When I came to the island, I saw that this big, heavy pedestal was still lying there. And I already had that big piece B in my boat. Pull it till it’s hooked tight. Have you got it Yes.

First I helped Sanne to lift up that pedestal. Here I come again. After that we both lifted piece number 2. Then Sanne went on her way. Then I put the pedestal and the second piece together by myself. I can tell you that it was heavy as hell. Do you know where you’re supposed to go If you hand me that rope first, so I can get the boat anchored. Here you go. Now you have to climb up with that other rope. Yes, ok. When Hind arrived where I was, with a piece of the temple piece.

.and the boat was empty, I said I’m going on the boat. Where should I go Because we didn’t have a walkietalkie on the peninsula. Who should be going next Wait a minute, Erik. She said Wait a minute, wait a minute. So I had to wait until she was up there..before she could think about sending me to the next location. Well, she’s doesn’t tend to think quickly on her feet about these things. Apparently Hind is unable to do two things at once. Or maybe Hind didn’t think it was necessary at all for us to finish that temple.

Should the open side be turned upwards or downwards Upwards, because there will be a lid on it too. Oh, right. Arjen, Hind is asking me how it should be put on top That’s hard to tell on the drawing, but the notches should be pointing downwards. You should shout that at her. The notches should be pointing downwards! There you go! Which roof This roof There’s no rope attached to it! There’s no way you’ll be able to lift it up there like that. Do you have paddle tips Two left, two right.

Don’t go backwards. And go fast! Arjen, we’ve finished. Our time is up. We should have gone here instead. Because there were two people here too so we could have fetched that first piece. We could have taken it back to person who was standing over there. Well, our time’s up. Yes, it is. Maybe we thought about the solution too long. It took us more than half an hour before we started sailing. Or if we had found a quicker solution a bit sooner, that might have helped.

This is a bit of a sorry sight, don’t you think An unfinished temple on such a beautiful island in a bay in the Pacific. You had come up with an ingenious schedule for its transportion. Maybe it wasn’t quite ingenious enough, though. Because it’s not very clever to let the heaviest part be lifted..by Kim and Sanne, however strong they might be. 500, per correct part. 1500,. Yes! I guess it’s better than nothing. Yes. How much would it have been if we’d had it all It would have been 2500, for all the good parts.

And the amount would have been doubled, because the temple was complete. Should I take this bag too Which one That one With my clothes. We let Frits crawl for us a bit, briefly. He was unshaven, unwashed and he felt uncomfortable. He’s not used to that, losing his clothes and his stuff. When we returned, we had to hand in luggage for our next trip. Because Frits wasn’t there, we handed in his luggage. All together, nice and neat. Don’t forget your toiletry bag. Let him pack his stuff.

Frits has fallen back into grace now, he’s welcome to join us again. Oh, boy. I’m going to pack this one. We’re more cautious now, of course because we realize there’s another side to him. Now that we know that, we can act accordingly. We’re not going to cast him out. He’s free to join us, but we’ll keep an eye on him. I feel that I’m definitely part of the group again. I knew they would be angry for a little while. But I knew things would turn around quickly enough.

Be quiet, it’s Frits. Hey, Frits are you happy Yes, darlings. I’m going to make us some money again tomorrow. We were driving upwards. We could see the mountains appearing in the distance. We also started to see some snow appearing. Pretty special when you’re in Japan. The air was getting thinner, inside the bus it was getting colder. Maybe it’s a skiing challenge. Who can ski Yes, I can ski well. In the distance we saw a little temple. We thought maybe that’s where we needed to be. Good morning. Good morning.

Welcome to Zao. It’s that way. We’ll leave Frits behind to collect exemptions. That just says ‘to the crater’. Here, this is the third clue. Somehow Arjen caught on pretty quickly that we should remember the signs. So let’s just remember the characters on the signs. A sort of weird flower with a waffle on top. A flower with a waffle. Yes. Nice huh Very nice. Look, it’s a head with two ears. Yes. On the left side. A kind of dragon. A dragon. With two horns. Yes.

It’s stupid we didn’t see the first one though. Yes, it’s a figure eight with something next to it. There were two signs. Yes, but it’s still quite stupid of us. In retrospect we tried to remember what was on the first signs. We tried to make up a visual representation of each sign. So we made up a figure eight with something next to it, another figure eight. A sailing ship. An S A letter S. Sanne with an equal mark. So Sanne not nice. Sanne in a bunk. With a bone through it.

I’m in a bunk. Or in a hamburger, you’re in a hamburger. Sanne inside a hamburger bun. Fine. And this Stripes. A radiator. No, it’s a painting easel. Very good! A Mondriaan on an easel. That way we made a list which we rehearsed all the time while walking. So we all knew the characters and the order in which we had seen them. First an eight with something next to it. Then the regular eight. Then the sailing ship. Then the flower with the waffle. Well done, Frits. Keep looking around you.

It’s a windmill! Isn’t it a little guy Yes a little man with his arms like this and a striped Tshirt. With a mask. And genitals. Yes. We have an eight with something else, we have an eight. We have a sailing ship, a waffle with a flower underneath. We have a dragon, a burger bun with Sanne in between. We have a Mondriaan. A Mondriaan, a windmill. And a little man with a mask. A little man with large genitals. Oh dear, what’s this Ten. Let’s take a good look at it.

A letter M A face with two eyes A smiley. Manuel. He has an M on his head. Manuel with a face underneath. Yes, let’s repeat that. Who will do it I will. The first is an eight with a character next to it. The second is an eight. The third one is. After ten signs we reached the top of the mountain. Then it became clear what the challenge was. There was a box with four locks on it. And many signs with Japanese characters. We needed to take the signs we saw on the road and order them.

Then we would learn a code which we needed to open the locks. A box with four locks and a note with it. Time started running when you were still with Pieter Jan. You have 45 minutes and just one attempt to open the lock. All this wasn’t there. Put all those you don’t recognize over here. This is number one. Are you sure Yes. We didn’t have this one with a sword, right Nor this one. That’s the sailing ship! This is Manuel isn’t it Yes, Manuel with the smiling face is the last one.

We still need. uhm. Sanne with a hamburger. I recognize this, but. This one we have, it’s one. The second one is an eight on its own. The third is a sailing ship. Number four was the waffle with the flower. Fifth was the dragon. There are the two horns. Is this a windmill Yes it is. The animal is number five. Was the first one correct Number seven is Mondriaan, guys. Let’s check it. Who’ll run back I’ll go. Which one Check if this one is correct.

That’s all the way down. We have 45 minutes, now half an hour left. We still have to figure out the lock. Yes, this is the one. Now we have to decide on the order. Frits says the windmill isn’t correct. I think the windmill was on seven. No, Mondriaan on seven. So this is correct. We can easily check that. Hind And eight is the mill Eight is the mill. Seven should be Mondriaan. Yes! Yes Shall we start thinking about this I think we need to turn them around, then we get the right order.

But there are four different locks. There are three numbers on each lock. So we should get four times three, twelve digits in total. It could also be we need to turn the whole thing around. No it’s from left to right, that’s most logical to me. No, the Chinese read from. uhm the Japanese. They read from top to bottom but often that doesn’t work out. Do we have twelve Thirteen. One digit too many. Or we have a wrong sign. Which one with double digits do we have instead of number one.

Because we didn’t take a good look at number one. Here’s another eight with something next to it. The fourth and ninth are correct They look alike a lot. This was a waffle with a flower underneath. The ninth was a little guy with a.mask. The beast Yes the beast could be something different. This also has two horns. Can I see it I checked the beast pretty well. This is the beast. That’s the beast That beast isn’t right. Did you check the beast Go check the beast once more, really well.

We need to check the beast, because we have 13 numbers. Sanne is going to check the beast. Because the beast can be this one, or that one. I think it’s the one on top. Two horns on top! Two to the right with a. She’s calling out something. Two horns on top. Yes Two to the right..and in between a sort of square. Hold them up and tell us which one it is. Neither of them, guys. How about this one Does it have two digits No it’s this one, it’s this one.

Yes Ok. Let’s turn them around. Shall we do it like this or the other way No from the left to the right. It’s just a gamble, you know. Who’ll turn the numbers Shall I take a look at the dragon once more You want to look at the dragon one more time Do you want to turn the numbers Frits, or shall I Can we quickly reflect on whether it’s supposed to represent the mountain From top to bottom. No because if you use two digits.

You’d need to turn those around as well, that doesn’t seem likely. What do you mean Taking ten. Putting 86 over here and 6 over there. That’s the question. Oh right, that’s another option. There’s a reason it’s all put in the direction of the mountain though. It’s the order in which we found it too. If you make a word you’ll read it like this. In that case you’d put it like this though, because this would make the sentence. Who’s voting for this Who votes for the other I’m not voting anything because I just don’t know.

Frits, you do the honors. I’ll start turning and someone has to check it. 866. I’ll check if you’re doing well. Then 150. No. Yes. Why 500. There are just three digits on it. 866 No, it’s 8661. There are just three digits on it. Oh, sorry. Heeeeeey Arjen. Sorry guys, I’m not on that side of the box you know. You’re sabotaging. 1, 2 and 6. Are all the numbers right You know you should check here, right Really I happen to know that there’s always a little arrow where the digits should go.

Well, Frits didn’t know that. There’s an arrow at the first one. Well we’ll do it again. Sorry. 866. 866. 150. I’m razor sharp, right I still need to check it. 413. Are you guys sure We know nothing for sure. Because on my lock it’s just on the front. Oh this one’s open already. Ok well just try it. Oh that one’s open too! Shall we all pull together One, two. Yaaaaaay! 1500! This was good teamwork, right During this challenge I noticed that everyone was working together really well.

People took the time to listen to one another. Great that we started thinking clearly from the beginning. That’s why we earned a lot of bucks for the pot. Brilliant! Imagine us just walking straight past those signs. We would have had to run back. Congratulations. Thank you. It looks like Arjen has a photographic memory. That’s right! No it’s not true, haha. 1500 euro added to the pot. Maybe that was about time. In any case, there’s 11.300, in the pot now. Shall I ask what the symbols mean Yes.

We asked our interpreter what the symbols mean. It had something to do with the sun, going up. Follow this road towards the sun. Look around you because there’s a nice view. At the end there’s a reward for you all. That’s not the windmill, that’s the waffle with the flower underneath’. Huh The group is working together as one, in the Japanese mountains too. They’re earning well in this episode. 3000, up till now. They’re not making life easy for the Mole. They have to operate underground, as a Mole should do.

In the darkness of the next challenge though, the Mole will feel quite at ease. Cinema 1 or Cinema 2 Cinema 2. Cinema 1 or Cinema 2 Cinema. 2. Two. Cinema 2 is sold out. Yes I figured as much. But I think Cinema 1 sounds fun too. Go that way. I just have Cinema 1 left for you. Let’s do that then. Thank you. Cinema 2, thank you. You mean 1! When we walked into the cinema, we saw a karaoke machine. Wow. Very nice. To our horror, we saw two microphones on the stage in that cinema.

There was also a book and a flashlight. The book contained songs from which we could choose. Alice Cooper. Then suddenly a movie started. In a world..where nothing is what it seems. It was very intense. We saw shots of what we had actually been doing ourselves. Suddenly it became real somehow. Three times red. Who will be next Just one challenge left an empty cinema. 60.000 songs, worth 100, each. Cinema 1, Cinema 2. For 30 minutes. You can’t each other! So cinema 1 is going first, that’s us.

We had a big encyclopedia with songs by various artists. We were supposed to portray those songs. How about ‘Strangers in the night’, Frits We had to take turns, so we started portraying the first song in Cinema 1. Once they had guessed it correctly, it was their turn to portray a song to us. But they weren’t able hear us on the other side, they could only see us. If we pick Aretha Franklin, it’s easy to do like this to portray ‘Think’. Soon enough it became clear to us that the title was the most important part.

So it had to be easy to portray. Vogue! Yes, that’s a good one! What did they do in ‘Vogue’, guys I don’t know. Here’s one. Let’s start with that one. Shall I do Michael Jackson Then I’ll do the Beatles. But let’s start with Aretha Franklin. No, Frits will start with Michael Jackson. Oh right, Thriller. Number 8.000.714. Let’s get to the stage, quickly. Oh, Frits! I saw Erik doing this and then I already knew. This is Michael Jackson, Thriller! Ok, let’s do ‘Vogue’ now. By ourselves.

Shall we just do that move They’ll probably guess it straight away. Kylie Minogue! What’s that song called No wait! It’s ‘Vogue’ by Madonna! This doesn’t ring any bells for me. Wait a minute. It’s ‘Think. ‘ You’d better think. Yes! Excellent! ‘Let’s twist again’. Elvis Presley! No, Chubby Checker. ‘Let’s Twist Again’ by Chubby Checker Elvis Presley, ‘Jailhouse Rock’ He’s doing something with a guitar. Wearing glasses. ‘Twist and Shout’ by the Beatles! Scream Scream and shout Scream and shout I do not know, I’m just saying something.

What are they doing Erik grabbed his microphone and was showing off a little. He’s good at that. But I thought Just get to the point. I’m used to Erik’s antics by now though. Have they still not figured it out yet! What are you guys doing! We’re in jail! In the background Frits and Hind seemed to be shouting through something. Perhaps something by Elvis I didn’t know what it was supposed to be. They were shouting and making gestures. It looked like they were steering something, which was weird.

Meatloaf, ‘Paradise by the dashboard light’, with fans ‘Jailhouse Rock’! Something with a ‘train’. ‘Long train running’ ‘Chooka train, train, train’ Nobody’s singing! We can’t see their lips move. ‘Jumping on a Train’ It’s weird, once you start thinking about that ‘train’.. that train just keeps running through your head. And you never think about ‘LocoMotion’ anymore. Kung Fu. ‘Kung Fu Fighting’! He’s opening a bottle and pulling something out. He’s reading it.’Message in a bottle’! ‘YMCA’ by the Village People! That’s the a singer. He’s lifting her up.

Uhm what’s it called! What’s her name! From the Titanic! Celine Dion. And the song is called Let’s look it up! Every night in my dream That’s the tune from Titanic. Celine Dion, here it is. ‘The power of a dream’, ‘The Reason’. Yes, we can see that it’s from the Titanic, but what’s the song called ‘All the way’ ‘Because you love me’ Just keep going, we’re bound to find it. That’s not it guys! ‘My heart will go on’. Yes, that’s it! A piano. They’re in pairs.

Money. ‘Money, Money, Money’ by Abba! They’ve already got it! He’s surfing! Surfers, yes. The Beach Boys Yes, the Beach Boys. ‘Surfing, surfing’ ‘Good vibrations’ ‘Help me Rhonda’. ‘I get around’. At some point, Arjen made a certain gesture. It looked like he was making a kickflip, like you would on a skateboard. So straight away I thought of ‘Sk8er Boi’ by Avril Lavigne. Keep walking! Hind is just actually singing. Very beautifully. Now let’s turn that way! Water They’re about to leave the screen. Whose song is that again She’s singing more slowly now.

Pull, pull. Be quiet please. ‘Sail away’ Whose song is that again Enya. No, she’s slowing down. We need to stand still now, one of us should pretend to be on the lookout. Christopher Cross, ‘Sailing ships’ by Whitesnake. ‘Sail’ by the Commodores. ‘Sail Trip’. What shall we go for That was fun, right Yes! You were singing, but we couldn’t hear you. I have seen some wonderful stuff. The prize for creativity is going to Erik. For his portrayal of a sailing boat, all by himself.

You did very well in fact because you guessed 16 songs correctly. So you’re really cashing in this episode. You’ve earned 100, per song which you guessed correctly. But in spite of your joy, someone will be going home soon. The test and execution. See you soon. It’s time for the test. Each contestant will answer 20 questions about the Mole. Whoever has the most incorrect answers, will be out of the game. Except for the Mole, who will never be going home. Kim is my prime suspect. It took a very long time before Kim finally arrived at my island, to pick me up.

Was she sabotaging, or did she just have a hard time sailing I think it’s very hard. But I’m going to keep an eye on Sanne as well. Maybe she’ll get fanatical and start playing the game. Or maybe. Sanne Vogel is the Mole. ‘How many times did the Mole row on the boat’ Frits is on his way. Arjen enjoys puzzles a lot, so he had thought of an ingenious system. It could be a sabotage by the Mole too, obviously. Maybe he had thought of a much shorter route in his preparation at home.

Perhaps he just let us sail via a longer route. Well, I’m not sure yet. ‘In which cinema hall was the Mole’ 1. Cinema 1 2. Cinema 2. The only one who acted a bit strangely was Kim. She wasn’t doing very well when she was rowing. She was rather quiet at the crater too. Let’s check that. Who will run back So if there was a Mole at work at all during that challenge. If anyone sabotaged it at all, I think it could be Kim. ‘The Mole started the Temple challenge on’.

Let’s all take five minutes or however long we need to solve that puzzle. 1. On the big island 2. On the small island 3. On the beach. One of you will be going home soon. I’ll start with you, Sanne. Hind. Yes, I kind of felt it coming. Thanks guys! We had a lot of fun! Definitely! I had lots of fun. Thank you for singing so beautifully! It was very nice having you here. It was great fun! Have a safe trip home. Thanks! There she goes.

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