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I’d like to talk to you about diathermy. Diathermy is a magical treatment. It’s one of my favorite treatments. It just gets rid of any lumps and bumps that you might have that you find annoying. It just disappears. So if you’ve got, as an example, a skin tag, a nonpigmented mole, a broken capillary, this is what diathermy treats. What it actually is, it’s done with a very fine needle. The reason I like to explain to you that it’s a needle, it’s only because of accuracy. That’s how exact it is. The actual needle itself doesn’t penetrate the skin.

It just basically touches the area of what we’re going to be treating. So it just cauterizes it. A bipolar radio high frequency current flows through that needle and cauterizes it. So as an example, if you have a nonpigmented mole there on the area that you wanted to treat, basically what we do is then apply that needle there and a current flows through. What you are going to feel is like a hot sensation. It just feels like a hot sensation just for a few seconds. Then what happens is it cauterizes that area, so it stops the blood coming up.

Anymore and feeding that piece of skin. So it will turn white immediately on the day. Then because it’s dead skin still attached to your body, it will turn a little bit darker, and then after a few days, it will just fall off. Generally with those mole areas, we like to treat them over two to three treatments. There has to be a sixweek space in between treatments, so that gives time then for the skin to renew itself. If it’s just a skin tag, generally sometimes it only just needs one treatment,.

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