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Hello guys, Welcome to PS World. My self Rabby Raz in this episode, I’ll show you guys how to clear up the face. Let’s move to the screen to see the work. I’m gonna show how to remove the spots on face. At first, I’m opening up a photo.. This photo is downloaded from Google So, We should select ‘Spot Healing brush tool’ first. Then we should mark spots using this too. This tool is removing spots automatically. This tool is mainly similar to clone too. Because this tool clones the colors and skin from other part of the photo where you’ve selected.

This tool completes this types of work automatically. So you have to manually select the removal place. So that I’m marking the places. Marking slowly. I’m marking small for the small spots. Now I’m marking bigger for removing totally. As you can see, I’m marking the spots of side. There can be some tiny problems because tool can’t correct 100. If any problem exists then you should fix it again. As you can see, The right side is now totally clear. So it’s time to clear the left side. You should select the whole area where the spots are situated.

The tool will remove the spots if you mark correctly. So you can remove the spots on face in this way easily. Now I’m gonna remove the spots on forehead. If you remove like this then the spots are slightly visible.Its kinda weird. We should retouch on it later. So that the spots become totally invisible and no one can understand that the spots were removed. I’ve removed other spots using ‘Spot Healing brush tool’. Its almost removed. As you can see I’ve almost removed already. Now I’m trying to remove by decreasing the size of brush tool.

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It isn’t that hard. Just you should select carefully. I’ve done this very easily. It isn’t hard at all. You must try this own. If you’re new on Photoshop then there’s a tutorial by me named ‘Photoshop for Beginners Part 1’. You can check that out. I hope that will help you. If you’re interested in face retouching then you can check out my another tutorial. We’re removing slowly and carefully. First of all, You should have idea about Photoshop. If you don’t have any idea about Photoshop then you won’t be able to understand these at all.

This tasks can’t be done using Lightroom. Because ‘Spot Healing brush tool’ isn’t available the Lightroom. Now we should move to ‘Camera Raw Filter’. Soft glow will show up on the face if you decrease clarity. I’m decreasing clarity so that the spots go invisible. By softing Clarity the face is getting soft. After decreasing Clarity if you see carefully then you’ll definitely notice that the spots become invisible. You should soft the face without the sharp areas. Then it’ll look good. Trying to vanish the spots which is situated at the side using Spot Healing brush tool.

It’s getting vanished. Increased the size of brush so that I can fix the spots totally. The photo will be ready after removing the spots on forehead. Oops! Getting back using CTRLZ. Removing the spots on forehead again. Mainly editing totally depends on mind. Many of you say that soft is hight but I like it so that I do this. You can do however you like. I’m showing the way to control soft level. If you don’t want to keep the soft level high. You can make it low. Then you can do like that. No problem.

So we’ll make soft by decreasing Clarity level a bit. Making the forehead soft at first. Now it’s time for face. After decreasing Clarity of forehead now working on face. After decreasing Clarity there won’t be any trace of spots. The face seems beautiful now. I think this girl is so cute. She suit great in this photo. I’ve increased the sharpness by reducing the noise a bit. Boom! The photo is complete. There’s a group named ‘PS World’ in Facebook. You can join there to get all the info. Subscribe to our channel to get all the upcoming tutorials.

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