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Today we will see how you can control squirrels or chipmunks, moles or gophers in your garden These critters can wreak havoc on your garden plants So we will see how you can control them Chipmunks or Squirrels are one of the most devastating for your garden They’ll eat you strawberries, they’ll eat your vegetables And before you can get them they’ll be gone! So the product that we will be using today is called MoleMax by Bonide. It’s a pretty good company that manufactures garden products I’ve got my MoleMax from Amazon Now there are two versions of these stakes.

these MoleMax stakes that are available The one that we have here runs on batteries It uses 3 C sized batteries And I got the battery version because I was planning to use them under shade Sometimes like under trees But if you get a lot of sunlight on the area that you are going to use these There is also a solar version that runs just on solar power, no batteries So it might be a better longterm investment So let’s install these batteries As I mentioned it uses 3 C sized batteries.

Which go in that way And when you close the top what happens is These stakes get powered and then they send out some kind of distress signal Which scares the squirrels or digging creatures away That’s the whole principle on what this works It sends out signals distress signals When borrowing creatures are in danger They send out some signs and signals And this device tries to duplicate those signals So let’s set up the other stake as well And close it What you just heard was a distress signal.

How to keep Chipmunks, Squirrels, Mice, Moles Gopher away

And it keeps sending out these signals at regular intervals of time And this makes sure that it keeps all the squirrels chipmunks gophers away from your garden And I’m gonna place these stakes about 30 feet away from each other And that would cover the entire side yard of my garden that I’m planning to protect That’s the area where I have all my strawberry plants and fruit trees And that’s where the squirrels like to come and get them So you got to dig a hole You got to dig a hole enough so that the black portion of the stake goes in.

And the idea of putting the stakes down below the ground is that the signal transmits better in the lower sections of the ground where the borrowing creatures might be hiding So once you’re done just cover up the sides with soil And that’s pretty much what needs to be done These stakes will keep sending out the distress signals And hopefully this should keep the squirrels away So we will be installing the other one about 30 to 35 feet away as I mentioned And the technique is the same just dig a hole.

Deep enough for the stake to go in And you don’t have to dig out the entire soil As you can see you can just push it in and make sure it is covered till the black portion So I think its a good organic way to control squirrels or chipmunks And any other burrowing creatures You’re not using any chemicals here it’s just a stake that sends out sounds So it’s pretty safe And as far as I know it doesn’t affect any other pets or animals And I’ve been using this for a few weeks now And it seems to be doing a good job of keeping.

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