How To Remove Dangly Moles

Hi Welcome to Tubbin with Tash. I’m your host international superstar Natasha Leggaro. Please give a warm, Tubbin with Tash welcome to the delightful Tom Lennon Yeah quick question whose dick do I gotta suck to get a bump of that blow. Pig Bottom! People always ask me what my accent is and it’s just an accent made to insult servants. Pig Bottom. Yes mistress He’d like a bump. Oh you’d like a bump Thanks so much. Here you are. I have a medical cocaine license. Terrific, I didn’t know that passed. What.

Do you think has been the best thing you’ve ever done in Hollywood besides this show I’m assuming that by asking the question you don’t count my writing Herbie Fully Loaded as one of the best things I’ve done in Hollywood That’s correct. Great maybe in the comments people will let us know get ready for the comments. No matter what you did get ready for the comment section I was looking at bible quotes for some reason and I looked up judge not lest ye be judged and it had three out of five stars on the.

Bible quotes popularity page. They were judging how much they liked judge not lest ye shall be judged That’s ironic. So I’m gonna ask you what you think of someone. Yeah Weird Al Yankovic. Nah. Don’t love. Our next guest coming to Tubbin With Tash is the one and only you know him you love him Weird Al Yankovic. Hey Tom, hey bud. Aww this is nice. So Al, talk me through the eighties. okay I can describe it in kinda gasps and animal noises.Sounds of gasps and animal noises. I think there’s a reason why there’s Weird.

In his name. Sorry we just have to talk over the gardener. Yeah. This is Jules. You have a French gardener He’s not French he’s just I like ’em white so I can see how hard they’ve been working. I understand. I’m the only person who has been kicked out of Kickstarter. Uhhuh, what were you kickstarting for His band Sound Gardener Is that what Yeah Yeah. Did you just play the Echoplex We did, in the morning. The outside looks amazing in the morning. Thank you very much. Can your kids be quiet we’re shooting! They’re all amped up on sugar these days cause.

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