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Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan, and that’s my friend Kai. Have you ever wondered what’s inside of a wasp nest We did, we kind of got curious and wanted to know. We went outside, all of our wasp nests have lots of wasps in them. Yup. And they were very small. laughing We went onto eBay, and you can buy wasp nests from people! laughing This came from Wisconsin. I just bought a wasp nest for like 30 bucks from somebody in Wisconsin.

So we’re gonna cut this open and get this wasp nest out of here. Hopefully, it’s actually in here. Hopefully, bees don’t come flying out at us. Yeah. No wasps, yet, have flown out. Oh, that’s so gross! Oh my! Oh my gosh! Disgusting. It’s huge! Oh my! That is huge! Holy smokes! That is the biggest wasp nest I’ve ever seen. Yeah, me too. I don’t how comfortable I am with cutting this open inside the house. boys giggling I have no idea.

It would be kind of funny to cut it open in the house. All right. Yeah, lets do it right here. Kai says we cut it open in the house. Let’s do it! We’re cutting it open in the house. All right, so what’d you get A basketball. And soccer ball. And a soccer ball. Dan And soccer ball, put the soccer ball next to it. It’s way bigger than the soccer ball. Dan Or for other people outside the US,.

Whats inside a Giant Wasp Nest

A football. Don’t get mad at me, I said it right. Lincoln That is really disgusting. That’s even bigger than a basketball. Like, when you think about it, there’s tons of wasps that are on that, and I’m touching it right now. Dan All right, it’s time. The biggest wasp nest that I’ve ever seen is about to be cut open. Okay, if bees come out, you guys save me, okay Kai You mean, you save me. Lincoln No, we’ll be saving our lives. laughing.

Not yours. thick tearing sound Woah, that’s pretty easy. Kai That’s just gonna make me sick. Lincoln Ew! Kai Ugh! Oh my gosh! Lincoln This is really disgusting. Kai chuckles Kai Oh, I can’t wait to see what’s inside of this thing. You’re cutting paper. Very hard paper. Let me take a sample of that. Look at that. mumbles Dan Okay guys, you ready Yeah. Yeah. Kai Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Oh my gosh.

Dan Woah! Kai What’s in there boys gasp Woah! That’s amazing. They still have like dead eggs in there. crumpling Dan All right, check out the inside of this guy. All the different little homes from the different bees that were in there, different wasps that were in there. Wow. That is fascinating. Kai gasps Dead bee. Dead wasp. Ah! Ah! Dan Hey, hey, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Kai laughs Lincoln is very afraid of wasps. I got stung four times!.

It’s not fun! Kai Oh my gosh, Lincoln’s gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry, I’m just freaked out. Wow. Oh, there’s one. Bzzz! chuckles Lincoln I am really scared of those! You’re really scared of those Okay. I don’t know if any of you are as afraid as Lincoln is of wasps, but that was fun. We’ve kept a lot of the things that we cut open. This is one I don’t know that I wanna keep. boys laugh What do you think, should we put it in a plastic bag,.

And just hide it away in the garage somewhere Do it. Just hold on to it If you guys need your own wasp nest, go to eBay, you can get one. But we cut things open so you don’t have to, so now, you don’t have to cut open a wasp nest anymore. Thanks for watching the grossest edition of What’s Inside. I wanna get out of here! Please! Make sure to follow us on Instagram so that, ugh, you can see all the gross things that we’re up to.

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